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Watauga County Project on Aging

Holiday Hero Participant

Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up.   We ask that each gift to be a minimum of $50 (if possible).  Please have the gifts wrapped or gift bag and return to the Project on Aging by Friday, December 3, 2021.   Thank you!

Created by:   Billie Lister
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Available Slot

Tag # 1, Male, Age 47

Wal-Mart Gift Card

Eric Saule

Tag # 2, Female Age 68

Pajamas(XXXL), Nylon Night Gowns(XXXL), Wal-Mart Gift Card

Jennifer Geouque

Tag # 3, Male, Age 65

Shirts (S), Pants (S), Walmart Gift Card

Chelsea Vue

Tag #4, Female, Age 68

Food Lion Gift Card

Gary Rominger

Tag #5, Female, Age 82

Food Lion Gift Card. Needs Food Most!

Tiffany Reece

Tag #6, Male, Age 84

Food Lion Gift Card. Needs Food!

Laila Patrick

Tag #7, Male, Age 71

2XL Jacket, Shoes (11W), Dollar General Gift Card


Tag #8, Male, Age 82

Long White Socks (shoe size 10), White t-shirts, Jogging Pants (M), Coke, Snacks (Cakes, Candy Bars)y

Lisa Day

Tag 9, Male, Age 68

Snow Boots (10 1/2)

James Sharp

Tag #10, Male, Age 69

Gifts Cards to Wal-Mart

Carolyn Owens

Tag #11, Female, Age 62

Gift Card, Cleaning Supplies, Candy

Angie Boitnotte

Tag # 12, Female, Age 67

Underwear (Size12), Bras (40D), Swiffer wet Jet, Romance Novels, Wal-Mart Gift Card

Amanda Pulley

Tag # 13, Female, Age 83

Socks, Wash Clothes, Bath Towels, Wall Pictures (Religious Sayings)

Amanda Pulley

Tag # 14, Female, Age 76

Bath Towels, Wash Clothes, Underwear (size 6), Socks, Hoodie/thin coat (M), Slippers (8.5), Toiletries, Food Gift Cards, Blankets, Household Supplies

Ruby Thomas

Tag #15, Male Age 80

Wal-Mart Gift card for medical supplies

Mary Whisenant

Tag # 16, Male Age 74

Wal-Mart Gift Card

Bernetta Woodard

Tag #17, Female Age 74

Gift Card for Fuel Oil

Karin Bare

Tag #18, Male, Age 83

Gift Card to purchase heating oil

Maria Sherwood

Tag # 19, Female Age 72

tea Pot, Sweaters (M), Tree Bark Basket

Vanessa Hensley

Tag # 20, Female Age 85

Q size Sheets, Cleaning Supplies, Food Lion Gift Card

Madison Zaidel

Tag # 21, Female Age 70

Amazon Gift Card

Lindsay Bryan

Tag #22, Male Age 57

Cat Treats, Jogging Pants (L), Sweats Shirts (L), Socks

Linda Wagoner

Tag # 23, Female Age 67

Sketchers (6.5), Night Gowns (XXL), Electric Blanket

Pam Greer

Tag # 24, Female Age 72

Bedroom Slippers (size 8)

Karin Bare

Tag # 25, Male age 81

Food Lion Gift Card

Laila Patrick

Tag # 26, Female Age 75

Wal-Mart Gift Card

Karin Bare

Tag # 27, Female 63

Wal-Mart gift Card

Danielle Chabot

Tag # 28, Male Age 73

Bath Towels, Wash Cloths, Dish Cloths, Dish Towels, Cleaning Rags, Coffee Pot, Cleaning Supplies

Angie Boitnotte

Tag # 29, Female Age 55

Tops (3XL), Pants/Skirts (4XL), Diabetic Candy, Socks, Wal-Mart Gift Card for groceries

Nancy Fagan

Tag # 30, Female Age 85

2 Flannel Gowns (M Petite), Non-Skid Wool socks size 8

Janie Finnin

Tag # 31, female Age 87

Food Lion or Wal-Mart Gift Card

Cindy and Esther

tag # 32, Male Age 74

Bathrobe, Bedroom Shoes (10.5)

