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Memorial Park

The Delta Pickleball Association (DPA) Return to Sport COVID-19 Safety Plan needs to be embraced by our members.  All pickleball players have the responsibility to follow the BC COVID-19 guidelines to keep yourself and others healthy.  Do not participate if you have any of the COVID-19 symptoms. The DPA has the responsibility to provide a safe playing environment and keep the court/player history for use if contact tracing is needed.

Court # 1: at Memorial Park this court is for public use. DPA members may use the court during club time if not used by the public.

Register to Play: DPA members must use SignUpGenius to register to play during DPA court schedule times. This procedure is essential to ensure social distancing is followed by limiting the number of players assembling and will avoid larger congregations of players.

Doubles:  Following the “Outside Your Bubble” BC’s Phase 3 – Restart Plan, DPA recommends you have 2 to 6 players who belong to one pickleball trusted circle/bubble. Pickleball Canada, Pickleball BC and the DPA do not recommend “random partner mixing” at this time. In doubles, you play with the same partner or another partner from within your trusted circle, when playing doubles. This does not mean you must play exclusively within your ‘trusted circle’. It simply means, for health & safety purposes, you will not partner with people from outside your ‘trusted circle’. You may play against other ‘trusted circles’ and they will remain on their side of the net and you remain on yours.

Singles: 1 player on each side of the court. Players rotate and play other single players.

All Levels: all skill levels play during this time. It’s an opportunity for your partnership to mix it up and play other teams.

Steps in Signing Up to Play:

All players must be a current member of the DPA to play during our dedicated court times. Members will receive a link to SignUpGenius to register to play.

Only 1 player is required to register a court for their team. This individual will be the "reserving member" for the group for that court reservation. The "reserving member" notifies the others in the team/group that a reservation has been made and lets them know the court number and starting time.

Other player's first and last names MUST be recorded in the “Other Player(s) First and Last Name” area for contact tracing purposes. Reservations without all other players identified may be rescinded.

In the “Quantity” box, selecting “1” will be for one team, not the number of players. Remember to include all of the player’s first and last names in the “Other Player(s) First and Last Name” box.  If playing singles, you can register yourself and another player at the same time and you would select “2” meaning two players. Be sure to include the other single players first and last name in the “Other Player(s) First and Last Name” box.

The “reserving member” is responsible for their team players and ensures the DPA Return to Sport COVID-19 Safety Plan is adhered to on their court.

One player can register 2 adjacent courts on behalf of a 4 to 6 team playing group.

Review the available court times below and click in the "Sign Up" box and then on the “Sign Me Up” button to reserve a court.

Time slots will be displayed up to 14 days in advance and may be subject to change at any time.

Visit the SignUpGenius site often for opportunities to register and play.

Only the “reserving member” will be able to cancel the reservation or make changes to it, although all members can view all reservations. So if your circumstances change and you won’t be able to make it, please cancel your time slot 24 hours before to free up the space for others!  Book privileges may be temporarily suspended for 'no-shows'.

If you encounter difficulty, please contact [email protected]

Delta Pickleball Association Return to Sport COVID-19 Safety Plan & Waiver:

By submitting your request to reserve time to play pickleball, you agree to adhere to the DPA Return to Sport COVID-19 Safety Plan in the document attached below.

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