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Watauga County Project on Aging

Holiday Heroes

Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. Thank you! Remember to return your gifts to the Watauga County Project on Aging, with the tag number clearly marked on it, no later than Friday December 4th so that we can get them delivered. When bringing gifts-remember our office is locked- but we are open- please knock loudly and wait at door or go to side door and ring door bell for staff to receive your gifts. Thank you again for your support of the seniors and disabled adults in this county! For more information call 828-265-8090. Our address is 132 Poplar Grove Connector Suite A Boone. 

Created by:   Billie Lister
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Available Slot

Tag 1-Female- Age-62

Wal-Mart Gift Card

Susan Brown

Tag 2- Female-Age- 87

Electric blanket needed badly, Full Size Sheets,

Nancy Fagan

Tag 3 Male- Age- 69

Really needs warm jacket size XL and gift card to Dollar General or Wal-Mart, paper products

Emily Sheffield

Tag 4 Male- Age-90

Needs fur-lined, no string/tie slippers size 13 wide, could use 2 pocket collared XXL short sleeved shirt or Wal-Mart gift card

Jennifer Geouque

Tag 5 Female-Age-71

Walmart gift Card

Cindy Lamb

Tag 6 Female-Age-67

Walmart Gift card

Cindy Lamb

Tag 7-Female-73 year old

Really needs heat oil- a visa gift card or food cards (Ingles, Harris Teeter, Walmart)

Garrett& Megan Price

Tag 8-Male-81 year old

Really needs fuel oil so visa gift card or food cards (Walmart, Ingles)

Kim & Ray Osborne

Tag 9-Female-68 year old

Walmart Gift Card for medical supplies and food, size Large fleece straight leg sweat-type pants (not elastic legs just elastic waist) pants, size 3xl sweatshirt, cleaning supplies, body wash, wash rags

Billie Lister & Steve Coffey

Tag 10-Female-62 year old

socks (size 8 shoe), Walmart gift card (is raising 3 grandkids-in need)

Chelsea Vue

Tag 11-Female-60 year old

pink PJs, socks, full size sheets, sketch pad, colored pencils, large 2021 calendar with puppies, chap stick, shampoo, lotion, diabetic cookies, diabetic candy

Sarah and Nate Solberg

Tag 12-Female-73 year old

Walmart gift card for supplies (has terminal cancer)

Jennifer Greene

Tag 13-Male-73 year old

Ingles gift card

Emily Sheffield

Tag 14-Female-62 year old

Walmart or TJ Maxx card (needs clothes)

Kim & Ray Osborne

Tag 15-Female-78 year old

Med Flannel shirts, or a walmart gift card

Judy Carmichael

Tag 16-Female-71 year old

M/Lg elastic top pants with pockets, Med short sleeved shirts, adult coloring book

Linda Wagoner

Tag 17-Male-70 year old

Wal-Mart Gift Card (diabetic)

Rams Rack

Tag 18-Female-70 year old

Wal-Mart gift card-diabetic

Rams Rack

Tag 19-Female-66 year old

Wal-Mart gift card-diabetic

Judy Hollers
$50 Walmart gift card

Tag 20-Female-82 year old

Wal-Mart or Food Lion card (needs food)

Martha Moretz

Tag 21-Female-80

size 12 stretchy jeans, button-up light blue sweater size 14/Lg, bath towels wears a size 8 shoe (for socks), or a Wal-Mart Gift Card

Janna Lyons

Tag 22-Female-72

Walmart Gift Card

Mary Britt

Tag 23-Female-72

Needs socks and food badly (socks for size 9 shoe), Walmart for food gift card-has 4 dogs, could use a towel


Tag 24-Female-76

Needs help with fuel oil-could use a visa gift card to help pay for it

Linda Marcoux

Tag 25-Female-72

Bath Toiletries, lotions, socks (shoe size 9 wide), blankets, shampoo, and conditioner

Lisa Day

Tag 26-Male-75

candies without nuts, socks (size 10.5 shoe), gloves, toboggan, handkerchiefs, button-up shirt size M

Linda Wagoner

Tag 27-female-70

candles, sugar-free candy, bath toiletries, stationary, stamps, blankets, socks (shoe size 8)

