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St. John Vianney Church

SJV Mass Sign Up

Parishioners, we have resumed public Masses.  We are still under restrictions, therefore attendance will be limited.  You will need to sign up to attend.   We recommend people stay at home if they are considered vulnerable due to age (over 60) or have underlying health conditions.  If you are sick, please stay home.  Dispensation will remain in place until further notice for any Catholic who cannot attend Mass in person because of health reasons or other excusing factors.  Every family member will require 1 slot.  i.e.  Smith family of 5, will need to reserve 5 spots.  If you have any questions or need help reserving a spot, please contact Holly, in the Parish Office, @ 616-534-5449.  

Reservations must be made by 8 am the Thursday before!


Created by:   H Coppock
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Location Time (EDT) Mass attendees
04/24/2021 (Sat.) St John Vianney Church 5:00pm - 6:00pm  

Mass Attendees (110)

108 of 110 slots filled
Anh Tran (4)
Dawn Estalis (2)
Russ Armock (3)
Colleen Dannah
Dan Weibel (6)
Don Grundy (2)
Rick Kersjes (4)
Theresa Pederson
Mary Shamblin (3)
Denny, Mary snd David
Annmarie Post
Gwendolyn Tursky
in front if possible
Laura Werkema (6)
Randall Barnes (2)
Deb Rempalski (5)
JoAnn Kovacs
Linda Heaven (2)
Mary Redick (2)
Karen Zimmer (6)
Garry Miller (2)
Annie Nguyen (3)
Please let us seat where there is no fan! Thank you
Sylvia Akers (2)
section E 7
Elaine Mix (2)
Isabella Szumski (3)
Kathy Wiest (2)
Pam Boylan (11)
Sorry to sign so many up we have a baptism after church Thank you
Pat Larabel
Mary Lou Stewart (4)
Duy Lai
Jeffrey Smith (2)
Joan Plichta (2)
Craig Miller
SitMe with Garry and Kathy Miller, please.
Duy Lai (5)
Tam Nguyen (3)
Bert Sharp
Catherine Hodge (4)
Wheelchair seating, please
Kathy & Linda Nawrot (2)
E or East, if possible,  please
Latricia Andersen (5)
04/25/2021 (Sun.) St John Vianney Church 8:00am - 9:00am  

Mass Attendees (110)

All slots filled
Colette Wermuth (3)
Kelli King (5)
Marge Lebednick
Anne @ Al VanOort (2)
Julie Crites (3)
Jim, Simon, Madeline
Brian Alflen (2)
Jack Hale (2)
Jean Eckelkamp (2)
Glenn & Jean
Margaret Baxter
Kathy Stone (2)
Linda Fleser (4)
Jay, pat, char and lunda
Doug & Mary Cook (2)
Robert Rainer (2)
Enriqueta Rivas (2)
Please D 17 if possible thank you
Mary Lou Black
Heather Cook (4)
Anh Tran (2)
Fred Nabkey
Jim Warmolts (4)
Deborah Sremba (2)
Holly Coppock (4)
Don Thierriault
Dana Lozon
Can EME if needed.
Dan & Jane Linscott (2)
Gary and Rosanne Carboneau (2)
Jeff Veeser (2)
Chad Gross (3)
Ted Sander (2)
Beth Bronson (3)
The Bronsons
J Jaglowski (2)
michael welsh
Patricia Baxter
A11 if possible
Greg Hildebrand
Nina Duong (3)
Sharon Dietz
Jim Norton (2)
Pat Crawford (2)
Kathy Boone
Pat Kotarak
Bob Ferguson (3)
middle D please
Donna Marek (2)
Jan Vugteveen
Patty Behary (2)
Maryjo Engemann
Van Nguyen (2)
D11 if it is still available, please. Thank you.
Carol Krzykwa
Michelle Chapie (2)
Joe Seidl
Joe Isaac
Susan Rein (3)
James Anderson
Avery Hudson (5)
Jim & Christy Borgeld (2)
Front center
Tarie Mitchelson
10:00am - 11:00am  

Mass Attendees (110)

