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Linwood Covenant Church

10/18/2020 Worship

Please RSVP to your preferred service. Keep in mind that Children's Worship will be available SECOND SERVICE only — but, of course, kids are welcome at each service! 

If you are signing up to sit with a close friend/another family that you have regular interaction with outside of Sunday services (ie life groups, social gatherings, etc), please have only ONE member of that party respond with the total number and indicate the families/people sitting together in the comments of your RSVP. 

Also, we'd appreciate if you would take the time to review the attached document which includes protocol practiced during Sunday morning services. You will also receive an e-mail Saturday that will go into more detail as to how the morning will proceed under all the new COVID-induced practices. We know... SO MUCH INFORMATION — but we promise it's all to keep you safe and to ensure our services in person can continue! We are so thankful for your understanding and flexibility in this.

We are so excited you have chosen to come join us to worship! We can't wait to see you!

Date: 10/18/2020 (Sun.)

Time: 8:45am - 10:30am CDT

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Created by:   Wanda Spading

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8:45 Service Reservation (120)
  51 of 120 slots filled
Steve Ralph (2)
Working computer booth, Lori attending service
Judy Steven (2)
Anita Ostercamp (4)
John Olson (2)
Anne Arnstrom (2)
Rich Gabrick (2)
Dan Nelson (2)
Dean Buske (2)
Dave Engen (2)
Rene Schroeder (2)
Muriel Paulson (4)
Corliss Vadner (2)
Terri Gunderson
Rachel Hart
Brent Howe (2)
Kathy Genser (2)
Frank Drown (2)
Steve Howard (2)
Mike Jenson
Warren Schave (2)
Randy Tetzlaff (3)
Daniel Johnson (2)
Sasha Bengtson
Corinne Nygren (2)
Meg Reedy (2)
10:30 Service Reservation (120)
  47 of 120 slots filled
Rachel Hart
Steve Ralph
Working computer booth
Dave Ostercamp
Marlys Terry (2)
Wanda Spading (2)
Kent Gulbrandson (3)
Pat Daninger (3)
Rowena Lund
Rick Gunderson
Sharon Johnson (2)
Judy Solem (2)
Laura Potopa (2)
Stacy Bauer (4)
Terri Gunderson
Barb Pilla (2)
Lori Skoglund
I will be out of town this weekend. Have a great weekend!
Beka Danielson (2)
Tara And Blair Posegate (4)
Renee Erickson
Susan O'Brien (4)
Ruth Poff (2)
Melvin & Lucy Pfaffendorf (2)
Joe Sokierka
Alissa Ralph (2)
Next to lori ralph please
Responses:     Yes: 48     No: 2     Maybe: 1    

Adult Guests:    Confirmed: 96     Maybe: 2

Child Guests:    Confirmed: 9     Maybe: 0

YES (48) -  

Alissa Ralph (2 adults)

Meg Reedy (2 adults)

Joe Sokierka (1 adult)

Melvin & Lucy Pfaffendorf (2 adults)

Corinne Nygren (2 adults)

Susan O'Brien (2 adults, 2 children)

Renee Erickson (1 adult)

Tara And Blair Posegate (2 adults, 2 children)

Sasha Bengtson (1 adult)

Tena Oswell (2 adults, 2 children)

Randy Tetzlaff (3 adults)

Beka Danielson (2 adults)

Warren Schave (2 adults)

Mike Jenson (3 adults)

Barb Pilla (2 adults)
10:30 service. Available to usher.

Steve Howard (2 adults)

Terri Gunderson (1 adult)

Stacy Bauer (2 adults, 2 children)

Kermit Wellman (4 adults)
Wellman and Stoolmans

Frank Drown (2 adults)
Early 845 service

Kathy Genser (2 adults)

Laura Potopa (1 adult, 1 child)

Neil McLouth (2 adults)
First service

Brent Howe (2 adults)

Rachel Hart (1 adult)

Corliss Vadner (2 adults)

Judy Solem (2 adults)

Sharon Johnson (2 adults)

Rick Gunderson (2 adults)

Muriel Paulson (4 adults)
Marce, Muriel, Glenda, Dorothy

Rowena Lund (1 adult)

Rene Schroeder (2 adults)

Dave Engen (2 adults)

Dean Buske (2 adults)

Pat Daninger (3 adults)

Dan Nelson (2 adults)

Rich Gabrick (2 adults)

Anne Arnstrom (2 adults)

Kent Gulbrandson (3 adults)

Wanda Spading (2 adults)

John Olson (2 adults)

Marlys Terry (2 adults)

Dave Ostercamp (1 adult)

Anita Ostercamp (4 adults)

Judy Steven (2 adults)

Steve Ralph (2 adults)

Rachel Hart (1 adult)

Terri Gunderson (1 adult)

NO (2) +  

MAYBE (1) +  

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