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OLA Outreach for Coronavirus

Dear OLA Volunteer,

OLA wants to stay connected with our Parishioners needing assistance during this Coronavirus shelter-in-place time.  God bless you for volunteering to help.  If you have any questions, please contact Laura Elmore at (650) 796-2185.  

There are three tangible ways OLA Volunteers can assist:  1) Meals, 2) Essential Supplies, and 3) Other - all outlined below.  The OLA Rectory Staff will be the central communication point for our Volunteers.   When a need arises they will email (preferred) or call you and then provide the parishioner name, address, phone and specific task of:  

1.  Meal Drop off:  Prepare and drop off a simple entree at the doorstep (no contact) of an OLA Parishoner.
2.  Essential Supply Drop Off:  Go to the store or purchase on-line an essential item(s) and have it dropped at the doorstep (no contact) of an OLA Parishioner.  You may make arrangements with the OLA Parishioner for reimbursement. 
3.  Other:  Let us know about other areas you may be willing assistance:  e.g. RN, teach Seniors how to purchase supplies on-line, talk to the distressed or homebound, etc.  

Click on the signupgenius below, selecting one or both of these volunteer roles.  Note:  The date next to volunteer area is just the starting day, and this will continue during the shelter-in-place. 

This situation is evolving rapidly, and our intent is to build up a volunteer base as needs may expand.  In the early stages, requests may be light, but we want to be prepared for the future if needs escalate.  Remember..........we are Easter people and we are the Body of Christ.  So thank you for being Jesus' arms and legs and serving others during this challenging time.  
May God richly bless you.

Father Michael Mahoney, OLA Rectory Staff and OLA Outreach Team

p.s.  We are now Live-streaming daily Mass at OLA, which may include general announcements.  https://www.ola.community/parish/live-stream-of-daily-and-weekend-masses.

Date: 06/07/2020 (Sun.)

Created by:   Our Lady of Angels
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Prepare and Drop off a Meal

Cook a meal and drop off at Parishioner home (personal contact). Call them and let them know it has arrived

06/07/2020 (Sun.)

16 slots filled - more available
Fr. James Stump
John Glang
Pam Crampton
Stajonne Montalvo
Dina DeRanieri
Lori Catalano
Kelly Kockos (4)
Happy to help whenever needed
Eva Blanpied
Patty Gilmartin
Susan Peloquin
Kathy Flynn
Margy Lico
Amy Bick

Procure and Drop off an Essential Supply

Purchase on-line or at store a specific item for Parishioner. Drop off at Parishioner's doorstep. Call them to let them know item(s) has arrived.

06/07/2020 (Sun.)

32 slots filled - more available
MarĂ­a Ribera
Fr. James Stump
Pat Stecher
John Glang
Stajonne Montalvo
Lori Catalano
Greg Regan
Debbie DeMera
Marg Mccaffery
Elizabeth Turk
Sarah Jorgensen
Alice Berry
Jackie Morris
Eva Blanpied
Angela Vereau
Tory Cacciato
Daniel Whelan (5)
Change ceiling lights and smoke detector battery
Karen McGee
Amy Bick
Kathy Flynn
Michael Turzanski
Meave Ward
Dona Edlund
Margy Lico
Ted McMahon
Amy Bick
Lindsay Terry-Lloyd
marilyn Norton


Please tell the Rectory your area of assistance, e.g. Teach others to order on-line

06/07/2020 (Sun.)

24 slots filled - more available
Sandy DeVincenzi
Patti Gilmartin
Lindsay Terry-Lloyd
Margaret McCafferey
Cynthia Al-Jamea
Teach people to order on-line
Patti Merrigan
Michael Donovan
Manage Live Streaming of Daily Mass
Carey Welsh
Marilyn Norton
Check in with her homebound
Jackie Donaho
Kathy Holmes
Provide meals and/or essentials to 5 persons on her list
Laura Elmore
Provide meals/essentials to 5 people on her list
Kelli Benz
Contact Seniors and assist with their needs
Nicole Lewis
Valerie Heckert (2)
Talk with distressed or homebound
Jackie Morris
Call with distressed or homebound
Eva Blanpied
Jeff Bordin
Household operational support
Angela Vereau
Phone calls and teach how to order online
Karen McGee
Theresa Webb
Daniel Whelan
marilyn Norton
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