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MAS Blaine Masjid

Blaine Masjid Eid Khutbah and Prayer

Inshallah MAS Blaine Masjid will hold Eid Prayer outddors at the Masjid prking lot on July 31st.

Please consider the following rules as you reserve your spots:

1. Masks must be worn at all times. No Mask means No Entry.

2. Please bring your own prayer rug or sheet.

3. If you are feeling sick please stay home and help protect our congregation

4. Individuals who are 65 years or older are recommended to stay home

5. Individuals who have underlying health conditions are recommended to stay home

6. Please practice 6 feet of physical distancing at all times and avoid embracing other congregants, including the shaking of hands

7. Please avoid crowding at all times especially near the entrance and exit

8. Please perform wudu at home as the restrooms will be closed

9. If you would like to recite the Quran please bring your own copy or utilize your mobile device

These rules will be strictly enforced. We are excited to reopen the facility and wants to ensure that it remains open. Individuals who violate these rules put the entire community at risk resulting in potential outbreaks. Please be mindful that many of our community members are elders and may have underlying health conditions. So if you are sick please stay home, and if you an elder and/or have underlying health conditions, we strongly recommend you stay home for your safety.

Date: 07/31/2020 (Fri.)

Created by:   MAS Minnesota
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Time (CDT) Available Slot
9:00am - 9:00am  

First Prayer (150)

All slots filled
Imtiyaz Barmare (5)
Group of 5 men including 3 adults and 2 kids
Azra Hussain (5)
Group of 5 women including 4 adults and 1 kid
Rafi Sohail (4)
2 male and 2 female
walid kandil (5)
Imdad Siddiqui
Amir Malik (6)
4 males, 2 females
Kashif Zakir (6)
Tajudin Mohamed
Adan Ali (6)
Abdul Diriye (2)
Mohamed Idle (4)
Abdisamad , Ahmed , AhmedNur
Ubah Egeh (2)
One male, one female
Ahmed Adow
zamzam hagi
Alidahir Said
Tanveer Zubair (5)
2 male 3 female
Samid Anwar (8)
Zafar Siddiqui (5)
Fatimo Akinola (5)
Mohammad Islam
Mowlid Balayah (6)
Fayyaz Khan
Shafeeq Ahmed (4)
Muhammad Talha Khan
Wajid Khan
Ehtasham Khan (2)
Mohamed Mohamud (8)
(3 men), (5 women).
Heba Ghalban (9)
Sarfaraz Khan
Eid Mubarak
Umar Khan
Haris Zahid (10)
two five person families. (10 people)
Abdul Basit
Abid Khan (3)
Walid Elsherbini (5)
Ahmed Shahkhan (2)
Naveed Arfat (2)
2 male
Muhammad KHAN (5)
Noman Khan (3)
Fatuma Youb (3)
Feroz Wahidi (2)
Mohammed Younus (3)
Sahar Ahmed (3)
10:00am - 10:00am  

Second Prayer (150)

All slots filled
Jahanara Ahsan (2)
Khalid MOHAMED (4)
Shakil Maruf (2)
Teen son 14 years old will be accompanying
Abdul Khadeer (5)
Rashid Ibrahim (4)
Mohammed Ayoub (2)
Rizwan Abdullah
Fridaos Ayoub (7)
Two male adults, 3 boys kids, 2 females
Anees Khan (3)
Bringing 2 extra adults
Abdul Omar
Ameen Mirza (2)
Mohamed Embabi (2)
Shahab Mohammed (2)
Shaikh Rahman
Ayman Salam (5)
3 men- 2 women
Fardeen Khan (4)
Mohamed Idle (4)
Abdisamad, Ahmed. AhmedNur
Adil Khan (6)
Saquib Mumtaz (4)
Muhammad Tahir (4)
2 adult, 2 kids (5 and 2 yr old)
Shahid Ashrafi (4)
3 male 1 female
Muhammad Omar
Asif Usman (5)
Second Eid Prayers
Abdulqadir Ahmed
Abdulqadir Ahmed (8)
Furhath Arnob (4)
Ibrahim Khan (10)
In family all we have 10 members
Anwar Adow
Riaz Shad (2)
JazaakAllah O Khair
Hayat Muse (9)
6 Male 3 Female
Kadra Ahmed (3)
Mohammed Younus (6)
2 adults 4 children (2 male, 4 female)
Majid Nasim (4)
Irfan Sandozi
Abdullah Nazari (2)
Mudassar Sandozi
Manzar Satti
Nasim Ahmed
Sayam Nasim
Waqaran Nisa
Nasratullah Nazari (3)
Ruwayda Bashir (8)
Mohammad Islam (4)
Nawaz Khan
11:00am - 11:00am  

Third Prayer (150)

All slots filled
Saleem Ahmed (3)
Asif Asgar
Tahir Khan (4)
Farzaad Asif (4)
four family member will join with me
Faisal Siddiqui (5)
Nadeem Mirza (2)
Israr Amir (5)
Mohamed Habiba (4)
Rehan Malik (4)
Abdul Basit
Jawad Lodhi (2)
Jawad and Abdur-Rahman
Mohammed Hanif Bagha
Mohamed Haque (8)
Sharmarke Isaak (6)
Asad Adow (6)
Saad Ahmad (2)
Shakeel Amir (4)
Mariam Anwar (9)
2 women and 3 children included
Saed Wadi (5)
Mian Ahmed (3)
Muhammad Omar
Syed Naqvi (6)
2 adults parents and 5 kids one 5 years old
Mohammad Shameem (2)
Abdi Mohamed (6)
2 adult 4 kids
Aisha Amadou (3)
Jawad Lodhi (2)
Maaz Mohammad (2)
Ezzedean Abusaif (3)
Kamaal SEEROO (3)
2 kids and 1 adult
Ilyas Hayuke
Khalid Jamal (4)
Said Ali (7)
2 adults and 5 children
Sami Khan (3)
Sahra Warsame (7)
Bahja Abdullahi (5)
Jehad Adwan (2)
Yasmin Waite (6)
Megerso Hawiya (5)
In Sha Allah we need Baraka
Khader Khan (2)
Assalam u alaikum
Razi Masood
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