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FSA Office

Farmington STEAM Academy

2019 - 2020 Farmington Public School TRANSPORTATION AGREEMENT

The Sign Up Genius roster serves as acceptance that you have read, discussed, and your child is aware of the bus rules outlined in this document. Noncompliance of the stated rules will result in enforcement of the code of conduct consequences. 

Bus seating will be limited as indicated below.  Available seats will be reserved on a first come, first serve basis by using Sign Up Genius.


  • Lanigan Elementary -   60 seats available

  • Gill Elementary   - 60 seats available  

  • Warner Middle School - 60 seats available

Students will be transported from their designated location to Farmington STEAM Academy.

Students MUST be at their morning location by 7:10 AM



  • North Farmington High School - 180 seats available

Students will be transported from Farmington STEAM Academy to North Farmington High School 




Students are allowed to only travel via their designated bus stops. Riding the bus is a PRIVILEGE, not a RIGHT. Students are expected to conduct themselves in a well-behaved manner. Students who misbehave on the school bus will be denied the right to ride the bus for a specified period of time (usually ranging from one to ten days). Repeated misconduct or conduct detrimental to the safety of other students may be grounds for permanent suspension of bus privileges. Parents will be contacted regarding students who are reported for misconduct on the bus. Parents who have concerns about behavior or the safety of their student riding the bus should contact Mr. David Beazley, Assistant Principal, Farmington STEAM Academy at 248-785-2070. Please go to www.farmington.k12.mi.us/transportation for additional information regarding FPS Transportation Policy and Procedures.


All requests for transportation will be cross referenced with FPS district policies regarding eligibility to ride the bus. The decision of FPS Transportation Department is final. Farmington STEAM Academy transportation will be provided on the Farmington Public School Middle School/High School’s transportation schedule. Transportation is scheduled annually and will need to be set up every year in August.

*If your student does not ride the bus for 10 consecutive days, your transportation privileges will be removed and you will have to call the FPS Transportation Department  to be reinstated. Your child will NOT be allowed to ride the bus until they are reinstated.


***To sign your student(s) up, please comment the names of the student(s) riding and indicate the number of students you would like to reserve spots for. If your transportation needs change, PLEASE update this sign up so that spots can be made available as needed.***

Created by:   Michele Barker
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Available Slot

AM Bus - Lanigan Elementary (60)

37 of 60 slots filled
Jen Badrak
Noah Badrak
Kyla Williams (2)
For Asa Smith and Anisa Smith
Emily DeMeester
Daniel Menezo
Daniel Menezo
Brendyn Favors
Brendyn Favors
Patricia McCown
Margaret (Maggie) McCown
Jaime Taulbee
Aiden Taulbee
Michelle Kreager (2)
Elsie and Philip
Rachel Beatty
Brooklynn Beatty
Kelly Boyer
Alex Boyer
Stephanie Parker
Edward Parker
Jaylen Gilmore
Jaylen Gilmore
Farhat Manzoor (3)
Amina Rehman, Fatima Rehman ,Sana Rehman
Nayar Manzoor (2)
Aleeza Saif / Mohammad Saif
Bankston Emmanuel
David Bankston
Heidi Strobl (2)
Isabelle and Anthony Ban
Kashif Arfeen
KeAshia Collins
Katelynn Sutherland
Raeshell Dail (2)
Brandon and Joshua Dail
YaLonda McClure (3)
Madison, Adrienne & Ryann Pounall
YaLonda McClure (3)
Madison, Adrienne & Ryann Pounall
Aaliyah Dungy (3)
Aaliyah, Justin, and Daniel also will ride the bus
Sheena Clark
Daysha Clark
Karima Kchirid
Student: Mariam Fries/ kindergarten @STEAM Academy

AM Bus- Gill Elementary (60)

