Oak Hills School 2018/2019

Pastries with Parents 05/01/19

Join us for our final "Pastries with Parents" for the year! Moms, Dads, Grandparents... whoever would like to attend with your Oak Hills student, please be our guest.

RSVP here and sign up to volunteer! When you click to RSVP with your family, you'll see the volunteer opportunity drop-down menu in there, too.

Best wishes and thanks, Alisa Miller, PTA President

Date: 05/01/2019 (Wed.)

Time: 6:00am - 8:00am PDT

Created by:   Alisa Miller

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Signage & Decor - This can be done any time before event, collecting previous decor, when possible
Pick up Donuts at Krispy Kreme - Night before event
Pick up Donuts at Stevenson Donuts (2) - 6:15am
Set up tables & wipe down (4) - 6:30am - 7:00am
Serve donuts & coffee (10) - 6:45am - 7:45am
Clean up Crew (6) - 7:40 - 8:00am
Responses:     Yes: 15     No: 0     Maybe: 1     No Response: 4

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 43     Maybe: 1

YES (15) -  

Claudia Zartman (4 guests)

Mark Quest (3 guests)

H M (3 guests)

Darla Palfreyman (2 guests)

Nancy Fairbanks (2 guests)

Jennifer La France (4 guests)

Christiana Abraham (2 guests)

Molly Sneidman (3 guests)

Harleen Kaur (2 guests)

Christina Bishara (3 guests)

E F (4 guests)

Kym De Lorenzo (4 guests)
Thank you PTA for putting this on !

Pauline Lee (3 guests)

Yesi Nash (1 guest)

Tiffni Altes (3 guests)
I’ll be taking pics for yearbook :)

MAYBE (1) +