Who needs Shabbat? You do!

Join Nafshenu as we bring in Shabbat with music, spirituality, and study. Services begin at 6 and our potluck dinner follows. All are welcome, especially the unaffiliated, disillusioned, and disconnected. 

Date: 05/17/2019 (Fri.)

Time: 6:00pm - 9:00pm EDT

Location: Prince of Peace Church, 61 E. Route 70, Marlton, NJ

Created by:   Shera Goldstein

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Main Entree (4)
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Alan Goldsmith (4)
I’m bringing Mexican Grilled Chicken with rice . And some Turkey Meatballs with Marinara Sauce .
Side Dish (4)
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Lisa Lichtman
Eggsalad with bread option
Deb Ferguson
Gary Goldberg (2)
Humus & white fish salad
Salad (3)
  2 of 3 slots filled
Lisa Lichtman
Green salad/possibly cesaer
Shera Goldstein
Fruit salad
Dessert (4)
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Alan Goldsmith (4)
I’ll make some Mandelbrot Cookies too .
Beverages (5)
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matt molotsky (5)
im leaving early
Challah (2)
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Howard Lewis
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matt molotsky (2 adults, 1 child)

Shera Goldstein (1 adult, 2 children)

Howard Lewis (2 adults)

Gary Goldberg (1 adult)
I’m bringing Humus and white fish salad for tonight

Deb Ferguson (1 adult, 1 child)

Lisa Lichtman (1 adult)

Lynne Newman (1 adult)

Alan Goldsmith (3 adults)