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Student Recital (pre-recorded video recital) 

Submit your video to [email protected] 

Nutley School of Music Student Virtual Recital

Every student at NSM is welcome to participate in recitals throughout the year with the teacher's recommendation. Please discuss with your teacher prior to signing up.



Awards and photos (screenshots) at the end of recital.

Please TEXT US 973-667-7155 if you have any questions.


A message to students!

Yay! You are invited to participate in our Virtual Recital!

Your teacher recommended you to join the Video Virtual Recital.

More good news!

  • No fee for this online recital.
  • Less performers for a shorter recital time. Only 30min or so.
  • No guest limit so invite lots of friends and family!
  • You and your guests can request a private and reserve a Zoom room after the recital.
  • No stage fright!

You should record a video of yourself playing one or two of your favorite songs you have learned recently. We will hold watch parties on Zoom in June/July organized by the teacher to share the videos and cheer each other on. Each recital will feature about 8 students and will be about 30 minutes in duration.


Guidelines for Video Submissions for students.

- Introduce yourself and name the song you will be performing:“Hello my name is - First Name - and I will play - Title of song.”If you are shy, you can write your song title on a piece of paper and hold it up to the camera to record just before you begin your song.

- If you play more than one song, make a separate video for each song. Don't hav eto say your name again on the 2ns song. 

- Make sure that the phone/camera is properly positioned so we can see your whole self and the instrument while you perform. Make sure you have good amount of light and you can be seen clearly.

- Dress or suit/tie are encouraged but, not required.  You want to wear something nice but make sure you are comfortable in your outfit.

- Recording can be challenging and exhausting, so try not take more than three takes on one video and choose your favorite one. Remember to play the song all the way through once you start. You can record during your lesson time to make sure it sounds and looks good! You can also book a time over Zoom at a separate time to record with help from our staff.Time limit for your video(s) should be around 1-2 minutes per song and 3-4 minutes in total.  Longer videos are fine if your teacher approves.

- Submit your video(s) to the Nutley School of Music office e-mail: [email protected]

- Be sure to put your full name and the title of the piece on the subject line of the email.


What to do prior to the recital.

- Go to Sign up Genius website to reserve your day and time. Make sure you submit the performer’s name on the sign up.

- Submit the videos 2 weeks before the recital day.

- We are going to have a medal reserved for you to pick up at our 213 Darling location at a designated day/time.  Please keep it a surprise if you can. Designate someone to present the medal to the performer in advance.

- Invite your guests from anywhere in the world to watch this special recital with us.

- Log in to Zoom on your virtual recital day and time.  Sit back and enjoy the show!

Please discuss with your teacher...

Your song titles, Video submission deadline, Date and time of your teacher’s recital sections:


What’s going to happen on the day of the recital.

- We will have a faculty/staff member MC the recital.

- The videos will be played. The audience will be muted during the performance.

- After the last video, we will acknowledge each of our performers separately.

- Someone in the family should put the medal on the performer as we call out their name.

- After that, we will take a screen shot of the zoom screen for our keepsake. 

- That's it!  Thank you!!!

Location: Zoom Meeting

Created by:   Nutley School of Music
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Time (EDT) Available Slot
07/12/2020 (Sun.) 4:00pm - 4:45pm  

Any Instrument / Any teacher (10)

Teachers are not required to join

6 of 10 slots filled
Florence Daniel
Rithik Venu
Larissa Raven
Emerson Morales
Larissa Raven
Mikaela Morales
Lorell Sibello
Jake Bing
Darshana Guzraty
Ishan Guzraty
Darshana Guzraty
Vihan Guzraty
5:00pm - 5:45pm  

Adults (ages 18 +) all instruments (10)

4 of 10 slots filled
Kiki Arochas
Kiki Arochas
Krystian Denise Gabin
Krystian Denise Gabin
Josh Leibowitz
Josh Leibowitz
Gina Miele
Gina Miele
08/30/2020 (Sun.) 4:00pm - 4:45pm  

Any Instrument / Any teacher (10)

Teachers are not required to join

6 of 10 slots filled
Tamsin Yap
Anika Yap
Amy Chullanandana
Alexis Fontanilla
Amy Chullanandana
Matthew Fontanilla
Melissa Gregory
Melanie Robinson
Namalei Mutucumaranara
Kenzie Mutucumaranara
Karina Guevara
Alexis Guevara
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