Church Leaders

2018 Learning Event & Charge Conference

This year's learning event, "Marks of a Methodist", will be led by Bishop Farr.

We will vote on charge conference forms at the start of this event.

October 27, 2018
9:30am - 11:30am
Wentzville UMC

725 Wall St.
Wentzville, MO 63385


October 28, 2018
2:30pm - 4:30pm
Centenary UMC (Bonne Terre)

20 Park Ave.
Bonne Terre, MO 63628

Created by:  Becky Hoener
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy CST) Location Available Slot
(Sat. 9:30am - 11:30am)
Wentzville UMC 

Asbury/Makin Memorial (14)

All slots filled
  Paul Catterton (14)
There are 13 representatives other than the pastor that would like to attend. Please let us know if that is possible, there would then be a total of 14 for Asbury & Makin

Bellflower (5)

All slots filled
  Carolyn Hoffmann
  Daryl McCollum
  Marti Sandersn
  Steve Sanderson
  Connie McCollum

Bethel (4)


Buell (2)


Centennial (Elsberry) (2)

All slots filled
  Brenda Cockrell (2)

College (15)

7 of 15 slots filled
  Eric Moore (7)
Will know by end of Tuesday Oct 23 if there are additional commitments from folks able to attend.

Cornerstone (20)

17 of 20 slots filled
  Bruce Willson
  Mike Gillen
  Lavon Gilliland
  Mike Cochran
  Carolee Patek
  Pat Moore
  Tim Bright
  Deborah Meyer
  carol weaver
  Stacy McGlasson
  Carina McGlasson
  Brandon Salter
  Maureen Albrecht
  Jon Woodrum
  Jim Todd
  Mike Potts
  Greg Evans

Elsberry (12)

5 of 12 slots filled
  Floyd Gudde (5)
5 ready to attend

Faith (St. Charles) (12)

10 of 12 slots filled
  Gina Walbridge
  Karen Smith
  Kathy Alsdorf
  Susanne Losche
  Linda Pagel
  LuAnn Connor (2)
  Donna Bobb
  Nancy Laufer
  Steve Hagler

First UMPC (Montgomery City) (12)

3 of 12 slots filled
  Edward Hankinson (3)

Hermann/Rosebud (10)

7 of 10 slots filled
  Debbie Robbins (7)
Hermann 4;Rosebud 3

Jonesburg/Pendleton/Wellsville (8)

All slots filled
  Dawn Gerard
  Rob Gerard
  Dawn Gerard (6)

Middletown (4)


Mineola (3)

All slots filled
  Kenneth Cleeton (3)
There will Be 3 attending

Moscow Mills/Old Alexandria (8)

6 of 8 slots filled
  Mark Spence (4)
  Margaret Eversmeyer
  Sandy Bergesch

New Florence/Big Spring (4)

2 of 4 slots filled
  kim boone
  William Horn

Olney (4)

All slots filled
  Jack Ramsey (4)

Shiloh/Pleasant Hill (10)

All slots filled
  Jan Null
  Janet Null
  Glenn Parker
  Charlie Moore
  Joan Powlishta
  Marilyn Bieber
  Martha Garrett
  Pam Zutter-Brock
  Christiane Batjer
  Mary Garner

Smith Chapel (3)

1 of 3 slots filled
  Abby Hall

Smith Creek/Central Grove (6)

4 of 6 slots filled
  Patty Schroeder
  Monroe Jeffries
  Rick Poe
  Darlene Poe

St. Stephen (Troy) (20)

18 of 20 slots filled
  Sally Krueger
  Dianne Cochran
  Aline Taylor
  Samantha Kelly
  Marg Wheeler
  Pat Hillin
  Bill O'Neal
  Dawn O'Neal
  Grace O'Neal
  Leo Pagano
  Faye Pavelka
  Lori Kirby
  Larry Kirby
  katie Synor
  Jeanne Land
  Judy Hill
  Hannah Bobeen
  Jerry Hillin

The Way (20)

All slots filled
  Amy Rever (20)
We will have 20 people attend from The Way.

Wentzville (20)

18 of 20 slots filled
  Mark Dumas (18)
church council members and other church members

Wesley (Troy) (6)

All slots filled
  Henry Brewer
  Donna Mathews (5)

Wesley-Smith Chapel (6)

4 of 6 slots filled
  Maury Clay
  Walter Tucker
  Geri Bernard-Tucker
  Barbara Love

New Hope/Woollam (8)

1 of 8 slots filled
  Mary Ellen Hall


2 slots filled - more available
  Sue Cobb
  Janet Moran
(Sun. 2:30pm - 4:30pm)
Centenary UMC (Bonne Terre) 

Belgrade (10)

5 of 10 slots filled
  Janice Dillard (5)

Caledonia/Bismarck (8)

7 of 8 slots filled
  John Robinson III
  Rick Lasley
  Cindy Sadler
  Wanda Lindsey
  Jackie Lindsey
  Jean Lindsey
  Gus King

Centenary (Bonne Terre) (15)

All slots filled
  Tammy Hayes (15)

Desloge/Esther (8)

All slots filled
  Pati Robertson (8)

Emmanuel (Viburnum) (4)

2 of 4 slots filled
  David Hedrick (2)

First (DeSoto) (4)

3 of 4 slots filled
  Stefenie Rustige
  Stefenie Rustige (2)
Linda Glidewell will also be attending

First (Festus/Crystal City) (15)

All slots filled
  Rev. Tish Green
  Church Council (12)
  Church Congregation (2)

First (Park Hills) (12)

All slots filled
  Rev. Eddie Bone (12)

Flucom (2)

1 of 2 slots filled
  Colleen Luntzer



Herculaneum (6)

5 of 6 slots filled
  Cathy Pieper
  Todd Pieper
  Pastor Jessica Sahagun
  Jim Newman
  Dave Denton

Hillsboro (15)

8 of 15 slots filled
  Keith Vessell (8)

Leadwood/Irondale (4)


Libertyville/Doe Run (6)

5 of 6 slots filled
  Sherie Wymore
  Louise Miller
  Beverly Dugal
  Mary Woodney
  Mary Gunder

Marvin Chapel (4)

All slots filled
  Beth Allen (2)
  Jerry Rowland
  Dorothy Rowland

Memorial (Farmington) (20)

All slots filled
  Kurt Bauche (18)
  Pam Brooks
  Barbara Viitanen

Mt. Olive (DeSoto) (6)

All slots filled
  Margaret Armbruster
  Don Armbruster (5)

Potosi/Mineral Point (6)

2 of 6 slots filled
  David Lindow (2)

Sligo (4)


St. Andrew's (DeSoto) (10)

6 of 10 slots filled
  Melissa McAlpine
  Barbara Hoelzel
  David Duncan
  Barbara Duncan
  Laura Souders
  Marietta Martin

Transformation (House Springs) (6)

5 of 6 slots filled
  Molly Moore (5)

Wesley (Festus)/Plattin (8)

All slots filled
  Pam Roth (8)

Victoria (4)

2 of 4 slots filled
  Stefenie Rustige
  Brittany Marshall

Zion (Mapaville) (4)

All slots filled
  Loetta Blair (4)



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