51 of 60 slots filled
Michele Barker (2)
Nolan & Hadley Barker
Marisa Ferrari
Seth Rutter
Jennifer Rogers (3)
Roger's Family - Elly, Mia, & Ana
Jena Stacey
Sophie Stacey
LaToya Harvey (2)
Cameron & Carson Harvey
Anirban Sett
Avishek Sett
Evan Simms
Evan Simms
Vineetha Vaithianathan (3)
Vineetha family
Shreyas Narayanan
Shreyas Narayanan
Katrina Cummins (2)
Aiden & Abbey
Lincoln Rykse (2)
Lincoln & Lawson
Preeti Shegunshi (2)
Anjana and Sonia Shegunshi
Ian Cartwright (2)
Ewan and Laurell
Simone Darby (2)
Olivia and Owen Darby
Tami Wayne (2)
Katherine and Abigail
Claire Nordan
Claire Nordan, student
Erika Hatcher
Eviana Fowler (Student)
Medhansh Mansanpally
Kyle Otremba
Lukas Otremba
Brenda Teague (2)
Brennan and Erica Teague
Sanjana Datla
Sanjana Datla
Akula Kuncharapu
Mng shuttle
Komali Kuncharapu
Mng shuttle
Aisha Jobe
Mariama Jobe (maybe)
Kelly Hansen (2)
Molly and Dane Hansen
Alexander Townsend
Student-Alexander Townsend
Sree Naidu
Sarita Govindaraj
Sydney Thompson
For Sydney Thompson
Amanda Meissner (2)
Lydia and Devin Meissner
Gayathri Koray
My son, Nikhil Koray, is starting 6th grade now.
Olga Blum
Ancy Thomas (2)
1)Maria Ann Manoj - 7th Grade, 2)Thomson Manoj - 5th Grade
yazhini vinoth
Yazhini Vinoth
Allison Sneed (2)
Dylan & Andrew Sneed

AM Bus - Warner Middle School (60)

12 of 60 slots filled
Katie Judy
Joshua Judy
Karen Roekle
Aevin Buren
Tressa Cunha
Samantha Hoffer
Natalie Richmond (2)
Claudia Richmond
Maizie Banyai
Maizie Banyai
Wyatt Banyai
Wyatt Banyai
Nicole Jones
Colin Jones
Aviel Kharitonov
Aviel kharitonov
Dena Lederman
Jonah Lederman
Midrar Aman (2)
Amani & Dalia Aman

PM Bus - From FSA to North (180)