Madison Winebarger

Tag # 33, Female Age 58

Gripper Socks (L), Cheetos Puffs, Cheese Crackers, Mountain Dew, Lotion, Body Wash (Dove), Shampoo for Oily Hair

Keron Poteat

Tag # 34, Female Age 74

Dove Body Wash, Suave Shampoo & Conditioner, Fuzzy Full Size Blanket, Standard Size Pillow Cases, Cat Treats/Toys

Sarah Solberg

Tag # 35, Male Age 85

Blue Winter Coat with Hood (L), Diabetic Candy, Flannel Shirts with Pockets (L), Wal-Mart Gift Card

Nancy Fagan

Tag # 36, Female Age 61

Winter Coat with Hood (XL), Wash Clothes, Shampoo (apple scent), toiletries, 2022 Calendar with Animals, Wal-Mart Gift Card

Becky Haney
Becky Haney

Tag # 37, Male Age 64

Socks, Pants (36X29), Gift Card Wal-Mart

Tracey Brown

Tag # 38, Female Age 45

coat with Hood (XXL), Hygiene Products, Gift Card to Wal-Mart

Leigh Ann Weathers

Tag # 39, Male Age 66

Wal-Mart Gift Card

Martha Moretz

Tag # 40, Male Age 63

Wal-Mart Gift Card

Wynne Strickland

Tag # 41, Female Age 68

Body Wash, Dog Treats (Not Milk Bones), Winter Coat for medium size dog (female)

Sarah Solberg

Tag # 42, Female, Age 92

Bath Towels (cotton), Wal-Mart Gift Card

Kaylee Holcomb

Tag # 43, Female Age 83

Food Lion or Wal-Mart Gift Card for Food

Lisa Ward

Tag # 44, Male Age 89

Shirt (XL), Electric Blanket, Slippers (size 10-11), Candy (Chocolate & Mint)

Janie Finnin

Tag # 45, Female Size 76

Winter Robe with Zip Front (not too long), Diabetic Candy, Winter Night Gown, Winter Slippers (7), Food Lion Gift Card, Nail Polish, Lotion

Alisha Cornell

Tag # 46, female Age 69

Gift card, for home repairs and heating Oil

Austin Combs

Tag # 47, Male Age 71

Shirts (XXL), Pants (42X32), Wal-Mart Gift Card, Diabetic

Jaime Godfrey

Tag # 48, Female Age 70

Shirts (XXXL), Pants (22 petite), Wal-Mart Gift Card, Diabetic

Tracey Brown

Tag # 49, Male Age 72

grocery Gift Card, Large Print easy Crossword Puzzles

Sondra Styles

Tag #50, Female Age 81

Wal-Mart Gift Card, Bath towels, Wash Clothes

Toby Ragan

Tag # 51, Female Age 73

Pants (size 16 petite), Button up Shirts (Size XL)


Tag # 52, Female Age 73

Wal-Mart Gift Card

Boone WH&FMS

Tag # 53, Female Age 81

Wal-Mart Gift Card

Boone WH&FMS

Tag # 54, Female Age 85

Gowns (Petite large)

Sunny Sprinkle

Tag # 55, Female Age 65

Gift Card for phone, food, medical emergencies

Kate Brinko
I will get gift card for Food Lion

Tag # 56, Male Age 72

Gift Card for Phone, Food, and Medical

Kate Brinko
I will get gift card for Food Lion

Tag # 57, Female Age 55

Stretchy Pants (XXXXL), Shirts (XXXXL), Sweaters, Turtle Necks, Winter Coat, gloves, Stretch Pants, Shoes (pull on size 11W), Cleaning Supplies,

Leigh Ann Weathers

Tag # 58, Male Age 61

Toiletries, Food Lion Gift card, Blankets, Household Items, Socks, Lowes Hardware gift Card, Backpack, Gloves

