IMLU: Giving Tree Gifts & Groceries

The Giving Tree is up!

There are local families that need our help to have a happy Christmas season.

GROCERIES:   Choose the items below -note how many you will provide. 

GIFTS: Gifts can be found on the tree at church or online.  Different names are on the tree and on the online signup

  • Picking up a gift tag off the tree in the church (after church on Sunday or office hours 10 am to 2 pm Monday-Friday ) -
    • Find the name and gift on this attached list and add your name and phone number to the gift book on the Giving Tree table. 
    • Purchase and wrap your gifts and attach the tag with the family number, first name and gift 
  • SIGNUP online using the link below.  
    • Signup online
    • Purchase and wrap you gifts-- attach a tag with the family number, first name and gift.  (We will replace those tags when we check them in)

Any gift cards and jewelry should be taken to the office for safekeeping. The larger presents can be put under the tree. Put an X by your name in the GIVING TREE BOOK to indicate that you have brought in your gift.

Generic gifts are also accepted. Just put a tag on the gift telling what it is, size, age group etc. We can wrap the gift if you can't. Cash donations are also accepted.

Please return your groceries and wrapped gifts by Sunday, December 11, 2022.

Questions: Contact Georgia Cobbs at 406-360-5946 or [email protected] or Edith Cranor Buck 970-901-0836 or [email protected] 

Date: 12/11/2022 (Sun.)

Created by:   Nancy Marks
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Location Time (MST) Available Slot
GIFTS - Immanuel Entryway  10:00am - 11:00am  

Cash Donations (10)

Payable to Immanuel and note that it goes to Giving Tree. We will use it where it is needed

1 of 10 slots filled
Lorraine Carlson

9A Jenn (adult) handheld carpet shampooer for stairs


9A Jenn- Gift Card for Facial


9B Riley, age 13, Denver Broncos Bedset- Twin


9B Riley (age 13)- Basketball and basketball shorts- size 16


9C Blake(age 11) Seattle Seahawks bed set- twin

Julie Long

9C Blake (age 11)- "Giant" worm stuffed animal and chapter book series- any series


9D- Hudson (age 3) PJ Masks bedset- Twin


9D Hudson (age 3) Train set


9E Jack (under 1) Baby bouncer


9E Jack (under 1) High chair


10A Destiny (adult)- Copper Mountain coffee card


10B- Kayla (adult) Copper Mountain coffee card


10A Destiny (adult)- Gift Card


10B Kayla (adult)- Gift Card


10C Rolan (age 9) Legos

Julie long
Spencer long

10C Rolan (age 9) Drawing stuff

Julie long
Spencer long

10D Damien (age 13) Drawing Stuff

Julie long

10D Damian (age 13) Books

World Record or Diary of a Wimpy kids books

Julie long

10E- Akaiya (female, age 9) Barbie


10E Akaiya (female, age 9)- Surprise Boxes


10F Xander (male, age 7) -Ghost Books


10F Xander (male, age 7) Stranger Things stuff


11A Tiffany (adult) Candles or household items


11A Tiffany (adult) Set of Dishes

Julie Long

11B Clint (adult) - Gift Card


11B Clint (adult) - Pots and pans


11C Donald (age 2) Cars, the Movie

Kate Diggs

11C Donald (age 2) Clothes 3T

Kate Diggs

11D Sophie (age 8) Barbie

Julie long
Kinsley long

11D Sophie (age 8) Clothes- size 8-10


11E Carolyn (age 1) Toys

Tove Elvrom

11E Carolyn (age 1) Clothes 12 month

Kate Diggs

12A Joanna (Adult) Snowboots size 8


12A Joanna (adult) - Gas Card


12B Maximus (male, age7)- Bowser from Super Mario


12B Maximus (age 7) Stuffy toys


13A Christina (adult) - How to Make Sushi kit


13A Christina (adult)- Gift Card


13B David (adult) Cabelas Gift Card


13B David (adult)- Amazon Gift card


13C Mia (female, age 16)- Game of Life Classic


13C Mia (female, age16)- Anything related to "Attack on Titan"


13D Lilliana (female age 11) - How to draw Anime book

Tove Elvrom

13D Lilliana (age 11) The Hobbit Fantasy Cookbook


13E Kakarot (male, 18 mo)- Silacone blocks


13E Kakarot (male, age 18 mo)- Mandolorian toys

Julie long
Spencer long
Groceries  10:01am  

Toilet Paper (9)

Package of 3


Mayonaise (5)


Baked Beans (12)

10 of 12 slots filled
Marilyn Hall (10)

Canned Fruit (30)


Spaghetti Sauce (jar or can) (4)

1 of 4 slots filled
Wendy Neal

Canned Soup (7)

All slots filled
Wendy Neal (7)

Canned yams (14)


French fried onions (10)


Evaporated milk (2)


Paper towels (12)

pkg of 3

6 of 12 slots filled
Marilyn Hall (6)

Kleenex- large box (18)


Syrup (5)


Jelly (14)


Flour- 10 lb pkg (2)

All slots filled
Marilyn Hall (2)

Sugar- 5 lb pkg (20)


Instant rice (18)


Top Ramen Noodles (34)

All slots filled
Marilyn Hall (34)

Egg noodles (8)

All slots filled
Marilyn Hall (8)

Spaghetti noodles (3)

All slots filled
Marilyn Hall (3)

Salt (5)


Pepper (6)


Graham Crackers (11)

5 of 11 slots filled
Marilyn Hall (5)

Jello (16)


Frosting (20)


Cereal (8)


Pancake Mix (12)


Diapers size 7 (2)


Diapers size 6


Diaper size 5 (4)


Diapers size 4 (4)


Diapers size 2


Diapers size 1


Diaper wipes (12)

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