St. Edith Church

St. Edith Picnic

Thank for signing up! It's our volunteers who help make the picnic such a big success!


1. The picnic is Sunday, August 19 from 12 - 5 pm. 

2. Volunteer slots are generally 1 to 2 hours and the times for each volunteer activity are listed in the activity description.

3. The number of volunteers needed for each activity varies, but will be shown at the end of the activity description (unless only one person is needed for the time slot).

Date: 08/19/2018 (Sun.)

Time: 12:00pm - 5:00pm EDT

Location: St. Edith Church

Created by:   Mary Ann Koelzer
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Available Slot

Face Painting (Noon - 2pm) (4)

All slots filled
Christine Ray
Andrea Donajkowski
Abby Aaron
Genevieve Pajulio

Long Slide (2pm - 3pm) (2)

All slots filled
Andrew VanGoethem
Bobbie Mieczkowski

Long Slide (3pm - 4pm) (2)

1 of 2 slots filled
Andrew VanGoethem

Beer Garden - Outside (4pm- 5pm) (2)


All slots filled
Mike Loos
Lori Loos
Rick Dziobak

Bean Bag Toss (3pm- 4pm)

Andrew Lithgow

Tic Tac Toe (3pm- 4pm)


Under 14 Over 25 (1pm- 2pm)


Ring Toss (4pm- 5pm)


Frog Launch (4pm- 5pm)


Pop in Hall (4pm - 5pm) (2)

All slots filled
Andrew VanGoethem
Bobbie Mieczkowski

Bussing Tables (Noon- 2pm) (3)

All slots filled
Rebecca Levitt (2)
with Mason Levitt
Susan Coots

Bussing Tables (2pm - 4pm) (3)

All slots filled
Mary Jo Cunningham
Zachary McCloud
Susan Coots

Bussing Tables (4pm - 5pm) (3)

All slots filled
Amy Ray
Albert Pepito (2)
with Leslie Pepito

Snow Cones (4pm - 5pm) (2)

All slots filled
Geoff Turbiak
Allen Stortz

Duck Pond / Sucker Tree (Noon- 2pm) (2)

1 of 2 slots filled
Craig Prokopchek

Duck Pond / Sucker Tree (2pm - 4pm) (2)

1 of 2 slots filled
Martha Nork

Nurses (4 pm - 5 pm)


Dinner Line Servers (4pm to 5:30 pm) (6)

5 of 6 slots filled
Deb Carozza
Fran Gillis
Margaret Fetter
4:P.M. - 5:30
Mike Bellaire
Rita Howell

Information Booth (Noon - 2pm) (2)

1 of 2 slots filled
Greg Solak

Information Booth (3:30 pm - 5pm) (2)

1 of 2 slots filled
Debby Glitz
Flexible-willing to do another activity/time

Petting Zoo (Noon - 2pm)

Maria Mutter
and Marty Mutter

Petting Zoo (2pm - 4pm)

Cheryl Larson

Mermaid Booth Line Attendant (Noon - 2pm)

Angela Baumler
with Walter Surell

Mermaid Booth Line Attendant (2pm - 4pm)

Eva Koelzer

Stuffed Animal Booth (Noon - 2pm)

Patricia Owen

Information Booth (2 pm - 3:30 pm) (2)

All slots filled
Suzy Spencer

Stuffed Animal Booth (2pm - 4pm)

Diane Dobleske

Dinner Line Servers (11:45 am to 1:30 pm) (6)

All slots filled
Harriet & Louie Aquino (2)
Deb Carozza
Debby Winnicker
Dot Hinsch
Joel Wisniewski

Dinner Line Servers (1:30 pm to 4pm) (6)

All slots filled
Deb Carozza
Linda Riethmiller
Susan Wiska
Cindy Solak
Dennis Williams
Phyllis Williams

Nurses (Noon - 1:30 pm)

Nicole Kalmbach

Nurses (1:30 pm - 2: 30 pm)

Alicia Fragoso

Nurses (2:30 pm - 4 pm)

