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Signups for the next weekend's Masses opens each Monday at 9am.

In order to maintain social distancing of 6 feet in each pew, each seating "unit" can hold up to a maximum of 4 family members from the same household. Pews will be filled from front to rear.

By special dispensation from the Archbishop, no Catholic in this Archdiocese is obliged to attend Sunday Mass at least through June 28.

  • Persons who are ill, those with a temperature of 99.6 F or higher, who are at high risk of infection, or whose health would be compromised by attending Mass should not attend; similarly, anyone who is a caregiver for someone with a medically compromising condition or anyone who lives with or has regular contact with medically fragile persons should not attend. We will continue to livestream Mass for those who are unable to attend.
  • Immediate family members may sit together, but parents should consider carefully whether their young children should attend.
  • Persons who attend Mass agree to abide by the restrictions relating to movement and seating, to use hand sanitizers upon arrival, to wear face masks throughout the Mass, and to follow any additional instructions of the guides.

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Note: The nursery and family room are not available during Mass. The church doors will only be open 15 minutes before and after each Mass.

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