Youth Group Christmas Bazaar

Donations for Youth Group meeting on 11/4

The Youth Group will meet on Sun 11/4 4:30 - 6:30 for a craft workshop to make various items to sell at the Christmas Bazaar. As you know, St. Mark's Annual Christmas Bazaar will be held on 12/1 (10-2) and 75% of the proceeds go directly to our youth program.  Your donations and participation (kids, adults and friends too!) are needed to help make the following items, No crafting experience needed!:

Decorate Gingerbread houses

Create Candy trains

Make Caramel Sauce and Hot Fudge Sauce

Make Dog Bone wreaths

Bake chocolate chip cookies

Decorate Hershey's bars 

Fill jars full of treats to sell at the Jar Table at the bazaar 

Let's get together and get into the Christmas spirit (there will be Christmas music playing in the background :-) and help to make the Christmas Bazaar a success! 

Date: 11/04/2018 (Sun.)

Time: 4:30pm - 6:30pm EST

Location: St. Mark's Church Parish Hall

Created by:   Dana McCluskey

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Gingerbread house kit
Hershey Chocolate Bars (3) - Large bars, 6 to a pack
  All slots filled
Laura Pelliccio (3)
Boxes of medium sized dog bone treats (4) - Milk-Bone brand
  All slots filled
Melissa LaBelle
Dani Beauchesne (3)
Roll of blue "Winter decorated" ribbon - Wide ribbon with wire edge
24 oz Mason Jars (for caramel and fudge sauce) - 1 box with 12 jars, Find at grocery store
Nick, Nicole Tolan
Jars and Lids of different sizes (to fill with goodies for Jar Table) - Ex spaghetti jars, rinsed and cleaned
  23 slots filled - more available
Melissa LaBelle
at least 15 jars/lids
Kristin Romine (14)
Dana McCluskey (4)
Dana McCluskey (4)
Some bags of candy
Fillers for Jars - Ex: Bags of candy, stickers, pretzels, small games, decks of cards - anything that can fit into a jar!
  7 slots filled - more available
Ashlyn Murray (2)
Melissa LaBelle (3)
candies and colored paper clips and stickers
Nick, Nicole Tolan
Kristin Romine
Some candies
Rolls of Christmas ribbon (6) - 1/4 inch wide
  All slots filled
Michele Hart (4)
Amanda Csank (2)
Candy to make trains or sleighs - Packs of Gum, Mini Hershey bars, candy canes, mini chocolate Santas, Lifesavers, Rollos, peppermint round candies, Hershey Kisses, Starburst
  8 slots filled - more available
Dana McCluskey (2)
Rollos, peppermints for wheels
Kristin Romine (3)
Red and green peppermint candies and fun size hersheys
Melissa LaBelle (3)
lifesavers, caramel squares and hershey kisses
Glue guns (5)
  All slots filled
Dana McCluskey
Laura Pelliccio
Nick, Nicole Tolan (2)
Michele Hart
Pizza (6) - Bring for 5:30, check this Sign Up for total rsvp'd
  3 of 6 slots filled
Diane Root
Dana McCluskey (2)
Amanda Csank to bring
Quart of Half & Half (2) - To make caramel and fudge sauces
  All slots filled
Michele Hart (2)
Coco powder - one canister
Kristin Romine
Butter - box of 4 sticks (3)
  All slots filled
Kevin Sullivan (3)
Package of Semi sweet chocolate chips (2)
  All slots filled
Laura Pelliccio (2)
Box of brown sugar
Dana McCluskey
Responses:     Yes: 10     No: 3     Maybe: 0     No Response: 31

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 22     Maybe: 0

YES (10) -  

Kevin Sullivan (2 guests)

Diane Root (2 guests)
Diane and Steph

Kristin Romine (1 guest)

Amanda Csank (2 guests)

Michele Hart (3 guests)

Nick, Nicole Tolan (2 guests)

Melissa LaBelle (3 guests)
might be late as we are celebrating my dad's 75th birthday that day. We will try to come (may be late).

Laura Pelliccio (2 guests)

Dana McCluskey (3 guests)

Ashlyn Murray (2 guests)

NO (3) +