Rockwall Community Playhouse


Music by Allen Menken

Lyrics by Howard Ashman, Tim Rice, and Chad Beguelin

Book by Chad Beguelin

RCP Children’s Summer Musical is for ages 6-12
(Tuition:  $150)

Audition Date & Time:
Saturday, April 4 – 10am

Audition Location:
Rockwall Community Playhouse
609 E. Rusk
Rockwall, Texas 75087

Performance Dates:
June 18-28, 2020
(Thursday-Saturday at 7pm, Sunday at 2pm)

Audition Requirements: 

SING:  Prepare to sing 16 bars of your chosen song.  Songs from the show will not be accepted.  Bring your own accompaniment (Tracks (CD), with no backing vocals, that are pre-cut and cued are preferred.)

READ:  Be prepared to read from the script.  

DANCE:  Learn a short movement combination, comfortable clothes and shoes are recommended.  No flip-flops or boots.

HEADSHOT/RESUME: A photo is REQUIRED for your audition. Professional headshots are not necessary. A school photo or other clear photograph will be accepted. While resumes are not required for this audition, it is always encouraged to have a resume at the audition. This is particularly helpful if you have extensive dance or vocal training.

Plot Summary: Aladdin and his three friends, Babkak, Omar, and Kassim, are down on their luck until Aladdin discovers a magic lamp and the Genie who has the power to grant three wishes. Wanting to earn the respect of the princess, Jasmine, Aladdin embarks on an adventure that will test his will and his moral character.

Audition Tips

Sing an appropriate song in your range – a children’s song or show tune is recommended.

While performing your song or reading from the script be sure to show the best of your talents!

Introduce yourself with energy and confidence.



Q: What if I have vacations/conflicts?
A: We understand that conflicts will happen. Please bring any conflicts with you to auditions. If we are aware of conflicts in advance, we can be sure to plan around them.  NOTE:  It is tentatively planned that JUNE 1 through JUNE 17 will be mandatory rehearsals.

Q: When are rehearsals?
A: The complete schedule will be provided at auditions and at the first rehearsal.  Please note: Rehearsal dates and times may shift due to availability of personnel.

Rehearsals in May will be after school (4:30pm to 6pm)

Rehearsals beginning June 1 through June 17 will be afternoons (1pm – 4pm)

Q: Do I have to find my own costume?
A: RCP will provide most costumes.  You may be asked to bring in basic clothing items. These include: Undergarments, undershirts, socks and shoes. Characters shoes are encouraged.

Q: How can other members of my family or my friends get involved without being in the cast?
A: We are always looking for volunteers to help with the following:

Set building


Poster distribution

Providing snacks

Working backstage during tech week, dress rehearsals, and performances

(Roles + Ensemble)

ALADDIN is the title character and therefore carries most of the show. He should be the most charming, best singing, and best acting student for the role. He’ll need the versatility to play the funny, slick prankster as well as the romantic lead. He should be a strong singer and actor. He should also be very comfortable on stage.

GENIE is the fast-talking, scene-stealing funny character. He or she doesn’t need to be the strongest singer– the ability to do comedy is much more important. The comedic style of the animated Genie has carried over into this stage adaptation. He or she should be a naturally funny actor that will make this character their own.

JASMINE should be cast as feisty and rebellious, yet genuinely sweet and somewhat naïve. Jasmine is a future leader with strong opinions on how things should be done, and the audience needs to see this side of her, as well as the sweet side that Aladdin falls for. She should be a strong singer and actress.

IAGO is another great comedy role. Like the Genie, he or she need not be the strongest singer, but comedic skills are a must. Iago has several sarcastic jibes and asides. This character is not in a parrot costume. This is just Jafar’s comedic sidekick.

JAFAR is the villain. He should have a deeper voice to help convey Jafar’s menace. However, Jafar should be more of a classic Disney evil villain than someone really scary. Jafar and Iago also share some comic moments. He should be a very strong actor and be able to sing.

SULTAN should be able to play a father figure convincingly. Although a bit scattered, he needs to be able to portray love and care for Jasmine. Solo singing is not required for this role.

ARABIAN DANCERS play a VERY important part in the show. They will perform difficult dances like Arabian Nights, Friend Like Me, and Prince Ali. Dancing experience is required for this role!

ABU is Aladdin’s one and only friend, who happens to be a monkey.

GUARDS need not be the strongest singers. They should have good comedic skills, and be able to carry a tune. The Guards should be played as highly incompetent and always making mistakes.

RAZOUL is Jafar’s head of the guards, who constantly messes things up. This character does not need to be a strong singer.

NARRATORS should be able to sing and speak clearly. They are responsible for moving the story along and setting the scenes.

MAGIC CARPET is a character and needs to be a gymnast. Someone who can cartwheel, flip, etc. Be prepared to show us a trick at auditions if you would like this part.

SCHEHEREZADE is the soloist for Arabian Nights. Should be a very strong singer.

PRINCESS DAKAR, PRINCESS SHEBA, PRINCESS SHAMAR, PRINCESS AZITA are Jasmine’s friends. They are vain and a bit silly, but they love Jasmine and want the best for her. They should be able to sing.

PRINCE BABA OF GANOUSH, PRINCE DAHDU RAHN-RAHN, THE PRINCE FORMERLY KNOWN AS THE “ARTIST” are princes who are competing to win Jasmine’s hand in marriage. These characters should be strong actors with lots of stage presence! 

HAREM GIRLS are much like the Silly Girls in Beauty and the Beast, these are three gossipy girls who live in the village. They should be able to sing and harmonize.

TOWNSPEOPLE are a lot of different characters that live in Aladdin’s village: Shop Owners, A Baker, A Matron, The Snake Man, etc....

SERVANTS are the Sultan and Jasmine’s attendants, as well as the attendants for the three princes.

PRINCE ALI’S ACROBATS are in Prince Ali’s parade who can perform flips and tricks.

If you need additional information, please email us at [email protected]

Date: 04/04/2020 (Sat.)

Time: 10:00am - 10:05am CST

Location: RCP, 609 E. Rusk St, Rockwall

Created by:   DS for RCP
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