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Chatfield Gravel Pond Swimmer Sign Up for 2021

Swimming Sign Up for 2021 - Chatfield Gravel Pond Swimming for COMSA/USMS members.


You do need to register (sign-up) on this list, pay a $5.00 fee when signing up to swim on this list and you do need to sign up to help with check-in or monitoring for two swim sessions. You do need to be a member of COMSA/USMS in order to swim under our permit at the gravel pond. 

You do not need to sign up to swim at a certain time on a specific day at this time.  It is possible this will need to be added if the COVID level changes and gatherings are limited.

You will not be "turned on" in the swim tracker to enable you to swim, until you sign up on both lists.  There is no day of swim sign up in the parking lot!



This is where you sign up to swim under the "COMSA-Gravel Pond Swimmer Permit".  This is the first of two sign up forms. These are separate sign ups.  See the sign up called Chatfield Gravel Pond Swimmers - Monitor Sign Up 2021 to sign up for "volunteering".  

** Again, you must sign up to monitor/volunteer in order to swim.  We have added a toggle to the tracker to turn off swimmers who do not pay the required fee and sign up to help with monitoring/check-in and out. You need to sign up for both in order to be enabled to check-in to swim.  There are plenty of sign up times from which to choose from. 

*** NOTE: You must register on this list one week before you intend to swim for the first time at the pond.  We will be updating the list once per week. We will not be bringing our computer to the pond to update the list!  This means you can not pay in the parking lot and then go swimming.  

When can we swim?

Swimming will be offered by Chatfield Gravel Pond Swimmers, a registered USMS/COMSA club, from Saturday May 22nd to Saturday September 18th.  Our permit allows for swimming on Monday's, Wednesday's and Saturday's.  Saturday swim times are from 7:00 am to 10:00 am.  Monday and Wednesday mornings from 7:00 am to 10:00 am and Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 4:30 pm to 7:00 pm.  We have an extra half hour to swim in the morning.  YAY!

USMS Membership and Fees

You need to join or be a current member of USMS/COMSA in order to swim under our permit.  Membership is $60 per calendar year, so memberships purchased in 2021, expire December 31st.  Please go to usms.org or comsa.org and follow the links to join.  This year there is also a fee of $5.00 fee to cover the costs of swimming at the gravel pond.  This program is run by Chatfield Gravel Pond Swimmers, a swim club that is part of USMS/COMSA and run by Susan & Chris Nolte.  Chatfield Gravel Pond Swimmers is not reimbursed by COMSA for the costs of hosting and organizing swimming at the gravel pond. We don't want to charge the $5.00 fee but we can't fund this any longer. 

Why do we have to help and additional details regarding "volunteering"

All permitted swim groups are required to have a monitor on the beach.  Similar to other permitted groups, we are requiring that all swimmers sign up to monitor for 2 sessions this summer.  Monitor sessions/slots are 1 and a half hours in the morning and one hour and fifteen minutes in the afternoon/evening. This equals one half of a swim session. You can swim the other half.  If we do not have volunteers to help with monitoring and check-in and out each session, we can't swim.  This is a park and insurance requirement.  


There are no refunds of membership fees paid to USMS/COMSA, or for the $5.00 fee to sign up to swim.   So, if the park closes/restricts the number of swimmers at the pond due to COVID and/or a lack of social distancing -  you will not get a refund of membership dues or swim fees.  If the weather does not permit safe swimming, for example, lightning, hail, snow, freezing temperatures, and the session is canceled, there are no refunds of membership dues or swim fees.  If the sessions are canceled due to lack of volunteers, then there are no refunds!  Sorry!

