PTA Field Day

Field Day 2019 - Tuesday June 25th

This year's Field Day theme is Harry Potter.  Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. Thank you!


We are still working on a map where each station will be, so feel free to sign up now and we will let you know where we need you the day of.  Also, please arrive at the school no later than 12:50 pm on the 25th.  If you have any questions, feel free to email me



Created by:   Stacey Field
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Available Slot

Adventurous Hot Shot (4)

Basketball Shoot Around

All slots filled
April Chan
Mark Abel
Monica Abel
Zach Tuiasosopo

Mr. Potter Climb (2)

Climbing Wall

All slots filled
Dawn Barrett
Jason Merrill

Aim To Hit Professor Snape (2)

Aim and Throw to Target

All slots filled
Caleb Martin
Dyona Martin

Blibbering Hundinger DJ Booth



T Shirt Signing

Supervising T Shirt Signing

Amanda Enright-Nguyen

Dobby's Sock Toss (2)

Aim throw at target

All slots filled
Nick and Diane LaCaze (2)

Wiz Doc Potato Sack Race (2)

Potato Sack Race

1 of 2 slots filled
Barbara Mallard

Draw your Fav Harry Potter Scene

Sidewalk Chalk

Cami Carris

Play Like a Gryffindor Play Quidditch (4)

Spike Ball

All slots filled
Jenny McFadden
Jim Bofinger
TJ Kauzlarich

Giant Scoring Rings Station (2)

Aim and throw at target

All slots filled
Erin/Jess Bombacie
Curt Hamilton

Engorio Parachute Challenge (2)


All slots filled
Derek Smith
Dawnelle Renfro

Sore like an Owl or Skis Challenge (2)

Buddy Walkers Race

All slots filled
Jennifer Rinker
Wendy Bateman

Potter Town Free Play

Free Play at Playground

Craig McGoran

Morning Myrtle 3 Legged Race (2)

All slots filled
Manda Purcell
Shelley Vessey

Magic Wand Spin and Run (2)

All slots filled
Katy Wilson
Sarah Ennis

Hogwarts Mystery River Run (2)


All slots filled
Jenny Kuspert
Todd Kuspert

Legilimens Rock, Paper Scissors Challenge (2)

Hopping Hula Hoop Challenge

All slots filled
Michelle Myre
Caryn Colton

Jam City 50 yard dash (2)

All slots filled
Sarah Clay
Oscar Myre
Go Eagles

Harry vs Draco Malfoy Tug o War (4)

All slots filled
Jacques Woodcock
Scott Mallard
Dave Szakelyhidi
Kevin Peterson

Volleyball "Keep It Up" Game (2)

All slots filled
Tarena Shanaberger
Rebecca Roper

First Aid Station / Buddy Finder Station

school nurse will also be here

Heather Heiter

Minute to Win It - Quid Ball (2)

small table game


Minute to Win It - Block Head Spell Challenge (2)

small table game


Minute to Win It - Table Quidditch (2)

small table game


Minute to Win It - Don't Drop the Dragon Egg (2)

small table game

All slots filled
Jennifer Waite
Jason Ament

Minute to Win It - Hagrid Stack Attack (2)

small table game


Hula Hoop (2)

timing hula contest

All slots filled
Melanie Faehnrich
Stephanie Lewis

Jump Rope (2)

timing jump rope contest

All slots filled
Makisha Norwick
Amy Pollutro

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