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Forest Hills

2021 Adults Only Welcome Back Party

Welcome Back!   Please join us to kick off another great summer at Forest Hills.  It has been a long and unpredictable year - but we are confident this summer will bring lots of pool time with friends, and a lot less of Sign Up Genius!!   Please sign up ASAP so we can begin to get a head count.  There will be a live band and appitizers provided.  BYOB - Bring a cooler with your own drinks - but remember NO glass containers!   For now, this party will be limited to adult members only.  There will be more details as we get closer to the event.

Date: 05/22/2021 (Sat.)

Time: 6:00pm - 11:00pm EDT

Created by:   Laura Dale

Will you be attending the event?
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Responses:     Yes: 76     No: 1     Maybe: 6    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 148     Maybe: 11

YES (76) -  

Jodi Forquer (2 guests)

Laurie Rothweil (2 guests)
Andy and Laurie

Sandra Carpenter (2 guests)
Brett & Sandra

Kyle Jansen (2 guests)

Debbie Walsh (1 guest)
Jim Walsh

Matt Herbster (2 guests)
Leigh & Matt

Melissa Kosiba (2 guests)

Kristie Bidlake (2 guests)

Liz Twaddle (2 guests)

Michael Findling (2 guests)

Lauren Sears (2 guests)
Charlie Johnson and Lauren Sears

Marci Hensley (2 guests)

Derek Putrus (2 guests)

Claire Harrington (1 guest)

Michael Groebe (2 guests)

Melissa Beattie (2 guests)

Tiffanie Ehrke (2 guests)

Alexandra Berry (2 guests)

Jen Gregg (2 guests)

David Derkevorkian (2 guests)

Purvi Arora (2 guests)

Kevin and Sandy O'Brien (2 guests)
Fingers crossed for warm weather.

Catherine Furlani (2 guests)

Jodie Kennedy (2 guests)

Andrea Long (2 guests)

Randall Cline (2 guests)

Lauri Lemire (2 guests)

Sarah Heath (2 guests)

Jen Tew (2 guests)

Jessica Allen (2 guests)

Katie Goetz (1 guest)

Jenny Oneill (2 guests)

Kathryn Brown (2 guests)

Kristen And Jon Ruud (2 guests)

Amy Bongiovanni (2 guests)

Carrie Kovach (2 guests)

Jenny Miller (2 guests)

Lauren And Phil Novack (2 guests)
Looking forward to it!

Pavan Mathew (2 guests)

Ann Liebler (2 guests)

Corie Anderson (2 guests)

marielle deighan (2 guests)
marielle & joe! looking forward to it!

Matt Maliszewski (2 guests)

Terry Hughes (2 guests)

Carley Nummer (1 guest)

Kristy Hassett (2 guests)

Lynn Forberg (2 guests)

Keri Guevara (2 guests)

Jessica Roth (2 guests)

Rita Tronel (2 guests)
Rita & Florian Tronel

Joe Cubera (2 guests)

Chris Walton (2 guests)

Starr Kincaid (2 guests)

Kelly Ringold (2 guests)

Brandon R (2 guests)

Brad Almonroeder (2 guests)

Brendan Harrington (2 guests)

Nanci Fearon (2 guests)

Lolonya Moore (2 guests)

Michelle Caram (2 guests)

Leslie & Erin Kilcoyne (2 guests)

Lisa Learman (2 guests)
Lisa and Zack Learman

Nada Nakhleh (2 guests)

Jennifer Braun (2 guests)

Linda Nori (2 guests)

Chrissy Nelson (2 guests)

Erin Moran (2 guests)

Nick Benacquisto (2 guests)

Marcus Skerske (2 guests)

Matt Hutchins (2 guests)

Paul Wheeler (2 guests)

Monica Pescarino (2 guests)

Laura Dale (1 guest)

Heidi Barnett (4 guests)
Looking forward to it!!!!

Sandra Wolff (1 guest)

Amy Louwers (2 guests)
David and I are looking forward to it!!!

NO (1) +  

MAYBE (6) +  

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