ImPACT Testing

2019-2020 ImPACT Testing

All incoming 2019-2020 Freshmen, Juniors, New Students, or any athlete who did not take a Baseline ImPACT test during the 2018-2019 school year must test BEFORE participating in any high school sport.  If you have questions please contact your athletic trainer or the athletic office.


Testing will take place at Zeeland East High School in Room 117

**Testing sessions are subject to cancellation due to low numbers.**



Who needs to take this?
All incoming freshmen, juniors, new or transfer students, or anyone who did not take a baseline test during the 2018-2019 academic year.  If you are unsure if you need to take the test please contact your athletic trainer below.

What is this for?
The ImPACT test is a baseline test of cognitive brain function that will be used if an athlete sustains a concussion to help determine if any brain function is impaired.  

I took this test two years ago so why do I need to take it again?
Adolescent brains develop at such a rapid rate, it is recommended that athletes be tested every two years to ensure that the baseline test accurately reflects your level of brain function.

How long will the test take and do I need to bring anything?
The test will take about 60 minutes start to finish.  Student should arrive at 5-10 minutes early to the start of the testing time. Testing will start promply at the beginning of the testing session. Late arrivals may not be allowed to test. Parents are asked not to stay for the test and students do not need to bring anything with you.

Where is Room 117 at East?
Room 117 is in the main hallway just North of the rotunda, across from the library. 

Please be sure to choose a date and time.  Testing sessions are subject to change if less than 10 students sign up for a particular day and time.

What if my child requires academic accomodations for testing?
Please notify your school's athletic trainer if your child requires additional accommodations for testing. The ImPACT test has been developed in a way that most students, even those that normally require additional accommodations, can test without issue. However each case is different, and we are happy to work with you on an individual basis when necessary.

For questions please contact: 
Jason Burgess, Zeeland East Athletic Trainer:
[email protected]  616-748-3129
Diana Albers, Zeeland West Athletic Trainer:
[email protected]   616-748-4543              

Location: Room 117

Created by:   Diana Albers
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy EDT) Available Slot
(Mon. 6:30pm - 7:30pm)

ImPACT Test (30)

Enter student's name in the comments

29 of 30 slots filled
Melissa Dawdy
Lili Rapp
Natalie Hinson
Carter Hinson
Scott Fitzgerald
Kobe Fitzgerald
Tiffany Miles
Kayla Miles
Ruben Pung
Ruben Pung
Braedon Kosten
Rebecca Bing
Connor Bing
Ashlee Peterson
Virginia Barkel
Alex Barkel
De Engelsman
Chelsea Engelsman
Tanya Peterson
Ethan Munguia
Betsy Kikstra
Sam Kikstra
Josh Lucas
Ellie Martinie
Nicholas Wichers
Pearl Garcia
Maribel Garcia
Adrian Arcuri
Anita Geurink (2)
Elijah Geurink and Faith Geurink
Elijah Tillmann
Monica Graff
Alexis VandenEnde
Nicole Valenzuela
Dayton Valenzuela
Josh Ham
Timothy Ham
Renee Frye
Matthew DeRoo
Megan Tibbs
Megan Tibbs
Nicole VanDam
Alex Barkel
Matthew LaPorte
(Tue. 2:00pm - 3:00pm)

ImPACT Test (30)

Enter student's name in the comments

18 of 30 slots filled
Annalise Lacny
Theresa Blattner
Theresa Blattner
Amber Shepard
Sterling Shepard II
Salvador Flores
Ana Flores
Salvador Flores
Ricardo Flores
Cortney Hart
Makenna Heuman
Jodi Schaap
Jessica Schaap
Melissa Arendsen
Hannah Arendsen
Daynah Lente
Devin Ortiz
Monica Graff
Alexis VandenEnde
Paige Bekken
Ivan Rodriguez
Luke Bosma
Amy Harbison
Ella Harbison
Phyllis Potter
Jacob Potter
Dyson Zamora
Javier Rivera-Espendez
(Wed. 9:00am - 10:00am)

ImPACT Test (30)

Enter student's name in the comments

8 of 30 slots filled
Jen Howe
Aisha Postma
Ellie Maggini
Lacie Maggini
Jordyn Smeyers
Theresa Blattner
America Dyson
Justice Dyson
Isaiah Sabin
Sue Bartels
Ava Bartels

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