Montgomery County Foster Care Christmas Party

Jingle Bell Christmas Party for Kids and Teens in Foster Care

Date: 12/15/2018 (Sat.)

Time: 11:00am - 2:30pm CST

Created by:   Margaret Martin
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Available Slot

Set Up 9:00-11:00 (10)

All slots filled
Chelsy Moreland (6)
Noel Jaco
Sandy Mahler
Meredith Wedin
Allison Conner

Registration 10:20 - 1:00 (6)

All slots filled
Julie Davis
Yolonda Brown (2)
Tabitha Yargo
Gwen Box
Denise Elie

Snow 10:45-2:30 (8)

6 of 8 slots filled
Chelsy Moreland (3)
Susan Olver (2)
Cheryl Baehr
I will have 11 yr old granddaughter to help

Arts and Crafts kids 10:50-2:30 (10)

All slots filled
Alana Valentine
Alicia Waits
Volunteering with my 7yo son
Chelsy Moreland (2)
Natalie Teltow
will have my 3 school-aged helpers
Noel Jaco
Dana Ritchie
With my 2 boys
Melinda Lehmann
Vicki Lacy
Allison Conner

Arts and Crafts teens 10:50-2:30 (4)

All slots filled
Rachel Moran
Kristina Patterson
Lisa Richardson
Nikolas Norwood

Family Shadows 10:50-2:30 (17)

You will be paired with a Foster Family to help them through the activities when they have several children

All slots filled
Kalee Clissold
Elizabeth Chappell
I’llHave my kids with me!
Natalie Teltow
Natalie or Wayne Teltow
Megan Killion
I will have my husband and children with me to help
Dove Harrell
Karen Cahill
Susan Olver (10)
Nancy Ayre

Table Host 10:50-2:30 (15)

Help families find open seating for lunch as well as help clear the tables after families finish eating. Additionally, you will help keep up with the trash and take it to the dumpster.

14 of 15 slots filled
Janelle Willroth (2)
Samantha St. Clair
Amy Neugebauer (2)
I am bringing my audlt friend Susan Knaup to help!
Mary Benning
Patty Alvarado
Adriana Flower
Pam Crawford
Margarita Cerbellon
Pamela FAirchild
Charlotte Tabarini
Dona Angell
Wendy Williams

Petting Zoo 10:50-2:30 (5)

All slots filled
Chelsy Moreland (2)
Marcia Mcconnell
BGC via Love Fosters Hope.
Jason Miller
Esther Wandell

Face Painting kids 10:50-2:30 (10)

All slots filled
Chelsy Moreland (2)
Oana Botusan
Noel Jaco
Henny Bulten
Shetal Mentlewski
Kayla Barrientes
Rod Flower
Susan Olver (2)

Face Painting teens 10:50-2:30 (6)

All slots filled
Katie Gillespie
tarah cambron (3)
Tyler Sanchez
I don’t know what skill level is required of this but I’m super willing and love art
Olga Heinle
Unfortunately I will not be able to attend.

Area Safety Monitors 10:45-2:30 (8)

We need adults over 20 years old to serve in the teen area

All slots filled
Joe Martin
Tom Langkamp
Sarah Langkamp
brent chappell
Kimberly Moser
Patrici Dossett
Grant Boshart
Rebecca Ortega

Outdoor games in the teen area 10:50-2:30 (15)

We need adults over 20 years old to work with the teens. There will be basketball, volleyball, rock wall, and obstacle course

12 of 15 slots filled
David Fallin
Marie COlborn
Veronica Galvez Schulz
Patricia Virgil
Lauren Turnham
Ginger Brownfield
Doris Taylor
Marisa Matthews
Carol Bauer
Caryn Batson
Cecilia Mejlaender
Deneen Newman
I am volunteering the entire day.

Food 10:45-2:00 (8)

All slots filled
Nina Gomez
Theresa And Steve Garcia (2)
Myself and my husband
Toni Hyde
Linda Mallet
Erin Thomas
Phyllis Bell
Jackie Mouton

Cookie Decorating kids 10:45 -2:30 (6)

All slots filled
Jennifer Hunter
Volunteering with my 9 and 11 year old daughters
Emily McClain (2)
Volunteering with 10 and 11 year old daughters
Gwen Stroud
Shawn Creswell
Add 11 & 13 year old to help too
Chelsy Moreland

Cookie Decorating teens 10:50-2:30 (4)

All slots filled
Ann Pearson
Leticia Weathers
Kristi Hayes
Jet Hilton

Train 10:45-2:30 (3)

All slots filled
Shannon Russell
Louie Werderich
Yanet Jorge
I will take my 13 year old daughter and my 17year old neice

Photographer 10:45-2:30 (4)

Use polaroid-type camera (provided) to take instant picture of children when they visit Santa.

3 of 4 slots filled
Victoria Rodriguez
Dawn Norman
Will have 12 year old daughter with me
Wendy Williams
Emmalee Williams to assist

Photographer assistant 10:45-2:30 (4)

All slots filled
Michelle Schmal
Robin Werderich
Mindy Weathers (2)
I will have my husband and CASA, Brian Mullen, with me.

Ferris Wheel 10:50-2:30 (3)

2 of 3 slots filled
Susan Olver (2)

Greeters 10:30-1:00 (5)

All slots filled
Stormy Owen (2)
Myself & daughter 14 years of age
Mindy Cassard (3)
2 adults and 1 13 ur old

Rec Room Teens 10:45-2:30 (3)

Volunteers need to be over 20 for this area

All slots filled
Kelsey Stocker (2)
Charlie will be there too!
Sue Watkins

Special Games & Music Teens 10:45-2:30 (4)

For this volunteers need to be over 20. You will help the teens choose songs and coordinate with the DJ.

All slots filled
Monica Williams
Mayra Hauser (2)
Hector Arteaga will be with me
Malorie Davis
Chris will be with me.

Santa's Elves 10:45-2:30 (3)

You will help bring the children to see Santa

All slots filled
Meshonda Donaldson Womble
Tae Symons
I will be bringing my 4 and 6 year old sons.
Marilyn Martin

Clean up main campus area1:45 -3:30 (10)

All slots filled
Shannon Russell
I can help clean up after train duty
Eric Bauer
Keri DeValve
Michael & Sherita Thompson (2)
Should have our 15 & 13 yr old boys with us to help as well
Pam Byrne
Deneen Newman
Eryka Matias
Kristian Williams
Kyennea Robbins
1:30 is when ill arrive

Clean Up Teen area 1:45-3:30 (4)

All slots filled
Debra Schulte
Michele Nuckolls
Myself and my 10 year old.
Brandy Williams
Fran Querio

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