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CPC-FSF - Families supporting Families with the Coalition for Protection of Children

September 2021-2022

NOTE:  Each donation is in $50 increments. 

Once you have pledged on the Genius List, please send a bank transfer for the amount being donated to:

A/C Name: The Coalition for the Protection of Children

HSBC Account # 010 411486 001

In the Bank Memo please add your name.  Please then send a screenshot of your bank transfer to Suzi Outerbridge at [email protected]

Please review the available slots below and click on the button at the end of the screen to sign up. Thank you!

Juliana & Suzi
Questions? email Suzi: [email protected]


Date: 02/23/2023 (Thu.)

Time: 1:00am - 12:00pm AST

Created by:   Suzi Outerbridge
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Available Slot


All slots filled
Jackie Stirling (2)
Michele Fischer (10)
Alexia Seymour Crofton (5)
David Ezeikiel (10)
Andrew MacFarlane (5)
Karen Olson (2)
Chris Gibbons (3)
Raj Tolaram (10)
Marianne Herbert (2)
Kristine and Myla Cornish (10)
In Memory of Marjorie Stanton (10)
Canterbury Law Ltd (10)
Lisa Richold (10)
Carey Olsen (40)
Kimberly Hughes (4)

DEVONSHIRE FAMILY - Single Mom, 1 child (30)

Mom is working part time in the hospitality industry and is struggling to make ends meet. She has limited education and cognitive ability so finding sustainable fulltime employment is not attainable at this time.

10 of 30 slots filled
David Pickering (10)

WARWICK FAMILY – Single Mom, 1 child (30)

Mom suffers from cognitive challenges and is a part time caregiver for a family member who is in and out of hospital and mom is finding it difficult to earn a steady income. Child’s father passed away.

4 of 30 slots filled
S Smith (2)
Niamah Cann (2)

PETER BROMBY FAMILY - Single Mom, 1 child (30)

Mom is struggling with significant mental health issues for several years. She has been able to obtain employment but maintaining it has been very difficult. She connected with CPC after a traumatic incident with her family and is in treatment;

10 of 30 slots filled
Douglas De Couto Rebecca Pitman (10)

TYLER BUTTERFIELD FAMILY - Single Dad 1 child (30)

This father has been the primary caregiver for his daughter since her mother lost custody last year due to neglect. He works a fulltime job in construction but he is now struggling as his hours and wages have been cut significantly.

3 of 30 slots filled
Sherry Jerry
Contribution of $100 monthly starting December 2021
Sophia Marsh (2)

PATRICK SINGLETON FAMILY – Grandmother, 1 Grandchild (30)

Grandmother raising her granddaughter after the mother passed away after an accident. She is retired and has medical and physical issues. She is having challenges meeting all of her granddaughter’s needs with her limited income.

13 of 30 slots filled
Nicolle OKeefe
Douglas De Couto Rebecca Pitman (10)
Kanelli Marsh (2)

SHAUN GOATER – Single Mom, 2 children (30)

Mom has a serious medical condition and must travel overseas for surgery soon. Her work hours have been cut due to Covid and she is now earning much. The girls are good students however the financial stress is impacting everyone.


FLORA DUFFY FAMILY – Mom and Dad (Separated but share custody, 2 children (30)

Parents are separated and Dad recently lost his job due to Covid and has fallen behind on rent and utility bills. He has the two children every other week and needs support providing his portion of what they need.

2 of 30 slots filled
Pamela Froud (2)

NHAKI WELLS FAMILY - Single Mom, 1 Child (30)

Mom works in custodial services in the public school system and as a result of schools being closed, she has been without work and pay. She has overdue bills. She and her son require support in the meantime.


PAULA LEWIN FAMILY – Mom and Dad, 3 Children (30)

Youngest child has some developmental delays and requires extra support to complete schoolwork. Both parents are employed however, with remote learning Mom has had to cut back on work and pay to be home with the children.


ST. GEORGE FAMILY – Single Mom, 1 child and partial custody of 1 child (30)

Partially employed Mom works in the hospitality industry and is struggling to make ends meet. The family is living in a shared facility.

10 of 30 slots filled
Ann Spurling (10)

ST. DAVID'S FAMILY – Single Mom, 7 children (30)

Young mom, single parent, part-time employed as a cleaner and is staying in a shared living facility. She is seeking additional employment to become more self-sufficient.

20 of 30 slots filled
David Pickering (10)
Ann Spurling (10)

HAMILTON PARISH FAMILY – Single Mom, 2 children (30)

The eldest son has challenges and widowed mom is only partially employed. She is very active in the children’s lives and plans a free excursion such as fishing every weekend. Mom and the boys are grieving. Children’s father has recently passed.

12 of 30 slots filled
Kimberly Hughes (2)
Rick Spurling (10)

PEMBROKE FAMILY – Single Mom, 2 children (30)

Mom working two jobs but is unable to make ends meet. She and the youngest son have significant health concerns. Mom is actively involved with CPC for parenting support and addressing the youngest child’s education needs.

3 of 30 slots filled
S Smith (2)
Nicolle OKeefe

PAGET FAMILY – Single Mom, 1 child (30)

Single mom is employed on reduced hours as a housekeeper and is living with a relative until she can afford housing. Mom is actively seeking additional employment.


SOUTHAMPTON FAMILY – Mom and Dad, 6 children (30)

Two of the children are on the spectrum and speak few words. Mother is unemployed due to COVID and the father is working fulltime but it is not enough to make ends meet. Mom is extremely supportive and is always ready to give back.

13 of 30 slots filled
Nicolle OKeefe
Rick Spurling (10)
Phillip Marsh (2)

SOMERSET FAMILY – Mom and Dad, 5 children: (30)

Family lives in a government housing facility. Mom is unemployed but attending Bermuda College with one more semester before earning her Associates degree. Dad is employed but lives separately and his income is low.

5 of 30 slots filled
Alexandra O'Neill (5)

DOCKYARD FAMILY – Single Mom, 1 child (30)

Mom is on medication, diagnosed with a mental illness. She is employed but is only receiving a few hours per week.

10 of 30 slots filled
David Pickering (10)

DWAYNE LEVEROCK FAMILY – Mom and Dad, 4 children (30)

Mom suffered a debilitating medical emergency years ago and is bedridden; Dad is her caretaker. The family struggles to make ends meet.

13 of 30 slots filled
Kimberly Hughes (2)
Nicolle OKeefe
Esther Y (8)
Athena Marsh (2)

CLARENCE HILL FAMILY – Mom and Dad, 2 Children (30)

Both parents temporarily laid off due to Covid and actively looking for new employment.

11 of 30 slots filled
David Pickering (10)
Nicolle OKeefe

GAVIN MANDERS FAMILY – Grandmother, 3 Grandchildren (30)

The children’s mother has neglected to take care of them. She struggles to keep up with the financial demands.

10 of 30 slots filled
David Pickering (10)
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