TC Williams All Night Grad Party 2019

2019 TC Williams All Night Grad Party

The 30th annual All-Night Graduation Party for the T.C. Williams Class of 2019 will take place on Saturday, June 15, 2019, at the T.C. Williams High School Gym & Rotunda. Let's make this special anniversary a fantastic celebration for all of our new graduates!

Volunteering for an event like this is a lot of fun! Many first-time volunteers return because they experience first-hand the excitement and enthusiasm exhibited by our newly minted graduates. The evening goes by fast as a result, especially if you are in the casino. There are many interactive activites, including basketball, soccer, crazy-fun velcro wall, obstacle course, and games. Or consider helping in Arcade Alley, at the prize table or concession area. The key responsibilites are keeping lines flowing and assisting if needed.

If you are a casino volunteer, we request you stay for both shifts for the casino to run smoothly. It's a lot to ask but once the games begin, it's hard to leave the table! The games are easy to learn and the grads (and you) will have a blast. Please indicate in the comments box if you want to work in the casino but can only do one shift.  

This special celebration, sponsored by the T.C. Williams PTSA and made possible by the generous support of local businesses, citizens, community organizations, and alumni, sends the clear message that our community cares deeply about youth safety and well being. Since the inception of the party, there have been no drug- or alcohol-related injuries or deaths. (For more information or to make a financial contribution, go to   

Please note that only adults are permitted to volunteer for this event. 

Thank you for your support!

Created by:   Jeanette Feldman
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Location Time (EDT) Available Slot
06/14/2019 (Fri.) Concession Area  3:30pm - 5:30pm  

Move & Set-Up Equipment (student volunteers) (5)

Students: Wear sneakers

All slots filled
Hamza Elmissouab
Activity Not Available/Change in Schedule
Ella Kahl
Activity Not Available/Change in Schedule
Miranda Sedehi
Activity Not Available/Change in Schedule
Anna Hill
Activity Not Available/Change in Schedule
Kiernan Almand
Activity Not Available/Change in Schedule
06/15/2019 (Sat.) Gym  6:00pm - 9:30pm  

Decorations/Set-up (3)

Adult sign-up

All slots filled
Stacey Dash (2)
Signing up for my husband too. Rob Garver.
Vantross Medina-White

Set Up & Decorate (6)

Student-Only Sign-up ; include contact info

All slots filled
Haydee Patterson
LaNeah Rease
Amiya Chisolm
Paris Jamison
Nyla Fox
Miranda Sedehi
Concession Area  6:30pm - 9:30pm  

Platter Donations (pre-cut fruit, veggies) (8)

Indicate the type of platter; Drop off at concession stand

All slots filled
Stacey Dash
Veggie tray
Caroline Jackson
Fruit Platter
Erin Lee
Kathy Stenzel (2)
Watermelon. Will bring at 9:30
Lou Fisher
Veggie tray
Laura Castro
Christine Matthews
Fruit platter
Ticket Sales   9:45pm - 12:00am  

Ticket Sales (5)

Sell tickets/check in students

All slots filled
Don Haddock
Diana Waller
Beth Richardson
Angela Willmore
Activities & Games  9:45pm - 12:30am  

Bag check (2)

Collect students' backpacks

All slots filled
Hilery sirpis (2)
I'm also signing up for PJ Bucholz!

Ticket exchange (3)

Exchange poker chips for raffle tickets

All slots filled
Mandy Hayes
Dawn Toaso
Meagan Alderton

Activities (16 per shift) (16)

Supervise activities

All slots filled
Ariana L
Melissa Harrington
Maria Filios
Karla Dejesus
Patrice Linehan
Kay Arndorfer
jaime dawson
Laura Dove
Dan Solomon
Amy Ernst
Rachel Townsend
Lisa Guernsey
Tram Rex (2)
Steve and Tram
Nora Lansing (2)
will bring my husband Mark Lansing

Door Security (3)

Monitor Entrances

All slots filled
Renee Berman
Christine Wilson
Lisa Jacobson
Casino Games  9:45pm - 2:30am  

Casino (Blackjack & Poker) (16)

Training is provided at the start of the evening.

All slots filled
Evan Sonoda
Linda Harvey
Jon Harvey
Sharri Ralis
Chyrell Bucksell
Blackjack or poker
Mekaila Tucker
Jim Crowe
Chris Lewis
Poker or Blackjack
Terri Dykes
Kelly Karoly (2)
w/Steve Karoly
Jon Dellaria
Kathy Stenzel
Mike Oliver
*Honorary Blackjack Dealer
Michelle Rief
Jon Dellaria
Tim Barnett
06/16/2019 (Sun.) Activities & Games  12:15am - 2:30am  

Activities (18 per shift) (18)

Supervise activities

All slots filled
Tamara de la Camp
Elizabeth Roda
Anthony Burke
Courtney Horwat
Karen Avery Chapman
Ramee Gentry
Can't be a poker dealer--never learned it!
Vantross Medina-White
Heather Thornton
Claudia Cavanaugh
Becky Yowell
Erin Lee
Lori Quill
Beth Simmons
Slushie server
Mike Goodrich
Signing up for Mike Goodrich
Robert Eligman
Catherine Petrini
PreeAnn Johnson (2)
Martha Rivera and PreeAnn Johnson

Door Security (3)

Monitor Entrances

1 of 3 slots filled
Vince Kiernan

Ticket exchange (3)

Exchange poker chips for raffle tickets

All slots filled
Stacy Morris
Meredith Cantrell
Alenda M

Bag check (2)

Distribute students' backpacks

All slots filled
amy dale (2)
Amy Dale and Beth Jones
Clean Up  3:00am - 4:30am  

Clean-up (5)

Fold tables & chairs; break down & put away decorations

3 of 5 slots filled
Vantross Medina-White
Becky Yowell
Robert Morgan

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