RPE Father/Daughter Dance

RPE Father/Daughter Dance Volunteers

RPE's 5th grade fundraiser for the Washington, DC Trip is a Father/Daughter Dance to take place at the 'Grand Reserve' (903 Manchester Street, Lexington) on Friday, February 15 from 6-8 pm.  We are thrilled to have lots of volunteers add to this special occasion!  Please see below for the chance to make corsages the week of the dance, donate food AND help setup the morning of as well as attend as a volunteer the night of the BIG Dance.  With everyone's combined time, this is sure to be another wonderful event for the daughters and the dads! 

Created by:   Carrie Trapp
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Location Time (EST) Available Slot
02/13/2019 (Wed.) Corsages at Carrie Trapp's House   6:00pm - 8:00pm  

Make Corsages (6)

Help make corsages on Wed. 2/13 from 6-8 pm at Carrie Trapp's house (1565 Wellesley Drive)

4 of 6 slots filled
Kathy Phillips
Adina Cobham Headley
Shelley Haynie-Sparks
Catherine Hahm
02/14/2019 (Thu.) RPE  8:00am - 3:00pm  

3 Bags each of Lays Plain Potato Chips (10)

Please bring 2-3 bags of potato chips to the RPE Staff lounge between 2/13-1/14. Please label them

7 of 10 slots filled
Kelley Buffano
Christine Doodnauth (3)
Jessica House
Christina Bretz
Amy Stahr

Washed Red/Green Grapes (2-3 Bags) (6)

Please bring 2-3 bags of washed grapes to the RPE Staff lounge refrigerator between 2/13-1/14. Please label them

3 of 6 slots filled
Martha Dryden
Jessica House
Amy McGowan

Washed Strawberries (2-3 Pints) (8)

Please bring 2-3 pints of washed strawberries to the RPE Staff lounge refrigerator between 2/13-1/14. Please label them

3 of 8 slots filled
Andrea Young
Becky Brooks
Amy McGowan
02/15/2019 (Fri.) Grand Reserve   10:00am - 1:00pm  

Morning - General Event Set-Up (12)

Meet at the Grand Reserve to help with decorations

4 of 12 slots filled
Kathy Phillips
Shelley Haynie-Sparks
Catherine Hahm
Karen Randles
Raising Cane's  4:45pm - 5:15pm  

Transport Food from Raising Cane's

Pick up food in your car from Raising Cane's on Harrodsburg Rd to the Grand Reserve on Friday at 4:45 pm. Your contact is Carrie Trapp: 859-983-2700.

Adina Cobham Headley
Will serve here instead of help with corsages
Grand Reserve  4:45pm - 6:30pm  

Check-In Table/Sell Tickets at the Door (4)

Welcome friends at the Grand Reserve, sign people in and direct people where to go for the dance.

All slots filled
Kathy Phillips
Adina Cobham Headley
Catherine Hahm
Karen Randles
Grand Reserve   5:30pm - 6:45pm  

Coat Check (2)

There will be 5th grade students helping you in the coat check area.

Grand Reserve  5:45pm - 7:00pm  

Help at the Corsage Table (2)

1 of 2 slots filled
Teri Hendrix

Help at the Tiara Table (2)

All slots filled
Jessi House
Andrea Young
You can move me if needed!
6:00pm - 8:00pm  

Clear Plates from Tables (4)

Help clear pizza plates and napkins from dinner tables

2 of 4 slots filled
Katie Kirkland
Martha Dryden

Food & Water Helpers (4)

Help slice and serve pizza // refill fruit and chip bowls // keep drinks full

2 of 4 slots filled
Shea Carlson
Sarah Shields
Skylar will assist as well
8:00pm - 9:00pm  

Clean up after the event (4)

Help with the clean up and disassembly after the event.

1 of 4 slots filled
Adina Cobham Headley

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