Fr. Joe's Farewell Party

As Fr. Joe begins a new chapter in his life, let's celebrate his work and honor his contributions to the Casa community. A farewell reception will be held in the Franciscan Renewal Center Community Life Center on Sunday June 20 at noon-2PM or Thursday June 24 at 6-8PM. Enjoy a short program followed by Fr. Joe's favorite picnic fare.


For a gift to Fr Joe, please consider a donation toward his sabbatical expenses or a scholarship for Franciscan School of Theology seminarians. Visit thecasa.org/donate ( scroll down to special collections). Cards and gifts may also be mailed to Fr Joe Schwab,OFM, 5802 E. Lincoln Dr. Scottsdale, AZ 85253

Questions? Call Gwendolyn at 480.355.5630


Location: Community Life Center

Created by:   Franciscan Renewal Center
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(Sun. 12:00pm - 2:00pm)

Sunday Celebration 6/20/2021 (161)

158 of 161 slots filled
Rosemarie LeClercq
Marilyn Burbach
I love and appreciate what Father Joe has done for the Casa Community
Jeff & Mary Ehret (2)
Marie and Paul Burgess (2)
Maryellen Grebin (2)
Judy Zene
Looking forward to this
Kathleen Garast
Kathleen Garast
Mary Zahn
Terri Mansfield (2)
Brenda Curry
Rose Marie Stremel
Gena Aslanian (2)
Carol James
Barbara Castro
Hello Goodbye
Dale & Lorrie Brown (2)
We'll miss Fr. Joe!
Kathleen Munding
William Cittadino
Jan Osolnick (2)
Margaret Snider
Sherrie Grant (2)
Fr. Joe you have worn many hats while and have been Gods instrument in welcoming everyone to this place. You will be missed.
Arlene Davidson
Judy Mori
Looking forward to see you at the pilgrimage
Sean Durkin
I look forward to our celebration
Therese & Richard Kimberly (2)
We will miss Father Joe.
Stan & Mary Schloz (2)
Al & Mary Meinz (4)
Hope to be there
Marvin Brown (2)
Pauline Bailey
Susan Pitts
Michael Schwab (3)
Kristine DiTullio
Annie and David Neroda (2)
Marie Nate Ausberry (2)
Fr. Joe your wonderful warm smile will be missed.
Barbara & Dave Harmon
Phyllis Peszek
Diane Catlin (2)
Chuck & Diane Catlin
Toni C Santulli
Cathy Perez
You will be missed! God Bless You!
Gloria Myers (2)
Barb Prenovost
Pam Shipp
Jeff & Betty Dean (2)
Sylvia Martinez
cecil villanueva
Kay Wendell
Marti Seidensticker
Bill & Marianne Graff (2)
Thanks, Fr. Joe for wonderful homilies and so much more.
Betty Gene Holler (2)
Kate Ward
Wendy Kim (3)
Bruce Abney (3)
Josephine Abney and Vina Wilson will join
Elizabeth Marietti
Carole Whittaker
Melinda Berger
Patty Hunn
Diane And Mary Pfeiffer And Murphy (2)
Susan Doherty
Linda and Frank Gruber (2)
Gene and Mary Wojtyna
Joan and Bob Dupnik
Marge Woods
Joani Abrams
Diane Pfeiffer
Mary Murphy
Jeanette Rajansky
Tom and Pam Billard
Ryan Sheade (4)
Sheade Clan
Anne & Sal Palazzo (2)
Holly Pickrell (2)
David Katzin
Karen Gilchrist
Karen will be with Marge Woods
Chuck Woods
Chuck will be with Marge Woods
Chloec Leibowitz (2)
Barbara Wintergalen
Wanda Monaghan
Therese Sain (2)
Ann Kramer (2)
Suzanne Hanson
Marlene Mirabelli
JoJean Meek
Mary Esther Stewart
Joseph Buckley (2)
Richard & Barbara McGuire (2)
Chris Krause
Carol Sanger
Pam Bork (2)
Marian Sheehan
Blessings on your path................
Krystyna Bethell (2)
Carol Mulvaney
JoJean Meek
Ann Naddeo
Kathleen Skelly
Suzi Heidbreder
Odi Jansen
Linda Bell
Christine Craft
Sharon Fabian
Richard Beardsley (2)
Kyle Porter
We will miss you, Fr Joe
Barbara Pineda
Ruth Murphy
Bishop Eduardo Nevares
Bishop Thomas Olmsted
Alicia Mykata
Sue Putzier
Barbara Stricker
Buzz Slavin
Elizbeth Colman
Deb Kozina
Cynthia Witting
John Manier
Roy Mazzola
Donna Bird
(Thu. 6:00pm - 8:00pm)

