Lancaster Liederkranz

Hobby Chor 40th Anniversary Songfest

All members are invited to celebrate the Hobby Chor's 40th Anniversary Celebration in the pavilion -an evening of good food, drink, music, song and dance.  Guests to be signed-in

Date: Saturday, July 14th
Time: 4pm (Pavilion/Bar Open), 5:30pm (food served)


Platters: $12
Half Chicken
Kassler rippchen
Wurst platter

Choice of 2 Sides: potato salad, grilled vegetables, beet salad, cucumber salad

Sandwiches: $7
Various Wursts

Date: 07/14/2018 (Sat.)

Time: 4:00pm - 11:00pm EDT

Location: Liederkranz Pavilion

Created by:   Lancaster Liederkranz
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Guest Count:    Confirmed: 195     Maybe: 2

YES (93) -  

Linda Feilmeier (2 guests)

Sharon Brindle (1 guest)

Stephanie Yentsch (2 guests)
2 Guests

Jennifer Schaum (2 guests)

John Northup (2 guests)

Theresa Bock (2 guests)
Theresa and Ramona

Gerald Espenshade (4 guests)

Mike & Sandy Williams (2 guests)

Larry Withum (6 guests)

Lauren Emes (1 guest)

Bernd Klingenmaier (1 guest)

Matt Santos (3 guests)

Garth Weaver (1 guest)

JoAnn Castello (2 guests)

Deb Bukala (1 guest)
Coming from West Virginia.

Warren Ries (2 guests)

ada (2 guests)
this is ed and ada hauclk

ada haulck (2 guests)

Mary Broich (2 guests)

Rodney & Lynn Scott (2 guests)

Ron & Marilyn Kennard (2 guests)

Bob Castello (2 guests)

Hilmar Fricke (2 guests)

Jack Hohman (2 guests)
Jack and Carol Ann

Irmgard Nelson (3 guests)

Vicki Zodet (4 guests)

Harold Walter (2 guests)

Robert Nickels (2 guests)

CJ MARTIN (1 guest)

Jeff and Mary Munster (2 guests)

Carla Pielmeier (2 guests)
Richard Wertz

Lori Dimlich (1 guest)

Susan Williams (2 guests)

Kaki Kochel (2 guests)

Jeff & Joan Schaum (2 guests)

Elise Bullington (1 guest)

Chad Hutchinson (4 guests)

Carson Brooks (2 guests)

Frank Luizer (4 guests)
I will be driving and bringing Bob Strauch, Michellel Luizer, Maryellen Luizer. Thanks for the invite and thanks again for you support of our Stiftungsfest (Coplay Saengerbund and Heritage committee).

Renate McElheny (2 guests)

Margarita Shultz (2 guests)

Mark Stanavage (6 guests)
Wouldn't dream of missing this! Best wishes and continued Success for Hobby Chor

Liz Fredericks (3 guests)

Paul & Barbi Stanavage (2 guests)

William Jordan (2 guests)

George Grab (1 guest)

Richard Covey (3 guests)

Joe Rennick (2 guests)
Music Director, Der Hobby Chor

Mike Barisitis (2 guests)

Jack Hohman (2 guests)

Bob Borst (1 guest)

James Fasnacht (1 guest)
Hoping for a chance to sing along in a couple of the old "original songs".

Maria Antoniak (1 guest)

Jessie Santini (2 guests)

Linda Coulombe (2 guests)

Virginia Smith (1 guest)

Bruni Rolfe (1 guest)

Herny Kuester (3 guests)

Barny Bolt (1 guest)
former Hobby chor member Hans Uschold guest

Udo Von Gehr (1 guest)

Anita Hayward (1 guest)

Jason Brill (2 guests)

Hilmar Fricke (2 guests)

Patricia Shields (2 guests)

Hans Uschold (2 guests)

John Blank (2 guests)
John and Maria

Klaus Brunnengraeber (2 guests)

Peter Knapp (2 guests)
Founder Member!!

Tom Yentsch (2 guests)
Stephanie Yentsch

Eric Milliron (2 guests)

Dave Reinfried (2 guests)

Arno Miller (3 guests)

Alli O’Handly (2 guests)

Linda Husler (4 guests)
Singing with chorus but will not be eating meal at this event.

Paul And Norma ODonnell (2 guests)

Robert Borst (1 guest)

Sheila Kieffer (2 guests)

Beate Duschl (1 guest)

Brigitte Phillips (1 guest)

George Ehemann (2 guests)

Henry Kuester (2 guests)
Margaret Kuester

Gary Kirchner (1 guest)

Joseph Sultana (2 guests)
One meal without beef or pork.

David Eckman (2 guests)

Tim Haertter (2 guests)

Bill Eichenser (4 guests)

Dave Kraft (2 guests)

EvAnn Dahl (1 guest)
Looking forward to playing in the Jam Session!

Bill & Terry Riker (2 guests)
If possible, could bar Gin be "Saphire" please. I will bring the tonic & limes!

Stefan Klosowski (2 guests)

Louis Neureuter (5 guests)
3 adults, 2 children;. Please have bottles of gluten free beer available and any gluten free food choices would be appreciated.

Mike Braun (1 guest)

Glenn Yanos (5 guests)

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