Greater Kansas City AACN Chapter

October Open Chapter Meeting

Please join us for dinner, a guest speaker, and chapter meeting.  All local members invited.


Date: 10/16/2018 (Tue.)

Time: 6:00pm - 8:30pm CDT

Location: Nick and Jake's on Main
5031 Main Street, Kansas City, MO 64112

Created by:   Krista Zahner

Will you be attending the event?
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YES (35) -  

andrea hawthorne (1 guest)

Beth Eide (2 guests)
Trang Luu will also be attending with me.

Krissy Pineda (1 guest)

Tiffany Mullen (1 guest)

Joanna Jackson (1 guest)

Donna Schneweis (1 guest)
I also emailed Chris Dahm of Nozin so may be on the list already

esther kiang (2 guests)

Kim Palmer (1 guest)

Stephanie Burger (1 guest)

Anna Werner (2 guests)
Anna and Stacey

Edward Frick (1 guest)

Nancy Richards (1 guest)

Zabrina Waggoner (1 guest)

Karen Murray (1 guest)

Dana Suderman (1 guest)

Maria Boeing (1 guest)

Heather Schweiger (1 guest)

Amber Burke (1 guest)

Courtney Borchers (1 guest)

Anne Gramkow (1 guest)

Maria Fox (2 guests)

Karen ODonnell (1 guest)

Ruth Salathe (1 guest)

PJ Strack (1 guest)

Melissa Lawson (1 guest)

Janet Marts (1 guest)

Connor Stultz Stultz (1 guest)

Sam Sprinkle (1 guest)

Tabby Nelson (1 guest)

Julie Prater (1 guest)

Glennis Fuller (1 guest)

Blake Bryant (1 guest)

Christopher Groutas (1 guest)

Megan Hammerschmidt (1 guest)

Jessica Fitzgerald (1 guest)

NO (3) +