Created by:   Susan Nolte
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Available Slot

Chatfield Gravel Pond Swimming Sign Up 2021 (400)

($5.00 each)

380 of 400 slots filled
Juliet Tunks
Erin McDonald
Barb Menard
Natalie Brewster
Erin Rotz
Kristin Adams
Kristin adams
Dianne Hammer
Susan Walczak
Kristi Covalciuc
Danielle Kunkel
Maxime Bellemare
Roger Chang
Jessica Kaiser
Leslie Beahm
Jamie Henderson
Debbie Barrowcliff
Katie Zook
Dave Robinette
Paul Ijs
Dawn Faller
Eric Faller
Harriet Foster
Lisa Morrow
Praveen Sodanapalli
Holly Sprunger Zdon
Bruce Dorr
Jennifer Hoban
Lenise Ruff
Susie Worcester
Susie worcester
Stacy Bolt
Stacy Bolt
Chris Kasten
Rachel Williams (2)
Monique Tuttle
Jeff Towery
2021 OWS
Bill Jones
Beata Bobaryko
Leslie Bonsett
John Wessel
Jessica Giammalvo
Beth Loftis
Malia Keck
Nicholas Thomas
Mila Griffin
Sue Schrader
Hanna Klemm
Tony Griffin
Tony Griffin
Dafin Trifonov
Dafin Trifonov
Kyle Bettencourt
Amy Trifonov
Rachel Greathouse
Stephen Lehnardt
Emily Deutschman
Anand Vayuvegula
Randy Faelan
Crystal Faelan
Olena Ruth
Thank you for organizing this.
Ray Smittle
Bradley Boodt
Heidi Boodt
Sarah Gardner
Dion Leman
Katy Houston
Melissa Brookshier
Cindy Smith
David Mitchell
James Davis
Kristen Delong
Gretchen Stubenvoll
Katie Krieves
Mira Brand (3)
Mira, Cortney and Carter Brand
Agnes Debrunner
I'm excited to do this! Thanks for organizing!
Grace Whiteaker
amee gibson
Denise Camacho
Rich Soares
Tara Vargish
Lauren Soares
William Murray
Kathy Hellard
Laura Nelsen
Yanick Camp
Steve Maas
Lydia Wolcott
Janeé Politano
Erin Trail
Francois Lagueux
Lisa Spaeth
Melissa Lavers
Carolyn Dennee
Greg Leeper
Jeff Lingle
Luis Itu
Kathleen Stier
Alissa Tambone
Matthew Emmet
Jessica Gerdes
Trista Francis
Cheryl Bleakley
Kati Peditto
Eric May
Michael Jones
Suzy Young
Suzy Young
Maryjean Noland
Gabrielle Camp-Lagueux
Judy Nelson
Jenny Lingle
Blake Worsley
Teresa Wyatt
Rick Sussenbach
Emily Cray
Marykate Zukiewicz
Serena Hendon
Bryan Upcraft
Jan Lischer
Beth Nixon
Sam Piccolotti
Michael Trihy
Kara-lyn Little
Mark Adams
David Tonini
Susie Davis
Joan Arent
Phyllis Spear
Kevin Thorn
Taylor Uselis
Trevor Schimschock
Paul Miller
Curtis Crites
Bill Burson Burson
David Hamer
Steve Young
Kyle Exline
Joseph Martin
Mike Ferriter
David Brostuen
Allison Lehnen
Evelyn Kelley
Blair Whitaker
Tara Businski
Erica Rhinehart
Chris Howson
Eileen Webster
David Richardson
Brian Stevens
Sean Ribble
Kurtis Young
Kurtis Young
Mandy Bleeker
Mandy Bleeker
Amy Mosser Romero
Beverly DeSaules
Angela Garrison
Amanda Henderson
Brett Johnson
Jenny Woo
Christopher Baker
Amelia Kane
Mia Henderson
Malia Sparks
Cheryl Atkins
Ann Castellano
Courtney Culligan
Jennifer DiCarlo
Maureen Bruce
Stewart Tyrrell
2021 Open Swim
Tracy Gilbert
Cathy Baty
Thank You
Harriet Foster
Re-paying because I cancelled the last one per my email
Dan Hodgman
Judith Racine
Greg Jones
