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Welcome to The Academy...we need your help!

This organization cannot exist without your support.  Following are important/critical jobs and positions that will allow you the opportunity to volunteer in an area that is of interest to you and/or that best utilizes your unique background and skills (hopefully they are the same thing).

In order to keep your fees as low as possible and instead of hiring people to perform all of these functions, we require each family complete a certain number of volunteer hours per month per quarter.  As you noticed during the registration process we require a $200 "Volunteer Deposit" as financial incentive.  For those that choose not to perform their hours, the charge is $200/hour for each hour not worked.  WE REALLY DO NOT WANT THIS MONEY ~ WE WANT YOUR INVOLVEMENT!

At the end of each quarter (feb, may, aug, nov) a bill or credit (to the original charge card) will be processed/sent to all active divers/families.  If you did not complete your required hours we will ask (invoice) you for the difference to be paid immediately or the diver will be suspended from practice and meets until your account is current and in good standing.

There are between 50-60 listed volunteer positions.  All of the listed positions carry different requirements for time-involved.  We will work with you to find something that suits your available time versus your required minimum commitment.

We want to hear from you...please do not hesitate to tell us if you have an idea of another function that would be beneficial to the club.

See you in the Air!

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Available Slot

Activities Coordinator ~ Away Meets

Find fun stuff for the team to do when travelling overnight to meets. You do not have to be travelling with the group to hold this position.


All American Coordinator

High School Application Assistant for all CDA divers in high school that qualify. Learn and share the "how-to" and process for submission of applications for AA and AAA.


CDA Gear and Kit Coordinator

Find vendors and merchandise items for team gear and kits


CDA Invitational Meet Volunteer(s)

Aside from items to bring, there are about 50 positions if everyone signs-up to perform only 1-function/1-shift.  Clearly, we need every family to volunteer. Family may also include the diver as the volunteer.

eric holzheimer

Coach/Family Meeting Scheduler

Assist coach in scheduling semi-annual family/diver meetings for all divers.

Carolyn Raycraft

Community Outreach (2)

Contact local organizations (girl and boy scout troops, churches, local government, etc.) to coordinate open house events and group "evaluation" sessions.


Diving Colleges dBase Manager (2)

Maintain and update the CDA database of current college coaches


End of Summer Intersquad Meet Coordinator

Create and coordinate the end-of-summer CDA internal diving meet


EOY Awards and Party Coordinator

Develop a theme, awards, activities, and coordinate the F&B potluck


Event Planner ~ Athlete-to-College Presentation

Assist coaches in coordinating the athlete-to-college presentation night


Fundraising Coordinator(s) (5)

CDA is a 501c3 ~ Find/develop fundraising opportunities such as Corporate Matching Gift programs; contact companies/organizations about donating products/services to CDA; contact local organizations to offer TIO programs as a donation to their cause


Grant Writer (2)

Find grant opportunities and prepare submission documentation


Open House Coordinator

Develop and coordinate ongoing open-house events at dryland


Outing Coordinator

Research fun things for the divers to do locally (1x/quarter)


PR ~ Print/Radio/TV

Reach out to and maintain relationships with local media outlets to get stories and articles posted/published/promoted


School Liaison/Recruiter (20)

Promote CDA within your school and district. Recruit potential new divers to the program. This position requires that you recruit at least 1 new diver per quarter (Aug-Oct, Nov-Jan, Feb-Apr, May-Jul) or a minimum of 4 divers per year.


Semi-annual Conference-Call Coordinator

Create the agenda and coordinate the CDA all-family conference call (August and May)


Snack Coordinator ~ Local Meets

Create and maintain list of which families are bringing F&B for divers attending each meet

Carolyn Raycraft

Social Media ~ Blogger

Create and post various blog stories about CDA and it's divers.


Social Media ~ CDA Newsletter

Create and distribute a quarterly recurring CDA newsletter with stories about CDA and our divers.


Social Media ~ Facebook

Maintain and update the CDA Facebook page


Social Media ~ Instagram

Maintain and update the CDA Instagram page

Kelly Tirman
Tice Creek School

Social Media ~ Pinterest

Maintain and update the CDA Pinterest page


Social Media ~ Snapchat

Maintain and update CDA's Snapchat channel


Social Media ~ Tumblr

Maintain and update the CDA Tumblr page


Social Media ~ Twitter

Maintain and update the CDA Twitter page


Social Media ~ Vlogger

Create and post various video blog stories about CDA and it's divers.



Collect club and high school meet performance statistics, record and maintain personal "bests" and advancement statistics for each diver. track diver awards, college placements, college diving statistics, etc.


Team Kit Coordinator

Make sure each diver has all required gear for their team


Team Manager

Overall Team Adult


Travel Coordinator

Research travel (air and ground transportation options, accommodations, F&B, etc.) for meets and other activities when CDA travels


Video Editor/Producer (2)

Create various videos for promoting CDA, presentations (like college night), our EOY event, etc.


Video/Photo collection Manager (2)

Create an online repository, maintain, and review ALL uploaded video and pictures weekly.


Videographer/Photographer ~ FC1-4 (2)

Take pictures and video at practices and meets for newsletters and various social and media outlets. Post pictures to CDA repository weekly.


Videographer/Photographer ~ FC5-6 (2)

Take pictures and video at practices and meets for newsletters and various social and media outlets. Post pictures to CDA repository weekly.


Videographer/Photographer ~ FC7-8 (2)

Take pictures and video at practices and meets for newsletters and various social and media outlets. Post pictures to CDA repository weekly.


Videographer/Photographer ~ JO (2)

Take pictures and video at practices and meets for newsletters and various social and media outlets. Post pictures to CDA repository weekly.


Welcome Wagon / Onboarding (2)

Contact new families to answer questions and welcome them to CDA and discuss carpool.


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