Linda Wagoner

Tag 28-Male-63

socks (shoe size 10.5 wide), shirts size XL, orange slice candies, fruit cake, blankets, candles, gloves

Janna Lyons

Tag 29-female-67

soft shoes size 7.5, dark color pants size XXL, gel shower soap, shampoo, lotion, deodorant, size 12 panties, cleaning supplies, wash rags

Keron Poteat

Tag 30-Female-83

nightgowns size XL, button-up house coat size XL, tank top undershirts size XL, slipper socks, full size bed comforter, sweatpants size XL

Ethel Pope

Tag 31-Female-66

cotton gowns size XL, slipper socks, brown towels, Queen comforter set

Erica Andrews

Tag 32-Female-73

warm socks (shoe size 11 wide), large warm hat, mary jane shoes size 11 wide, full size sheet set, robe, cat toys and treats, or walmart card

Traci Royster

Tag 33-Male-46

Walmart Gift Card

Lindsay Bryan

Tag 34-Male-30

Walmart Gift Card

Debbie Poulos

Tag 35-Female-58

Walmart Gift Card


Tag 36-Male-76

Walmart Gift Card, XL non-skid socks

Emily Sheffield

Tag 37-Female-65

Walmart Gift Card

Debbie Poulos

Tag 38-Female-68

Walmart Gift Card

Alisha Cornell

Tag 39-Male-62

Walmart Gift Card

Alisha Cornell

Tag 40-Female-57

Walmart Gift Card

Patrica Watson

Tag 41-Male-43

Walmart Gift Card

Kim Grigsby

Tag 42-Male-65

Walmart Gift Card-extreme need

Diane Cornett Deal

Tag 43-Male-38

Walmart Gift Card-extreme need

Diane Cornett Deal

Tag 44-Male-64

T-Shirts size XXL, throw blanket, Walmart gift card

Angie Boitnotte

Tag 45-Female-65

cleaning supplies, walmart gift card

Carol & Bob Neill
Will provide basket of cleaning supplies & Walmart GC.

Tag 46-Male-76

Bath robe and Food Lion gift card

Shannon Edmisten

Tag 47-Female-84

gowns size M, slippers, candy, body wash

Megan Sheppard

Tag 48-Female-59

treats for dog, food lion gift card, or gift card for Fred's in Beech Mtn

Sandy Church

Tag 49-Female-86

Food Lion or Dollar General gift card, throw blanket, cat treats, cat pee pads

Sandy Church

Tag 50-Female-60

pajamas size 2XL, socks/slipper socks (size 8 shoe),Dollar General or Walmart gift card, Sports bra size 3XL, denture cleaner and paste (efferdent ultra), toiletries

Keron Poteat

Tag 51-Female-42 year old

pots/pans, household items, gift cards Walmart or Lowes Foods

Monica Caruso

Tag 52-Female-75 year old

zip-up winter robe size Lg, nail polish, lotions, Wal-Mart or Food Lion gift cards

Anna Oakes

Tag 53-Female-67 years old

slippers size 9, yarn, light weight blanket, cooking utensils, dish towels, dish cloths, wash rags, wears size XL tops

Vanessa Hensley

Tag 54-Female-75 year old

short sleeved PJs size XXXL, Dove body wash, wash cloths, towels

Shannon Edmisten

Tag 55-Male-91 year old

overalls size 28x42, socks (wears size 9 shoe), cap, chocolates and peppermints

Billie Lister & Steve Coffey

Tag 56-Male-73

blue jean overalls 34x38, dress shirt with pocket XL, bedroom slippers size 10.5, paper towels, toilet paper, walmart gift card

Shannon Edmisten

Tag 57-Female-57

shorts/pants 3XL, shirts 3XL, Heavy Queen comforter, bedroom slippers size 8, paper towels, toilet paper, dish liquid, laundry detergent, dish towels

Shannon Edmisten

Tag 58-female-58

t-shirts 3XL, jeans size 20, towels, hiking boots size 7, jacket 3XL, mens knee socks, full size sheets/blanket, paper towels, toilet paper, dawn dish soap, laundry detergent, dish towels and cloths, swiffer wet jet refills, air fryer

