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Parents and grandparents of NCA Jan 2019

State of the Academy 2020

The NCA Board and Administrators would like to invite you to the State of the Academy's annual meeting.  They are requesting that at least one member of each family attend.  There will be a short presentation and then break out groups about:

1) Academics/homework

2) The financial health of the school

3) Communication/Technology

We look forward to dialoguing with you.  Please let us know you are coming.

(There will NOT be child care for this event.)

Date: 02/13/2020 (Thu.)

Time: 6:00pm - 7:30pm CST

Location: Liberty Campus

Created by:   Glenda Scott

Will you be attending the event?
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Responses:     Yes: 61     No: 2     Maybe: 0    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 81     Maybe: 0

YES (61) -  

Mary Griffin (1 guest)

Elisabeth Mouery (1 guest)

Will Burke (2 guests)

Shane Follis (1 guest)

Cindy Holden (1 guest)

Sarah McNaughton (1 guest)

Sarah Watson (2 guests)

Sonja Ehlers (2 guests)

Michael Percival (1 guest)

Ammie Copeland (2 guests)

Jennifer Muniz (2 guests)

Ryan Harrell (1 guest)

Christie Martin (2 guests)

Debbie Johnson (1 guest)

Carrie Harper (1 guest)

Don Paszek (1 guest)

Donna Moore (1 guest)

Erin Malotte (2 guests)

Joanie Brown (1 guest)

Karen Schmoele (2 guests)

Gary Evers (2 guests)

Hannah Bartley (1 guest)

Timothy Bassett (2 guests)

Doyle Richter (1 guest)

Glenda Scott (1 guest)

Marcy Carmack (2 guests)

Kara Dougherty (2 guests)

Wendy Farrell (1 guest)

Caroline Stewart (1 guest)

Amanda Gardner (1 guest)

Austin Propst (1 guest)

Kristin Woolfenden (1 guest)

Kristy Barstead (1 guest)

Kristen Feola (1 guest)

Liz Tapelt (2 guests)

Charla Bennett (1 guest)

Dewey Nelson (1 guest)

Heather Mulligan (1 guest)

Adrian Rhoads (2 guests)

Joseph Whittingham (1 guest)

Denny Seiber (1 guest)

Angel Ortiz (1 guest)

Christy Yoakum (1 guest)

Larry Monster (1 guest)
Me important. Me go to state of the academy and get good information.

Tina Engel (1 guest)

Jennifer Acosta (1 guest)

Charlie Butler (1 guest)

Shari Wiley (1 guest)

Sarah Murray (1 guest)

Tony Turner (1 guest)

Bay Mourer (3 guests)

Mike Stephens (1 guest)

Esther Nelson (1 guest)

Travis Gathman (2 guests)

Lisa Edwards (1 guest)

Brian Adkison (2 guests)

John Fugitt (2 guests)

Gregg Scholtens (2 guests)

David / Donna Zauss (1 guest)

Sharon McLain (1 guest)

Douglas Balogh (1 guest)

NO (2) +  

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