Race and Equity Training - Part 2 - January 26

Thank you for your interest in helping to build an inclusive school at Morris Jeff.  You are invited to attend the Race and Equity Training presented by Matthew Kinkaid of Overcoming Racism.  This is the second part of the training, but if you did not attend part 1, you can still participate.  The training is all day in the library at school.  Childcare and lunch are provided.  You are asked to stay the whole day to get the most out of the training.

This training is hosted by the parents organization (MJFP), we are also inviting MJCS board members and any MJCS staff that would like to attend.

Why? - from Overcoming Racism proposal

"Racism and classism shape opportunity and access in American society. Even our most academically well-rounded students will face the brutal realities of systemic oppression, stereotype threat and micro-aggressions. It is important that all organizations that function within the educational space work together to dismantle these systems for students and communities."

Date: 01/26/2019 (Sat.)

Time: 8:00am - 4:30pm CST

Location: MJCS Lopez Campus Library

Created by:   Rachel Nicolosi

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Attend the Training (30) - Please note in comments: (1) Have attended Part 1 - yes/no. (2) Need childcare yes/no - number. (3) Special dietary requirements - list.
  13 of 30 slots filled
Grace Rose
I went to the first training
Justin Wolfe
I attended first training
Edie Wolfe
I attended the first training
Anne Daniell
I attended the 1st training.
Anastasia Smith
Greer Reitmeyer
I attended the 1st training & will bring my own lunch
Jason Friedrich
i attended the first event
Childcare needed
Janet Barnwell Smith
I attended the first training
Amanda Minogue
Amanda Minogue
Shannon Williamson
Board member
LaKee Moss
Session 1 was life changing! Looking forward to session 2
Irvin Bell
Provide Childcare to 10-15 kids (3)
  All slots filled
Bonny Risin
Would like to provide child care
Triniece Johnson
I’ll be there
Angela Thomas
Ill be there
Front desk - letting people in/out - School will be locked, need someone to stay downstairs at the beginning and help out.
Grace Rose
I may be able to bring my teenagers to hang out in the office and let people in and out... Let me know if you want them!
Responses:     Yes: 23     No: 0     Maybe: 0    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 26     Maybe: 0

YES (23) -  

Irvin Bell (1 guest)
I have to leave at 1pm for a basketball tournament that MJCS is participating in.

Rhonda Mile (1 guest)

LaKee Moss (1 guest)
Session 1 was life changing! Looking forward to session 2

Kayti Chung Williams (2 guests)

Jenny Dickherber (1 guest)

Shannon Williamson (1 guest)

Angela Thomas (1 guest)

Triniece Johnson (1 guest)
I’ll be there

Bonny Risin (1 guest)

Marion Smith (2 guests)
One child for childcare

Amanda Minogue (1 guest)

Janet Barnwell Smith (1 guest)

Jennifer Weishaupt (1 guest)

Childcare needed

Maureen Joseph (1 guest)
Didn't attend 1st seminar

Jason Friedrich (1 guest)

Greer Reitmeyer (1 guest)

Anastasia Smith (2 guests)

Kiana Delery (1 guest)

Anne Daniell (1 guest)
I attended the 1st training.

Edie Wolfe (1 guest)

Justin Wolfe (1 guest)

Grace Rose (1 guest)