Janie Finnin

Tag 59-Female-80

bath towels, pillows, electric can opener, TJ Maxx gift card

Sandy Church

Tag 60-Female-54

bedroom shoes size 10 wide, slippers, dish cloth, socks (diabetic), diabetic candy, electric can opener, blankets, winter shirt size 4XL, slip on shoes size 10 wide, gift card to Walmart or Big Lots

Sunny Sprinkle

Tag 61-Female-61

jewels/material to make jewelry, clothing-PJs sweat shirts,sweat pants size Large/XLg, any material used to make jewlery, vaccuum cleaner, dish rags, dish towels (white)

Charity Curlee

Tag 62-Male-52

Blankets, toiletries, cleaning supplies, winter items, gift card to Walmart

Jeana Byrd Byrd

Tag 63-Female-74

PJs size Lg/XLg, slippers, blankets, cat food and cat toys, toiletries, household goods/items, gift card to Walmart

Sandy Church

Tag 64-Female-75

Blankets, clothes-size Lg top size 12 pants, gift card to Walmart, toiletries, household items

Sandy Church

Tag 65-Male-60

boots size 12, back pack, blankets, food, Lowes Hardware gift card, toiletries

Erica Andrews

Tag 66-Female-67

PJs size Lg, warm throw blanket, shampoo, soap, Walmart gift card

Jane Blackburn

Tag 67-Male-80

hat (baseball style), sugar free cookies and candies, socks, full size bed sheets

Sandy Church

Tag 68-Male-71

good pair of diabetic shoes size 10 wide, diabetic socks, gift card for walmart

Sarah McKethan

Tag 69-Female-64

bedroom shoes size 10, small blender, Gift card for Walmart or Food Lion (really needs food)

Jennifer Geouque

Tag 70-Female-82

Throw Blanket, Dollar General gift card

Karin Bare

Tag 71-Female-71

Bathrobe size M, slipper socks, Walmart gift card

Jeana Byrd Byrd

Tag 72-Female-84

Bathrobe size Lg, slippers size M, cleaning supplies, body wash

Megan Sheppard

Tag 73-Male-82

cleaning supplies, body wash, Food Lion gift card

Emily Sheffield

Tag 74-Male-64

Walmart gift card

Patrica Watson

Tag 75-Female-64

Bathrobe size Lg, slippers or slipper socks, mop, cleaning supplies

Keron Poteat

Tag 76-Male-69

cleaning supplies, Walmart gift card

Tammy Nelson
Tammy Nelson

Tag 77-Female-92

Bathrobe size M, fuzzy socks, Food Lion gift card

Vanessa Hensley

Tag 78-Female-78

electric blanket, slipper socks

Kaylee Holcomb

Tag 79-Male-56

electric blanket

Kaylee Holcomb

Tag 80-Male-76

cleaning supplies, Walmart gift card

Kimberly Nelson

Tag 81- Female- 67

Electric Blanket, slipper socks

Angie Boitnotte

Tag 82- Female- 82

bathrobe size M, slipper socks, body wash, lotion, cleaning supplies

Megan Sheppard

Tag 83- Female- 91

slippers or warm socks, Walmart gift card

Sandy Church

Tag 84- Male- 71

Bathrobe size Lg, slipper socks, undershirts size Lg.

Judy Carmichael

Tag 85- Female- 76

Gift Card to Mellow Mushroom

Grace Jayne

Tag 86- Female- 67

Bathrobe size Lg, warm socks, bath towels, shower wash

Keron Poteat

Tag 87- Female- 66

Gift Card to Old Navy or Walmart

Jody Servon

Tag 89- Male- 78

Flannel Shirts size Lg, food, paper products (Walmart Gift Card)

Pam K

Tag 90- Male- 73

Paper products, Walmart Gift Card

Amie Platt

Tag 91- Male- 81

Shirts (button down front) size Lg, paper products, Walmart gift card

Sandy Church

Tag 92-Female-75

Fuzzy blanket, paper products, food (Walmart gift card)

Sunny Sprinkle

Tag 93- Female-79

Winter robe size Large, Walmart gift card

Pam K

Tag 94- Male-67

Food, Cleaning supplies, Walmart gift card

Kimberly Nelson

Tag 95- Female-70

Winter robe size M, paper products, Walmart gift card

Pam K

Tag 96-Female-69

Fuzzy Blanket, paper products, cleaning supplies

Kimberly Nelson
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