Grayson Cheerleading

Cheer Tryouts 20-21

Spirit Squad Try-out Date

August 6th, 2020

  • Girls will need to enter through the outside entrance to the gym. 
  • Please wear a mask while you are waiting for your tryout to begin.
  • COVID-19 form must be turned in at time of tryout.
  • Girls will run after their tryout slot as part of their athleticism score.

  • Your daughter will be free to leave after she completes her tryout/run.

  • Final squad selections will be made on Thursday, August 6th. If a cheerleader is not present on this day, she will not be selected for GHS cheerleading.  

  • All try-out results will be posted on by 9 pm on Thursday, August 6th, 2020.

Created by:   Joanna Root

PLEASE NOTE: The sign up period for this event has ended and the sign up creator has locked all sign up slots from being modified. Contact the creator for more details.

Available Slot

Varsity Cheer Tryout 9:00-9:05 (4)

All slots filled
Nyona Austin
Liah Chang
Jayden Haynes
soraya cullin

Varsity Cheer Tryout 9:05-9:10 (4)


Varsity Cheer Tryout 9:10-9:15 (4)


Varsity Cheer Tryout 9:15-9:20 (4)

2 of 4 slots filled
Abigail Lapaix
Gabriella Sosa

Varsity Cheer Tryout 9:20-9:25 (4)

All slots filled
Sarah Grace Self
Caitlin Patch
Mackenzie Lewis
Abbie Blair

Varsity Cheer Tryout 9:25-9:30 (4)

All slots filled
Destiny Cofield
Kyla Petty
Ariana DeShay
Kennedy Salter

Varsity Cheer Tryout 9:30-9:35 (4)

All slots filled
Mya Frank
Aubrey McKnight
Katie Stout
Tia Middleton

Varsity Cheer Tryout 9:35-9:40 (4)

All slots filled
Lexie Weaver
try out
Kristen Waters
Loren Fuller
Ashlyn McKinley

Varsity Cheer Tryout 9:45-9:50 (4)

All slots filled
Sania Williams
Nylaa Hunter
Natalie Kirkwood
Taylor Whittley

Varsity Cheer Tryout 9:50-9:55 (4)

All slots filled
Madison Pickeral
Sydney Durkin
Shayla Carter
Saniya Harvey

Varsity Cheer Tryout 9:55-10:00 (4)

All slots filled
Liah Chang
Ivyawnia Roe
Jaylin Shuck
Aniebiet Amaunam
i’m so excited !

Varsity Cheer Tryout 10:00-10:05 (4)

All slots filled
Lyric Whitten
Victoria Douglas
Kayla Burrows
Deborah Adeojo

JV Cheer Tryout 10:10-10:15 (4)

All slots filled
Anaya Stinson
Peyton Dukes
Kendall Sheffield
Mary Grace Butler

JV Cheer Tryout 10:15-10:20 (4)

All slots filled
Aryana Jones
Kennedy Williams
Victoria Poole
Seymora Hodge

JV Cheer Tryout 10:20-10:25 (4)


JV Cheer Tryout 10:25-10:30 (4)

All slots filled
Julia Diss
Alexis Dickey
Gema Crespo
Mackenzie Lewis

JV Cheer Tryout 10:30-10:35 (4)

All slots filled
Kaydence Ashby
Andrea Tuck
Madison Lewis
Bailei Hallmon

JV Cheer Tryout 10:35-10:40 (4)

2 of 4 slots filled
Shamona Ellis
Deja Jackson

JV Cheer Tryout 10:40-10:45 (4)

All slots filled
Seraiah Weston
Ranya Tawfeeq
Maranda Jackson
Amanda Rodriguez-Gonzalez
Amanda Rodriguez

JV Cheer Tryout 10:45-10:50 (4)

3 of 4 slots filled
Anailah Chang
Kaliyah Neason
Taelor Rudolph

JV Cheer Tryout 10:50-10:55 (4)

All slots filled
Yassire Harris
Dana Swilley
Morgan Pickeral
Antaneshia Elam

JV Cheer Tryout 10:55-11:00 (4)

All slots filled
Koraya Hayes
Kiara Hylton
Cydney Jordan
Jayla Bell

JV Cheer Tryout 11:00-11:05 (4)

All slots filled
Ti’Myah Lesley
Anoria Narcisse
Hanaan Abdul
Naniel St. John-Moore

9th grade Cheer Tryout 11:05-11:10 (4)

All slots filled
Laniya Davis
Very excited to try out for 2020 cheer.
Brie Littlefield
Naniel St. John-Moore
Marie Yanez

9th grade Cheer Tryout 11:10-11:15 (4)

All slots filled
Nyla Lowe
Sydney Williams
Aija Boutte
Kennedie Johnson

9th grade Cheer Tryout 11:15-11:20 (4)

All slots filled
Olivia Hinshaw
Trinity Blyden
Kali Young
Shanna Merchant

9th grade Cheer Tryout 11:20-11:25 (4)

All slots filled
Asia Joyce
So excited
Morgan Horsey
Tirzah Thomas
very excited
Makila Anthony
I’m happy!!!

9th grade Cheer Tryout 11:25-11:30 (4)

2 of 4 slots filled
Makila Anthony
Taylor Davis

9th grade Cheer Tryout 11:30-11:35 (4)

All slots filled
Whitley Carraway
Shanna Merchant
Jania Graves
Bailey Mitchom

9th grade Cheer Tryout 11:35-11:40 (4)

All slots filled
Shileah Spencer
McKenzie Tweed
Jewell Jenkins
Jayla Thornton
im so excited

9th grade Cheer Tryout 11:40-11:45 (4)

1 of 4 slots filled
Reyuna Nance

9th grade Cheer Tryout 11:45-11:50 (4)

3 of 4 slots filled
Kennedie Johnson
Camden Spiegel
Adreona Christmas

9th grade Cheer Tryout 11:50-11:55 (4)

All slots filled
Marcella Scott
Abigail Taylor
Jurnee Thomas
Teighlor Brown
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