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PreHealth Info Session

DO School Q & A Session

Every year, a group of Osteopathic Medical (DO) Schools visits our campus.

This year, the following 12 schools will participate in the event.

1. A.T. Still University - KCOM & SOMA 
2. Liberty University COM 
3. Western University of Health Sciences COM 
4. Burrell COM 
5. Idaho COM 
6. Kansas City University 
7. Rocky Vista University COM 
8. NYITCOM (Old Westbury, NY & Jonesboro, AR) 
9. Midwestern COM 
10. Pacific Northwest University COM 
11. Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine 
12. University of New England COM

This is a rare opportunity for students to ask questions directly to the representatives from DO schools across the country.

We will list a list of DO schools who will be at the event as soon as we can. Pizza will be provided.

Date: 09/19/2019 (Thu.)

Time: 5:00pm - 7:00pm MDT

Location: GC 2900

Created by:  PreProfessional Advising

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Q & A Session
  47 slots filled - more available
  Nicholas Baker
  Rainey Boateng
  elizabeth hayes
  Russell Lee
  Caitlin Faust
  Emily Huang
  Whitney Mason
  Sarah Trela-Hoskins
  Jared Tran
  Ava Griffitt
I may be a few minutes late--I have a class until 5
  Joseph Dibenedetto
  Darian Murray
  Jefferson Schmidt
  Laura Anderson
  Jeff Martinez
  Marcos Muller
  Marissa Castillo (2)
  Alyssa Varghese
  Kayla Johnson (2)
  Kody Baxter (2)
  Dylan Lines-Gaultney
  Daniela Ramirez
  Ashley Kang
  Luke Larkin
excited and grateful for this opportunity!
  Sandra lacma
  landon needham
  Austin Anderson
  Keith Kuo
  Andi Reynolds
  Shaistah Din
  Sharu Kannan
  Michelle Sluga
  Esther Aguiar (2)
  Melissa Aguilar
  Kaylin Martinson (2)
  Alison Wang
I just have a conflicting meeting at 5, is it possible to show up late?
  Sarah Johnson
  Bryce Larson
  Angela Parker
  Kiana Shams
Responses:     Yes: 44     No: 0     Maybe: 6     No Response: 21

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 51     Maybe: 6

YES (44) -  

  Kiana Shams (1 guest)

  Bryce Larson (1 guest)

  Kaylin Martinson (2 guests)

  Anila Jonnavithula (1 guest)

  CADEN MILLER (1 guest)

  Melissa Aguilar (1 guest)

  Davis Elm (1 guest)

  Esther Aguiar (2 guests)

  Michelle Sluga (1 guest)

  Sharu Kannan (1 guest)

  Shaistah Din (1 guest)

  Andi Reynolds (1 guest)

  kyle mangum (2 guests)

  Keith Kuo (1 guest)

  Austin Anderson (1 guest)

  Amy Zadeh (1 guest)

  Morgan Arseneau (1 guest)

  landon needham (1 guest)

  Sandra lacma (1 guest)

  Luke Larkin (1 guest)

  Ashley Kang (1 guest)

  Daniela Ramirez (1 guest)

  Dylan Lines-Gaultney (1 guest)

  Kody Baxter (2 guests)

  Kayla Johnson (2 guests)

  Bruno Gonzales (1 guest)

  Alyssa Varghese (1 guest)
I may have to leave early

  Marissa Castillo (2 guests)

  Marcos Muller (1 guest)

  Jeff Martinez (1 guest)

  Laura Anderson (1 guest)

  Jefferson Schmidt (2 guests)

  Darian Murray (1 guest)

  Ava Griffitt (1 guest)

  Jared Tran (1 guest)

  Sarah Trela-Hoskins (1 guest)

  Whitney Mason (1 guest)

  Emily Huang (1 guest)

  Caitlin Faust (1 guest)

  Russell Lee (1 guest)

  Alhan Samimi (1 guest)

  elizabeth hayes (1 guest)

  Rainey Boateng (1 guest)

  Nicholas Baker (1 guest)

MAYBE (6) +  

NO RESPONSE (21) +  

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