173 of 180 slots filled
Michelle Degen
Amelia and Ian Degen
Michelle Degen
Amelia and Ian Degen
Marisa Ferrari
Seth Rutter
Nicole Reaves (2)
Morgan and Parker Reaves
Christopher DeYonke (4)
DeYonke family Evelyn, Bella, Chris, Johnny
Melissa Vogel (2)
Larken and Sully Vogel
Tiffani Soldwisch
Adriana Soldwisch
Terra Heard (2)
Carter Heard & Caleb Heard
Kate Clevio
Callan Clevio
Yolanda Durfield
Chelsea Durfield
allison sneed (2)
Dylan & Andrew Sneed
Stacy Freeman (5)
Andrew and Maggie Freeman, Mason and Emma Latimer, Ella Hafner- carpool
Laila Hanks (2)
Kyle and Jackson Hanks
Nancy Walter (2)
Yvie and Piper Walter
Gina Chu (3)
Michaela, Isaac, and Jacob Chu
Colleen Wojciechowski
Jimmy Wojciechowski
Asra Ahmed (2)
Umaiza and Faayez Mohammed
Azra Tazhin
Zainab Ahmed
Alessandra Alves (2)
James and William Peterson
Daniel Menezo
Daniel Menezo
Ingrid Garnett
Student-Mary Garnett
Melissa Gossman (2)
Gwendolyn and Thomas Gossman
Sakina Patrawala
Fizza Patrawala 1st grade
Christine Hafner (2)
Clare and Liam Hafner. (Ella is on Stacy Freeman's entry)
Benton Hallford
Benton Hallford
Shreyas Narayanan
Shreyas Narayanan
Jaime Hougard (2)
Ayla and Chase Hougard
Rafah Yaldo
Makayla. What time we have to be at North
Patti Vassas
Marucs Vassas, I wish we could get a pm stop in the south, we will try this, but it may not work for us.
Barbara Ward
B Ward
Katrina Cummins (2)
Aiden & Abbey
Patty McCown
Margaret (Maggie) McCown
Karen Gee (3)
Katie, Tessa, Heidi
Emerson Judge
Afternoon only
Katie Judy
Joshua Judy
Jaime Taulbee
Aiden Taulbee
Tami Wayne (2)
Katherine and Abigail
Joshua Archey (2)
Peter Archey, Hannah Archey
Vickie Lung
Eve Lung
Vickie Lung
Elsa Lung
Rene Whelan (2)
Emily and Elise Whelan
Kelsey Picot
Patton Mathews-Nowland.
Dawn Eisenscher (2)
Isabel and Ami
Rachel Beatty
Brooklynn Beatty
Elizabeth Ohryn
Claire Rogan
ambreen shirazi (2)
Musa Raza and Dua-Zahra Raza
Nicolette Franck
Téah Harkness
Stephanie Parker
Edward Parker
Jordan Greer
Jordan Greer
Annika/Krishna Gudapati (2)
Sibling Krishna Gudapati
Kristan Davis (2)
Wycell and Brooklyn Davis
April Carcone (2)
Malina & Dominic Carcone
Laura Derrick (2)
Wyatt Banyai & Maizie Banyai
Bindi Shah (2)
Sonali and Keval Shah
Ardis White (2)
Blake & Ariah White
Tigeria Martin
Ti'Ron Martin
Julie Volk (2)
Mackenzie and Noah Volk
Iliana Schilke
Alexandra Schilke 6th gr.
Dawn Eisenscher
Adding Lily Galloway to our carpool
michelle sibley
Gavin Sibley
shazia raza
aniba raza
Vanessa Gwinn (2)
Leah and Leslie
Ann O'Reilly
afternoon only
Allison O'Reilly
afternoon only
Sanjith Gaddam
Sanjith Gaddam (7 Grade)
Nicole Jones
Colin Jones
Lora Probert (2)
Maximus and Evander
Karen Phillips
Carlie Phillips
Pramod Kumar
Adya Priya
Pranav Koundinya
1st Grade student - PM only
Kristin Paulson (2)
Nick and Maggie Paulson
Stephanie Beachnau (2)
Henry and Grant Beachnau - select days only
Ashna and Rohan
Diane Roeder (3)
Cameron Michael, Trevor, & Allison Phillips
Jessica Alexanian (2)
Maven & Zoe Alexanian
Connor Marble
Connor Marble - various days
James Luke
Nolan Luke
Sharnita Scott
For Christian Scott
Stefanie Carlson (2)
Olivia and Penelope Carlson
Kelly Hansen
Dane Hansen
Farhat Manzoor (3)
Amina Rehman, Fatima Rehman, Sana Rehman
Maya Coronado
Maya Coronado
Adrian Trias
Finley Trias
Alexander Townsend
Student-Alexander Townsend
Nayar Manzoor (2)
Aleeza saif / Mohammad Saif
Nikki Plonka
Henry Plonka 1st grade
Naeemah Khan (2)
Maryam Alavi and Zakariya Alavi
Chandra Marshall (2)
Madison & Matthew Marshall
Pamela Hightower
Maximus Hightower
Gayathri Koray
I will pick up my son, Nikhil Koray from here
Hassan Farooq
Need pm shuttle
Colleen Aben (2)
Declan Aben, Rian Aben
Olga Blum
LaToya Harper (2)
Lanai Harper & William Harper
Sonal Odedra
Shailen Odedra
KeAshia Collins
Katelynn Sutherland
Teresa Spiess (2)
Jessica and Shelby Spiess
Mubaraka Tambawala (2)
Abdeali and Hussain Tambawala
Aarya Kaushik
afternoon only
Angelitta Mapp
Mya Mapp
Michele Labadie
Luciana Labadie (1)
Midrar Aman (2)
Amani & Dalia Aman
Dalia Alkhouri
Fadi Safirta
Hiroko McCauley (2)
Emily & Kaycee
Michelle Kreager (2)
Elsie and Philip
Lydia Hayley Langston Little (2)
Hayley and Langston Little
Lydia Little
Brendyn Favors carpool with Langston Litt
Lea OBrien (2)
Christian and Cameron
Reagan Norton
Reagan Norton
Tiffany Block-Evans
Addison Block-Evans
Liam Craig
Mitchell Roth
Tuesday & Thursdays
Oleg Dimerman
Sam Dimerman
Tiffany Block-Evans
Addison Block-Evans
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