Rosemary Hills

Rosemary Hills Back-To-School Picnic

Please join your new classmates and their families at the RHES Back to School Picnic on Friday, October 12th from 5:00 - 6:30 pm! The PTA is sponsoring the Picnic, so no need to bring cash for dinner. Just grab a picnic blanket and some filled reusable water bottles, and we will cover the rest.

Mamma Lucia is catering the picnic again this year and will serve their delicious pizza. We will have a "healthy sides" table too. When you rsvp, please consider signing up to bring a healthy side to share. Please note your healthy side contribution in the comment section of your rsvp. You can drop it off at our Green Committee table that evening. 

If it looks like rain, please check the PTA website at to find out if the picnic is canceled. 

We hope to see you all there!

Date: 10/12/2018 (Fri.)

Time: 5:00pm - 6:30pm EDT

Location: Rosemary Hills Playground

Created by:   Sara Hawkins

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Judy O'Grady Kabatt (2 guests)

Monique Shimm (3 guests)

Pritha Ghosh (3 guests)

Heather Johnson (3 guests)

Saumya Shiohare (3 guests)

Andrea Davey (3 guests)

Caroline Hogan (2 guests)
Cucumber spears

Kate Muffels (4 guests)

paul laban (3 guests)

Jia Gilani (3 guests)

Nothing new, but I would like to let you know family of 3 will be attending your picnic; 1 of my daughter from Rosmery hills, the other her sister and me (the mother). Thank you for inviting us for fun and welcome picnic.

Shayna Bloom (4 guests)

Robin McKenna (4 guests)

Ashley Mahan (4 guests)

Frida Lauridsen (2 guests)

Emmie Aronstamn (4 guests)

Mary Jacobik (4 guests)

Edwin Thompson (4 guests)

Lauren Hassani (3 guests)

Angela Hasan (3 guests)

Katy Miller (4 guests)
Thank you to the PTA organizers!

Claire Le Pichon (4 guests)

Carrie Eyler (3 guests)

Barbara Sacks Singer (3 guests)
Will update with healthy side when I know.

Susanna Montezemolo (4 guests)

Jean McHugh (4 guests)

Emily Brown (2 guests)

Jennifer Thorp (3 guests)

Levon Mikaelian (4 guests)

Laurie Mignone (2 guests)

Laura Pomerance (4 guests)

Sabrina Weingast (3 guests)
This rsvp is for the new date

Sheila Kadagathur (5 guests)

Elizabeth Hafer (4 guests)

Monika Acharya (4 guests)

Michael Krackov (2 guests)
Hummus and carrots

Peter Lallas (5 guests)

Sam and Penelope Ribas (5 guests)

Colleen Mccullen (3 guests)

Jennie Willson (4 guests)

Izabela Kotseva (2 guests)

Bill McNary (3 guests)

Chris Macks (4 guests)

Tu Rinsche (4 guests)

Alison Mandell (4 guests)

Kayce Lane (4 guests)

Jonathan Keeley (3 guests)

Kara Sartain (3 guests)
Fruit Salad

Lior Baskir Freedman (4 guests)

Tonya Saffer (3 guests)

Emily Kimberly (4 guests)

Jamie Desjardins (3 guests)

Kelly Bradshaw (4 guests)
cucumber tomato salad

Joanna Masterson (3 guests)

Ava Lee (3 guests)

Mike Levi (3 guests)

Julia Matthews (4 guests)

Elizabeth De Leon-Jones (4 guests)

Andrea Magovern (5 guests)

Tracy Levitt (3 guests)

Karen Miller (4 guests)

Christine Hauswirth (3 guests)

Emily Helms Williams (3 guests)

Alli Adams (4 guests)

Sheba Douoguih (3 guests)

Selam Yimenu (2 guests)

Jigisha Macwilliams (2 guests)

Christy Edwards (6 guests)

Elizabeth Macy (4 guests)

Dima Fayyad (3 guests)

Jen O'Malley Dillon (3 guests)

Cara Fama Fama (3 guests)

Elise Pas (4 guests)

Amy Lerman (4 guests)

Lauren Rice (3 guests)

Kelly Frahm (5 guests)
Pasta salad

Liz Davis (4 guests)

Pnina Laric Glaser (4 guests)

Leslie Heyer (3 guests)

Debbi Schultz (3 guests)

Keren Waranch (1 guest)
We cannot make this new date, but our daughter Ilana will go with a friend.

Courtney Janes (4 guests)

Cristina Wurster (4 guests)
We will bring carrots!

Dara Freling (4 guests)

Stephanie Ketchum (2 guests)
We will bring some cucumbers to share

Michelle Bigord (5 guests)

Alicia Volk Fishbein (4 guests)

Kate Shouse (4 guests)
We'll bring black bean mango salad. Thanks!

Kristi Tampio (3 guests)

Michelle Liu (5 guests)

Melissa Hoover (3 guests)

Tracy Rossin (4 guests)

Anne Wilson (5 guests)

Ellie Nader (5 guests)

NO (7) +