New Canaan Youth Field Hockey

Father vs Daughter Game

Hope to see your family at this fun annual event!

Please rsvp with the total number of people attending (include father, daughter, and spectators).

As this is our only fundraiser, donations of gift cards for the raffle will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much!

Date: 09/22/2019 (Sun.)

Time: 5:30pm - 7:30pm EDT

Location: NCHS, Dunning Stadium

Created by:   Laurie Barnes
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Gift Card for Raffle - Please give to your Team Manager by 9/19. Thanks!
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Laurie Barnes
james caldero
Zoë L’Henaff
Jeremy SAUNDERS (2)
Megan Stanley
Suzanne Messina (4)
Dutch Doscher
Susan Holland
Mariella Montoni-Scofield
Kartik Ahuja
Sara Coca
Jessica Connolly (2)
(2) $25 Apple Store ITune Gift Cards
John Altier
Geraldine Mohr (4)
Jeff Fuhrman (150)
Adrianne Davenport
Megan M. Steele
Jason Caamano (2)
Heather Carroll
Elm Street Books GC
Sharon Teles
Andrew Bell
Adam & Ellie Rosen
Calleigh Cruger
Grace Baker
Michael Dymond
beatrice mellick
Christa Haeussler
Caitlin Neville
Krista Cody
Dana Clelford
Ognibene Ben
Jennifer Walther (3)
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Guest Count:    Confirmed: 216     Maybe: 2

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Julie Passios (5 guests)

Cari Hills (2 guests)

Ognibene Ben (2 guests)

Janet Lee (5 guests)

Amanda Mcnichol (2 guests)

Dana Clelford (3 guests)

Clara Hunter (5 guests)

Alex Veroude (5 guests)

Leighton Busby (3 guests)

Sandi Campisi (3 guests)

Brian Flatow (2 guests)

Nate Boroff (4 guests)

Sunan Jones (3 guests)

P.J. Glynn (3 guests)

Josh Scofield (6 guests)

Krista Cody (2 guests)

Caitlin Neville (6 guests)

Alison Dockwell (2 guests)

Christa Haeussler (3 guests)

beatrice mellick (6 guests)

Davidson Braga (3 guests)

Bettina Leddy (3 guests)

Amy Fields (4 guests)

Michael Dymond (3 guests)

Grace Baker (3 guests)

Calleigh Cruger (2 guests)

Penelope Werner (2 guests)

Tricia McDermott (4 guests)

Tom Downey (2 guests)

George & Cate Goldman (3 guests)

Adam & Ellie Rosen (4 guests)

Sarah Haddad (4 guests)

Andrew Bell (2 guests)

Michael McDonough (5 guests)

Michelle Marti (5 guests)

karen healey healey (3 guests)

Sharon Teles (2 guests)

Heather Carroll (4 guests)

Jason Caamano (2 guests)

Brett Wilderman (1 guest)

Jane Kenny (3 guests)

Megan M. Steele (4 guests)

Adrianne Davenport (5 guests)

Shannon and Lee Ratner (2 guests)

Rachel DeScenza (4 guests)

Jeff Fuhrman (2 guests)

Geraldine Mohr (3 guests)

Alberto Cota (1 guest)

John Altier (3 guests)

Sara Coca (4 guests)

Kartik Ahuja (3 guests)

Marc Nicolet (2 guests)

Julia Mitchell (4 guests)

Mariella Montoni-Scofield (6 guests)

Alvaro Padilha (5 guests)

Susan Holland (3 guests)

Dutch Doscher (3 guests)

Suzanne Messina (9 guests)

Megan Stanley (3 guests)

Jeremy SAUNDERS (4 guests)

Zoë L’Henaff (5 guests)

james caldero (2 guests)

Laurie Barnes (3 guests)

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