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Beauty and the Beast Auditions



The Upper School Theatre Department at The St. Paul’s Schools will hold auditions for our fall musical

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

August 19-21, 2019

12:30-4:30 p.m.


The classic story tells of Belle, a young woman in a provincial town, and the Beast, who is really a young prince trapped under the spell of an enchantress. If the Beast can learn to love and be loved, the curse will end and he will be transformed into his former self. But time is running out.

If the Beast does not learn his lesson soon, he and his household will be doomed for all eternity.


Auditions are open to all rising SP/SPSG 9th-12th graders.

Those auditioning will sign up for one 2-hour dance time slot.

Auditioners will be expected to perform…

  • 16-32 bars of a musical theatre song (not from the show)
  • one  short memorized monologue (from the selections provided below)
  • a cut of a song from Beauty and the Beast (selections will be provided this summer)
  • dance sequence: 8 counts of 8 (taught at the audition)


Auditioners are encouraged (but not required) to be able to perform their songs to the best of their ability without music in hand.  Monologues should be memorized. All those auditioning will participate in the vocal and dance portions; please wear appropriate clothing and footwear for choreography. Please bring marked sheet music in the correct key to your audition and a resume (if you have one).  Audition sheets will be available prior to and at the audition.  Please have a list of any conflicts (including after school and weekend commitments).


Looking for more ways to strengthen your skills before auditions this summer? Check out the opportunities below:


MUSICAL THEATRE INTENSIVES ( | Upper School: August 5-9 | 9 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

Five-day co-ed programs focused on providing actors with strong performance-technique fundamentals in musical theatre.



Contact our choreographer and TDC Director, Mrs. Rhodes, for information about dance classes this summer: [email protected]



Working with a private voice coach is a great way to help you learn about vocal health, techniques and exercises to strengthen your instrument.  There are many terrific vocal coaches around the area. Feel free to contact us for suggestions!

For more information, contact Christina Kemmerer, Upper School Theatre Director

[email protected] | [email protected]






BELLE: Belle is the original fairy tale heroine–kind, gentle, and beautiful–but with an important 21st Century twist. She is a strong, intelligent, spirited and independent young woman. Belle is the moral conscience of the story, elevated by her thoughts and deeds. The maturity and depth of her character allow her to see the true beauty and spirit within The Beast, and to love him for it. This role requires a very strong singer who portrays innocence with her singing and speaking voice. Mezzo-soprano: Low A-High F

THE BEAST: The Beast’s tortured soul is evident for all to see. He is paying the ultimate price for a moment of mean-spiritedness, and wishes beyond wishing that he could rectify his mistake. There is anger and menace in The Beast’s appearance and behavior, but increasingly we see his soft and endearing side as he interacts with Belle. It becomes clear that he is a loving, feeling, human being trapped within a hideous creature’s body. This role requires a very strong singer who can move well, and the actor must have a strong speaking voice and stage presence. Baritone: A–High F

GASTON: Gaston is the absolute antithesis of The Beast. Although he is physically handsome, he is shallow, completely self-centered, not very bright, and thrives on attention. However, when his ego is bruised he becomes a very dangerous foe for The Beast, Belle and Maurice. This role requires a strong singer and character actor who moves and dances well. Baritone: A–High F

LEFOU: Lefou is Gaston’s dim-witted, servile sidekick. He goes to extraordinary lengths and suffers repeated humiliation in his efforts to please his master. The actor must be comfortable with physical comedy, and the role requires strong character acting. Baritone: B–High F Sharp

MAURICE: Despite being a bit scatter-brained, there is no mistaking Maurice’s steadfast love for his daughter Belle. Kindly, gentle, enthusiastic and inventive, he becomes single-minded and determined when Belle faces danger. Maurice and Belle sing the lovely duet No Matter What. Baritone: B flat–High D flat

BABETTE: Babette is a saucy, enchanted feather-duster, and the object of Lumiere’s affections. This role requires good character acting and she should move well, as she dances a tango with Lumiere during Be Our Guest. This character speaks with a French accent. Tap skills are preferred. Alto: C–C

LUMIERE: Lumiere is the French butler who was transformed into a Candelabrum. He is light-hearted, suave, romantic, smooth-talking, and charming. He has a romantic involvement with Babette. This character speaks with a French accent. This role requires strong character acting, and he should be a strong dancer. Tap skills are preferred. Baritone: A–High F sharp

COGSWORTH: Cogsworth is a tightly-wound, enchanted mantle clock and the head of the Beast’s household. He is a stuffy English man who loves perfection. This character speaks with a British accent. This role requires strong character acting. Baritone: A–High E

MRS. POTTS: Mrs. Potts is a warm-hearted, maternal enchanted teapot. She sings the title song Beauty and the Beast. This character speaks with a British accent. Mezzo-Soprano: Low F sharp– High G

CHIP:  is an inquisitive little teacup who is the son of Mrs. Potts. Soprano: D–High D

MADAME DE LA GRANDE BOUCHE: Madame is a former opera diva turned enchanted wardrobe. Looking for natural comic timing. Soprano: C sharp–High G

MONSIEUR D’ARQUE: D’arque is the creepy, scheming proprietor of the local insane asylum, The Maison De Lune. He doubles as a townsperson. Tenor: D–High A

THREE SILLY GIRLS: The silly girls are three pretty young maids who swoon over Gaston. They are featured dancers who double as enchanted objects.  Should be able to move well.  Tap skills are preferred.

