Del Ray Alexandria Reiki Share

August 25, 2018: Del Ray / Alexandria Reiki Share

Date: Saturday, August 25, 2018

Time: Please arrive at 6:45pm

Where: Sunflowers Wellness (Lindsey's Office) 

2016 Mount Vernon Avenue Alexandria, Virginia 22301. 

Google Maps to Bon Vivant Cafe + Farm Market will also get you there. Lindsey's office is above the cafe, use back entrance. 

Parking in back or street parking. Parking lot is very small and can be tight. You may also use 2-hr free street parking space permitting. If you have never been to the location please give yourself 10 minutes to find parking and locate. Call or Text Louisa at 703-888-7456 if you are lost or running late. 


6:45pm: Park/Set Up/Meet in Lindsey's office

7:00: Opening circle/Invocation and Intention/Pair off

7:15: Start timer for first pair

7:45: First partner timer ends/Discuss with partner

8:00: Switch and start timer for other partner

8:30: Second partner timer ends/Discuss with partner

8:45: Ending prayer circle/Clean up and out of Sunflowers by 9

As many of you have heard, reiki/energy shares have great benefits for all healers. 

The purpose of a reiki share is to share healing energy in a community setting for the benefit of all involved:

A) Support healers for their own self-healing journeys

B) Build and Connect our healing community in a loving and fun way. 

C) Of course, practice our healing for those who don't do healing as their "day thing" (yet!). 

As healers we can often neglect ourselves for our clients. The share offers all of us a way to hold healing space for each other in a shorter amount of time than we would trying to figure out a trade/scheduling/other stuff. 

The share also allows us to just hang out, connect with like-minded people, and catch up on life. 

Below I've outlined who may join the share, what to bring to the share, and the guidelines for the share. 

Who May Come To A Share

A. Certified Reiki practitioner, Certified Quantum Touch Practitioner or Certified Healing Touch practitioner.  Other methods are welcome as long as you can fit into a hands-on manner that flows with a Reiki environment and you are a certified practitioner in good standing. 

Level does not matter, Intent does.

We all may know someone with "hot hands" who are predisposed to hands on healing, they are welcome to become certified in a modality first and then join the share. 

***If someone new is joining the share and trained elsewhere, you must provide Louisa with a photo of your signed certificate of Reiki I, II, or III/Master or healing modality prior to share date/night.***

Guidelines For The Reiki Share

1. What Happens in the Share stays in Share. 

Ethics and confidentiality! Okay, We're not quite like Fight Club, but emotional and mental confidentiality still applies here. If something profound happens at the share and you want to tell your mom/dad/sister/cousin/kids/husband then we simply request that you refrain referencing anyone by name. First, and foremost ask your guides if it should be shared at all.

2. Leave Your Stuff At The Door

This is a healing space. We all have our "stuff" that we're going through. So be sure to check your stuff at the door the best you can. If you need sage spray, let Louisa know and you can have some before entering. When we have rough days its the best time to come to a share with a healing intention.

3. Timing

To make sure everyone receives their equal time on the table, please arrive on time, or even better a few minutes early to set up, get paired off, and get centered. I will have a timer going so everyone receives time on the table and time hands on. You're not obligated to come to every share. Along the same lines....

4. Equal Giving and Receiving

The purpose of the share centers around an energy exchange. That means equal amount of time on the table as equal amount of time hands-on. If you cannot commit to giving as much as you receive, or even receiving as much as you give, perhaps consider coming to the next share or discussing a make-up alternate with Louisa BEFORE share time/date.

5. Marketing At The Share

Business cards may be brought to share as many of us are solo practitioners. Any other marketing materials are requested to stay at your office, unless you are bringing something previously discussed to someone at the share (restocking marketing materials for a referral partner is fine). Remember to keep the focus on healing first, everything else is secondary. 

Optional things to bring

-Reiki/Meditation music playlists - Suggestions are welcome! Feel free to share upon arrival.

-Essential oils - Remember to ask your partner if use of oils is ok with her/him and if you have options what their preference is. Some people are sensitive/allergic to scents/oils.

-Crystals - Crystals can be used to enhance balancing and 'resetting' of the Chakra system. Again, consent should be sought of your partner before crystals are used. Try to remember to sage/cleanse your crystals before and after they are used in share.

-Angel cards - A card pulling may give more clarity following the partner work you do, but it's not required. Time permitting, if someone has cards on them, we could pull some at the end during our closing of the share.

-Snack to share - Welcome if it is disposable and doesn't create a mess in Lindsey's office or require a lot of clean up.

Contact Louisa

Meredith McDonough lovingly began this share in summer 2017 and has handed over the reigns to Louisa Meyer starting August 2018. Please contact me (Louisa) if you have any questions about this information and future dates:

Phone - 703-888-7456

Email - [email protected]

Love and blessings,


Date: 08/25/2018 (Sat.)

Time: 6:45pm - 9:00pm EDT

Created by:   Louisa Meyer

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