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Nutley School of Music Student Recital 

It's easy to sign up for recitals!

1.Let your teacher know you are interested in participating in the recital.

2.Pick song(s) to record.  Keep the performance time to under 5 min.

3.Sign up in your teacher’s section or “any teacher” section.

4.Practice songs and record your songs using a phone or camera.  Use landscape mode.

5.Send your video(s) in via “” or [email protected]. We will confirm when we receive your video(s).

6.Join Zoom on your recital date and time.  (Reminders and log in info will be sent to you prior to the recitals)


How to record the video(s)

- Make sure that the phone/camera is properly positioned so we can see your whole self and the instrument while you perform. Make sure you have good amount of light and you can be seen clearly. BE SURE TO RECORD ON LANDSCAPE MODE.

- Dress or suit/tie are encouraged but, not required.  You want to wear something nice but make sure you are comfortable in your outfit.

- Recording can be challenging and exhausting, so try not take more than three takes on one video and choose your favorite one. Remember to play the song all the way through once you start. You can record during your lesson time to make sure it sounds and looks good! You can also book a time over Zoom at a separate time to record with help from our staff.Time limit for your video(s) should be around 1-2 minutes per song and 3-4 minutes in total.  Longer videos are fine if your teacher approves.


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(Sun. 3:00pm - 6:00pm)
Zoom Meeting

Mr. Cristian (19)

10 of 19 slots filled
Joseph Scotto
Madison Scotto
Mark Rodriguez
Monica Rodriguez
Jackie Giraldo
Jackie Giraldo
Katrina Gonzalez-viyar
Marian Peacock
Dorothy Dipaolo
Guinevere Dipaolo
Kiki Arochas
Kiki Arochas
Yolanda Martinez
Isabella Garcia
Madeline Espinoza (2)

Ms. Alexa (4)

All slots filled
Elizabeth Brown
Aaron Brown
Richard Van Alstyne
Richard Van Alstyne
Christina Vourtsis
Nicholas Rouhana
Stephanie Webster
Elycia Cano
(Sun. 3:00pm - 6:00pm)

Ms. Aurora (17)

12 of 17 slots filled
Barbara Kimble
Sterling Kimble
Karissa Cetl
Karissa Cetl
Janina Lapczynski
Kaitlyn Lapczynski
Ayan Chandra
Ayan Chandra
Ramon Dela Pena (2)
Ethan and Eron
Heather Navratil
Owen Navratil
Cindy Romero
Amaya Romero
Marie Curi DeLuca
Micaela DeLuca
Marie Curi DeLuca
Leo DeLuca
Manuel Pastor
Karina Pastor
Margaret Faltas
Marco Faltas

Ms. Daniela (10)

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Gladys Ramos
Jacob N Flores
Annette Meth
Devorah Meth

Ms. Carol (10)


Mr. Eric (10)


Any teacher (5)

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Sheila Santos
Lily Santos
Rogue Vasquez Rios
Rogue Vasquez Rios
(Sun. 3:00pm - 6:00pm)

Ms. Daniela (16)

8 of 16 slots filled
Reya Shah
Irene Rosenthal
Noah Blank
Nicole DeNude
Benjamin DeNude
Joanne Horowitz
Sienna Horowitz
Aviva Arad
Danny Rotem
Soli Huey
Penelope Huey
Soli Huey
Amelia Huey
Elise Warshavsky
Alma Warshavsky

Ms. Ana (10)

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Gurpreet Kaur
Arlene Kaur

Ms. Stephanie (10)


Mr. Vinny (10)


Mr. Colby (10)

2 of 10 slots filled
Elise Warshavsky (2)
Arad Warshavsky, Lior Warshavsky
(Sun. 3:00pm - 6:00pm)

Ms. Jen (10)


Mr. Nelson (10)


Ms. Tamara (10)


Any teacher (5)

1 of 5 slots filled
Tamsin Yap
Anika Yap
(Sun. 3:00pm - 6:00pm)

Ms. Chrissy (10)


Mr. Tom (10)


Ms. Kyong (10)


Ms. Angie (10)


Any teacher (5)

1 of 5 slots filled
Rachel Sims
Julianna Sims
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