Mercy Parents

Spring Musical Concession Stand Donations

Please support the Mercy community by donating to the Concession Stand at this year's Spring Musical. All proceeds from the sales of these items benefit Mercy's Performing Arts Programs. Receive 1/2 parent hour for each concession item donated.

Donations should be dropped off by Monday April 1.

Thank you for your generosity!

Please copy and paste the links from each sign-up slot into your browser to view the product information or to purchase from Amazon (SignUpGenius isn't formatted for direct links!)

Date: 04/01/2019 (Mon.)

Created by:   Bekah Paige

Available Slot

Chips (32 count variety pack) (2)


Granola Bars (60 count)


Oreo Snack Packs (12 count) (6)


Cheez-its Snack Packs (45 count)


Chips Ahoy Snack Packs (48 count)


Twix (36 count)


Reese's (36 count)


Kit Kat (36 count)


Peanut M&Ms (48 count)


Airheads Candy Belts (12 count) (2)


Sour Punch Straws (24 count, strawberry) (2)


Sour Punch Straws (24 count, green apple)


Skittles + Starburst Variety Pack (30 count) (2)


Bottled Water (6)


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