Thursday Celebration 6/24/2021 (150)

149 of 150 slots filled
Patricia Lee
Donna Kinzie (4)
The Kinzie family is looking forward to celebrating Fr. Joe!
Jim and Mary Ann Cook (2)
We look forward to celebrating this special occasion!
Dave & Karen Martin (2)
We are glad we can gather to celebrate you!
Beth Koehnemann
Roger Nelson (3)
We wouldn’t miss Joe’s Farewell party. Good friend and Friar
Margie Camacho (2)
Margie and Frank Camacho are looking forward to letting Fr Joe know how much he means to us.
Sam Rogers (2)
Jane/Harry Tate (2)
Ann Magee Mulroy
Will miss your wisdom and insights. :)
Bobbe vidulich
Maureen and Dolf Strom (2)
Susie & Bill Sisco (2)
Don Petersen (2)
John Reyno (4)
Claude & Carol Czekaj (2)
Sarah & Gili Carranza (2)
We are excited to celebrate you, Father Joe!
Sarah Lavelle (2)
To celebrate new beginnings!
Debbie Stoppa (2)
Kathi Sekara
Soccoro Jones (3)
Socorro,David Paul
Sue Force
Colleen Rogers
Julie Hassett
Lynn Mizzi Brysacz (2)
Ray & Judi Erlandsen (2)
Wouldn't mmiss an opportunity to celebrate Fr. Joe!
Douglas Olesen
Catherine Olesen
Henry Bried
Paul L Schnur
Barbara Schnur
Victoria Celaya
Rick Norris
Mary Havlik
Sherry and Tom Knowles (2)
Brian Force
Lloyd Farley (2)
Tom and JoAnne McNamara
Bob Crawford (2)
Virginia Mullins (2)
Sharon Taszarek
Patricia Overmyer
This is a nice opportunity to say thank you to Fr Joe
Steve Hempelman
Chrissy Hempelman
Mary & Larry Manross (2)
Donna Hatfield
Mary P
Mary Lemionet
Jorge and America Alandia
Tish Hutchinson (2)
Mardelle Mikus Toni Minarich (2)
Catherine Galle (2)
Will bring my mother to say goodbye to Father Joe
Maggie Henderson
Happy trails. I hope they lead you back to us someday.
James Mobley (2)
Frank-Kate Tonis (2)
Rachel Oesterle
Tom Vess (2)
Jack Toth
Marianne Gouveia (3)
Patty Tafolla (2)
Diane Shevlin
Alanna Mack (2)
Happy to join the farewell party!
Emmett & Ingrid O'Grady (2)
Joseph Manning (3)
Stephanie Johnston (2)
Delighted to be with you, Joe
Joann Griesser
Michael Stephan (2)
Chris, Tom, Ryan, Jesse Benscoter (4)
Kathleen Skelly
Lucia Del Vecchio
Jeffrey Braccia
Kevin Lee
Theresa Ratti
Congratulations Fr. Joe. Enjoy your research trips.
Nancy Contadino (2)
Dan And Agnes Taylor (2)
Virginia Balogh
Maria Lewis
Ellen Sherman (2)
Dave and Laurie Flitner
Laura Libertore
Pat & Rosemary Kennedy (2)
Gary Utriainen (2)
Joanne/Neil Brown’s/ (2)
Patti Sills-Trausch
Gloria Pulido
Well done, good and faithful servant of our Lord! You are worthy and deserving of a joyful sabbatical.
Steve & Ruth Holms (2)
Gianna Johnston (2)
Susan Bolton (2)
Barbara Kammerzell
Jeffrey Gagen (2)
Need to cancel 6/20
Geraldine “Mac” McGartland
John Zemblidge
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