All slots filled
Jim Hurst (7)
Sherry Henk
B5 or C7 please
Diane Butkus (3)
Craig DeBruyn (3)
Rick Alvesteffer
Brian Tran
Denny & Dolores McLeod (2)
B8 please
c-7 please and thank you
Mark Cisler (2)
Sisters of St. Paul (5)
Rick & Peg Machuta (2)
C-7, please
Carrie Brooks (4)
Char Schullo
John Zylema (2)
Nancy & John
Christopher Busch
Alicia Sharp
Nhung Le (2)
Back of B section
Dana Franzoi (3)
Ruben & Sue Ysasi (2)
Cindy Skrobot
Mary Vonk (2)
Christopher Bal (3)
Josh Vorel (4)
Bruce Sova
Back of church
Brent Alles (2)
Brent and Camille Alles
john Lee (5)
Lee and kozak family in center isle please
Tom Kozak (5)
Kozak and Lee family in center isle please
Nini Lam (2)
Cynthia Dunlap (2)
Karen Horning (2)
Holly - just 2 this week
Luke Strobel (2)
Tom Vitalis (2)
center section please
Laura Rogers
Sienna Mavima
Mary Lou Covell
Carol Sheeran
Rose Baez
Diana Kaczanowski (2)
Theresa Duffy (6)
E7 again if possible? worked well for us last week:) Thanks
Mike Iwanski
Request seat in last row
Mike & Shae Russo (4)
Deb & Bill Polanic (2)
Avery Hudson (2)
Daniel Crawford (3)
Julie Helm
Bev Kasul
Linda Buck
James McDonald
not in the area by the confessional please
Darrell Schildroth (2)
Kathy Prangley
12:00pm - 1:00pm  

Mass Attendees (83)

All slots filled
Sandy Sturm
Trung Giang (3)
Cynthia Dunlap (2)
Hilda Goldwater (2)
Mary Shriver (5)
Katie Novakoski (5)
Christy Scott
Jeannie Deibis (4)
Tim Jeannie Abby and Amelia Deibis
Pat Shetterly (3)
I am lectoring
Deborah Ferguson (2)
Scott Jewell (2)
Holly Shea (4)
Eleanore Noordhoek (2)
Sarah Birnie (5)
Anna Sepulveda (5)
Virginia Smith (2)
Lorrie Bookbinder
Cindy Taylor (2)
Luzia Tartari
Char Murphy (2)
Pat & Char
Mary Witucki
Christine Stambaugh (2)
Don Verwoerd
Jennifer Smith (3)
Theresa Barck
JUDY AND JERRY snyder (2)
ron kaley
Tiffany Diep (5)
Bernie Despres
Kevin McKenna (2)
Mary Bremer
PJ and Linda FitzGerald (2)
Stephanie Breiner (3)
Mary Beth And Matt Underhill (2)
Gloria Foley
Judy Lindgren
Sit towards the front.
04/27/2021 (Tue.) St John Vianney Church 6:30pm - 7:00pm  

Mass Attendees (17)

All slots filled
Colleen Dannah
Sherry Henk
Duy Lai
Diane Hale
Robert Rainer (2)
Mary Bosker (2)
Jan Vugteveen
Diana Kaczanowski (2)
Paul Poterack (2)
Don Verwoerd
Arthur Dykhouse
ron kaley
Ve Nguyen
04/28/2021 (Wed.) St John Vianney Church 9:00am - 10:00am  

Mass Attendees (20)

All slots filled
Deb Rempalski
Duy Lai
Diane Hale
Mary Vonk
Cathy Sherd (2)
Janis Desserich
Sally Sander
Elizabeth Berghuis (2)
Pat Kotarak
Karen Zimmer
Marge Salamone
Section e
William Sobotka
Gerald Rose
Victoria Erickson
Mary Luchtman
Ve Nguyen
Gerri Richer
Judy McDonald
04/29/2021 (Thu.) St John Vianney Church 8:30am - 9:00am  

Mass Attendees (7)

All slots filled
Duy Lai
Diane Busch
Mary Vonk
Tom Smith
Don Verwoerd
Nancy Cook
Ve Nguyen
04/30/2021 (Fri.) St. John Vianney Church 8:30am - 9:00am  

Mass Attendees (10)

All slots filled
Duy Lai
Diane Hale
Diane Busch
Mary Vonk (2)
Diana Kaczanowski
Don Verwoerd
Victoria Erickson
Mary Luchtman
Ve Nguyen
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