Sara Crouch

Tag #59, Female Age 79

Wal-Mart Gift Card for Medicine, Lotion and Bath Products

Debra Harmon

Tag # 60, Male Age 65

Wal-Mart Gift Card for medications, Candy (Dark chocolate/nuts)

Madison Winebarger

Tag # 61, Female Age 89

Wal-Mart Gift Card, Hair Bands, Seek-A-Word

Keron Poteat

Tag # 62, Female Age 75

Electric Blanket, Leggings (L)

Lisa Bingham
Sunny Sprinkle

Tag # 63, Female Age 50

Socks (6), Underwear/hipsters (6), Sleep Shirt (M), Sweatpants (L)

Valerie Dollar

Tag # 64, Male Age 77

Winter Coat (2XL), Work Shirts/Short Sleeve button up with front pocket (XXL), Wal-Mart Gift Card for Medications

Alisha Cornell

Tag #65, Male Age 84

Wal-Mart Gift Card

Debra Harmon

Tag # 66, Male 71

Wash Cloths, Bath Towels, Dish Cloths, Dish Towels, Vanilla Boost, Wal-Mart Gift Card

Billie & Steve Lister

Tag # 67, Male 59

Winter Items, Flannel Shirts (L), Socks (size 11),Tennis Shoes (11), Work Gloves, Wal-Mart Gift Card

Tracie Salinas

Tag # 68, Female Age 66

Fleece Slipper Socks, Body Wash (Suave Milk & Honey), Thick Sweater or Shirts

Jane Blackburn

Tag # 69, Male Age 76

Wal-Mart Gift Card

Wynne Strickland

Tag # 70, Female Age 87

Potato Chips, Hot Chocolate, Squares to Sew or Wal-Mart Gift Card

Billie & Steve Lister

Tag # 71, Female Age 75

Toiletries, Food Lion gift card, Blankets, Household Items, Warm Socks, Slippers with hard bottoms, Cat toys, Cat Food/treats

Mandy Southern

Tag # 72, Female Age 79

Food Lion Gift Card

Austin Combs

Tag # 74, Male Age 67

Grocery Store Gift card, Bedroom Shoes (10-10.5)

Jennifer Geouque

Tag # 75, Female Age 67

Wal-Mart Gift Card

Monica Caruso Caruso

Tag # 76, Female Age 58

Wal-Mart Gift Card

Linda Avila

Tag # 77, Female Age 66

Winter Coat (Size 6)

Debra Harmon

Tag # 78, Female Age 61

Blue Robe with Tie, Black Socks, Bedroom slippers with closed backs, Canned Ham, Sweatshirts (XL), Sweat Pants (size 12-14), Wal-Mart Gift Card

Amie Platt

Tag # 79, Female Age 78

Wal-Mart Gift Card

Shelly Gregory

Tag # 80, Female Age 79

Blanket, Wal-Mart Gift Card, Toilet Paper

Amy Cline

Tag # 81, Female Age 94

Wal-Mart Gift Card, Toilet Paper, Socks (10), Lap Blanket

Ruby Thomas

Tag # 82, Male Age 87

gas Card, Wal-Mart Gift Card, Cleaning Supplies, Toilet Paper

Lisa Bingham
Sunny Sprinkle

Tag # 83, Male Age 82

Socks (L), Blanket, Dollar general Gift Card, Toilet Paper

Macy Hafner

Tag # 84, Male Age 70

Cleaning Supplies: Broom/Dust pan, Cleaning Cloths, Toilet Brush, Swiffer Wet-Jet (with Cleaner), Magic Erasers, Toilet Cleaner, Multipurpose Cleaner, Dish Soap, Body Wash towels, Wash Rags, ,

Charity Curlee

Tag # 85, Male Age 84

Wal-Mart Gift Card, Toiletries (tooth paste, razors), gas card

Jillian Rosato

Tag # 86, Male, Age 76

Dress Pants (Size 46), Dress Shirt (Size 19), Shoes (11.5)

Carolyn Ficklin
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