Jason Rose
Charles Dubis
Lisa Birnbaum
Bill Birnbaum
Colby Drechsel
Heather Markham
Matthew Tuttle
Bradford Whitney (2)
Brad Whitney & Marty Schafer
Robbie Lane
Ian Brock
Sandra Gottschalk-Reed
Kerry Jeffords
Alex Galloway
Kimberly Benfield
Jason Galloway
Valerie French
David Artley
Greg Isenhart
Natalie Becker
Al Ramirez
I’m back
Tony Hageman
Carl Mather
kyle mauck
Ellie Adelman
Matt Buechler
Ken Moore
Jeff Gardner
Scott Miller
Curry Gardner
Katie Kellner
Hugh Duffy
See you there!
Kimberley Hoefen
Allison Therwhanger
David Bowman
Blair Day
Emily Fenwick
Sydney Mahnken
Nancy Peters
Christina Beggs
David Fagan
eric long
Amy Bazzoni
Debbie Chabin
Phil Staib
Thomas Brewster
Cheryl Kellond (2)
Steve + Cheryl Kellond
Allyssa Teske
Stephan Graham
Scott FitzGerald
Todd McCusker
Michael Bowers
Colleen Julian
Maxine Leserova (2)
Victoria Meehl
Ryan Borger
Sarah Hubbard
kathleen steffe
Lisa Houlihan
Tracy Yoder
Ana Ximenes
Tanya Mann
Kathy Waesche
Rachel Van Scoy
Giannina Orozco
Nicolo Piccolotti
Jessica Holmes (10)
Taylor Vallee
Christopher Armstrong
John Stiller
Elsa Debrunner
Kurt Nelson
Chatfield Swim
Rob Godby
Carol Lyndell
Denise Jonke
Cindy Malone
Katie Chleborad
Katie Chleborad
Christopher Fagnant
Kyle Semin
Shelagh Baines
izaak herman
Michael Sonderman
Michelle Orgill
Lauren Bryan
Patti Townsend
Simon Logan
Lauren Jacobson
Brent Forgues
Tricia Boren
Erik Bieging
Cassi Meyers
Nora Whittaker Jones
Ben Mooney
Ben Mooney
Tom Foster
Jenny Harn
Tiffany Blassingame
Cory Bertram
Rachelle Evans
Megan Pesansky
Molly Small
Kathy Seidman
John Leonard
Calista Bruce
Kristen Coleman
Kyla Retzer
Amy Maddox
Joe Roepke
Gloria Cornyn
Thank you!
Hanni Horner
Leanne Dalton
ian hildebrandt
Brian Guarraci
Patrick Monahan
Katlyn Fisher
Blaine Hemphill
Craig Ciarlelli
Francis Cheung
Jaime Jacob
Amy Weeks
Ingrid Rizo
Gregory Elliott
Andrew Nagel
julie przekwas
Susan Wade
alex cooper
Lily Hoffecker
Lauren Hulse
jodie taylor
Liz Herr
Fred Lewis
John Milek
Jacqueline Nunes
Jim Conzelman
Andre Apodaca
Tyler Bammert
Laura Marcoux
Casey Fleming
Lori Bulwith
Jessica Hardy
Kim Pieroni
Jamie Pieroni
Candace Kristensson
Mark Kristensson
john stewart
Kayleigh Karutis
Shakib Hassan
Emily Hoagland
Chuck Ponthier
Kim Kroeger-weeks
Stephanie Thomas
Oza and Milan Klanjsek (2)
Gary Lancaster
Mike Nicholls
Susan Kamberos
Kristi Giebel
Keri Morton
Sam Aspnes
Marc Moomaw
Michael Beekman
Ikenna Olelewe
David Miller
Mike Adams
Adrian Shopp
Nancy Price
Sharon Brosious
John Ferguson
Nancy Stephenson
Taylor Kesselring
Laurie Schneider
Kathleen Kardok
Alicia Caldwell
Charles Murphy
Denise Palin
Caroline Kline
Victoria Chenault
Theresa Monardo
Todd Stockford
Erica Stockford
Susan Schlepp
Chris Biernacki
Jodi Knutson
Jamie Olson
Nancy Crandall
Michele Green
Greg Dach
Andrew King
Mark Willis
Victoria Brumfield
ann grosser
Josh Cashman
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