*ENSEMBLE (TOWNSPEOPLE, WOLVES, THE ENCHANTED OBJECTS) – The ensemble is very busy, as they are both townspeople and enchanted objects. There are several solo lines in songs like “Belle” and “The Mob Song,” and many great dance numbers (“Gaston”, “Be Our Guest,” and “Human Again”). The Enchantress and Young Prince, the Baker, the Baker’s wife and the Bookseller are all chorus members. Some chorus members with strong dance skills will be wolves who fight the Beast.





BELLE 1: (Speaking to the Bookseller) Good Morning! I’ve come to return the book I borrowed. I couldn’t put it down. I wondered if you have got anything new? If not, I will just borrow one I have already read. This one! It’s my favorite. Far-off places, daring sword fights, magic spells, a prince in disguise…Mine? You are giving it to me? Well, thank you! Thank you very much!


BELLE 2: Father, your hands are like ice! Who has done this to you? (The BEAST appears in the shadows.) I won't leave you here! (senses the BEAST) Who's there? (hears the BEAST panting) I know someone's there. Who are you? You're the one who's responsible for this! Release my father at once! (The BEAST prepares to throw her out.) No! Wait! Forgive me. Please, let him out. Can't you see he's not well? He's an old man. He could die! (The BEAST still starts to throw her out.) Wait, please... take me instead!


LEFOU: (To Gaston) You didn’t miss a shot, Gaston. You’re the greatest hunter in the whole world. No beast alive stands a chance against you! And no girl for that matter. (Gaston: It’s true, Lefou. And I’ve got my sights set on that one) The inventor’s daughter? But, she’s – (Gaston: The most beautiful girl in town) I know, but – (Gaston: And don’t I deserve the best?) Well, of course you do! Gosh it disturbs me to see you looking so down in the dumps. Every guy here'd love to be you, Gaston,even when taking your lumps. There's no man in town as admired as you - You're everyone's favorite guy! Everyone's awed and inspired by you, and it's not very hard to see why!


GASTON 1: (To Belle, Handing her flowers) for you…Mademoiselle. I know I shouldn’t have, so don’t mention it. Belle, this is the day your dreams come true! I know all about them. Picture this. A rustic hunting lodge. My little wife massaging my feet while the strapping boys play on the floor with the dogs. We’ll have six or seven. Boys, not dogs. So

Belle, what’ll it be? (Belle leaves.) That Belle, always playing hard to get. She turned me down for now, but I’ll have Belle for my wife. Make no mistake about that!


GASTON 2: (To Belle & Villagers) If I didn’t know better, I’d think you had feelings for this monster. She’s as crazy as the old man! She says this creature is her friend. Well, I’ve hunted wild beasts and I’ve seen what they can do! The Beast will make off with your children. He’ll come after them in the night! Forget the old man! I say…we kill the Beast! Try and stop us! We’ll rid the village of this Beast. Who’s with me?


LUMIERE: Enchante’ Mademoiselle. Remember, Cogsworth, she is not a prisoner. She’s our guest! We must make her feel welcome here! Oh, and what is a dinner without a little music? Ma Chere mademoiselle, it is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that we welcome you tonight. And now we invite you to relax. Let us pull up a chair as the Dining Room proudly presents…your dinner.


COGSWORTH: Hello, I am Cogsworth, head of the household. And this is Lumiere…If there is anything we can do to make your stay more comfortable, anything…anything at all! Except feeding you! Can’t do that. You heard what the Master said! Oh fine. A glass of water, crust of bread and then… Oh all right, dinner. But keep it down! It the Master finds out, it’ll be our necks!


MRS POTTS 1: Try to be patient. The poor girl has lost her father. These things take time. Master, you must help her see past how you look. You could start by trying to make yourself more presentable. Be gentle. And above all….you must control your temper! Deep breaths, Master. Deep breaths. (After Belle refuses to come out) Well, what did you expect? Would you have us give up? I like the girl. I like her spunk.


MRS. POTTS 2: Oh, pish tosh! I'm not about to let the poor child go hungry! I like this girl. I like her spunk. She was being stubborn and made the master say "please." I think that may be the first time I've ever heard him use that word. (BELLE enters.) Hello, dearie. I hope the Master didn't frighten you too much. He can be a little temperamental. How would you like a nice spot of tea? It will warm you up in no time.


MAURICE: Oh, I'll never get this bone-headed contraption to work! Now let me see, where did I put that dog-legged clencher? This invention's going to be the start of a new life for us. (MAURICE pulls a lever. The invention chugs to life.) Now I know I'll win. And then, we'll get out of this town and travel to all those places you've read about in your books!


BEAST: (A loud roar echoes through the castle. The BEAST enters.) There's a stranger here! Who let him in? You have all betrayed me! (to MAURICE) Who are you? What are you doing in my castle? You're not welcome here! (MAURICE looks up and gets a good look at the BEAST's face. MAURICE gasps with horror.) It's hideous, isn't it? You've come to stare at the Beast, haven't you? I'll give you a place to stay!

Location: Ward Center Theater

Created by:   Christina Kemmerer
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