NIcole Carr

Face Painting ( 2pm - 4pm) (4)

All slots filled
Karen Haran
Nathan Lithgow
Katia Burlingame
Katlyn Stanny

Cold Drinks (Noon - 2pm) (2)

All slots filled
Layla Grech
Kathryn Painter

Cold Drinks (2pm - 4pm) (2)

All slots filled
Anna Martin
John Martin

Cold Drinks (4pm - 5pm) (2)

All slots filled
Tom Laco
Lisa Aaron/laco

Snow Cones (Noon - 2pm) (2)

All slots filled
Tim Scott
Rose Scott

Snow Cones (2pm - 4pm) (2)

All slots filled
Cassidy Sawicki
Danielle Siwicki

Duck Pond / Sucker Tree (4pm - 5pm) (2)

All slots filled
Rick & Joan Kulp (2)

Pop in Hall (Noon- 2pm) (2)

All slots filled
Paula Motts (2)
Paula and Helaina Motts

Pop in Hall (2pm - 4pm) (2)

All slots filled
Sue Shoemaker
Jeanee Kiusac

Ring Toss (3pm- 4pm)

Elberta Dziobak

Frog Launch (3pm- 4pm)

Ella Dziobak

Car Go The Distance (3pm- 4pm)

Nicole McCloud

Car Go The Distance (4pm- 5pm)

Jack Aaron

Under 14 Over 25 (Noon- 1pm)

Eric Baczewski

Under 14 Over 25 (2pm- 3pm)

Nicole McCloud

Under 14 Over 25 (3pm- 4pm)

Madison Gregory

Under 14 Over 25 (4pm- 5pm)

Jim Kovach

Tic Tac Toe (Noon- 1pm)

Danielle Lebsack

Tic Tac Toe (1pm- 2pm)

Jonathan Ray

Tic Tac Toe (2pm- 3pm)

Madison Gregory

Tic Tac Toe (4pm- 5pm)

Luke Laco

Bean Bag Toss (Noon- 1pm)

Christopher O'Meara

Bean Bag Toss (1pm- 2pm)

Madison Gregory

Bean Bag Toss (2pm- 3pm)

Ava Whell

Bean Bag Toss (4pm- 5pm)

Diane Geverink

Security in Beer Garden (Noon - 1pm)


Linda Donikian
with Linda Fetter

Security in Beer Garden (1pm- 2pm)


Alan Pietruszka
With Kellie Pietruszka

Security in Beer Garden (2pm- 3pm)


Sue Covitz

Security in Beer Garden (3pm- 4pm)


Rick Nork

Security in Beer Garden (4pm- 5pm)


Mike Loos
Mike Loos

Beer Garden - Outside (Noon - 1pm) (2)


All slots filled
Paullette Baker (2)
Frank Baker also

Beer Garden - Outside (1pm - 2pm) (2)


All slots filled
Jim & Susan Baron (2)

Beer Garden - Outside (2pm- 3pm) (2)


All slots filled
Karl Schipper
Nicole Nicholls

Beer Garden - Outside (3pm- 4pm) (2)


All slots filled
Karl Schipper
Stephen Covitz

Bake Sale (Noon - 2pm) (2)

All slots filled
Pia Bartolomeo
Linda Benko

Bake Sale (2pm - 4pm) (2)

All slots filled
Terry Simor
Theresa Catner

Bake Sale (4pm - 5pm) (2)

All slots filled
Suzy Nelson
Suzy Spencer

Cake Walk (Noon - 1pm) (2)

All slots filled
Rachel Sersen
Jeanette Kreutzmann

Cake Walk (1pm - 2pm) (2)

All slots filled
Margaret Szpak
Lynne Anderzak

Cake Walk (2pm - 3pm) (2)

All slots filled
Kathy Beasley
Roseanne Ciupek

Cake Walk (3pm - 4pm) (2)

All slots filled
Erin Munson
Julianne Sersen

Children’s Obstacle Course (Noon - 1pm) (2)

All slots filled
Brett & Andrea Jentz (2)

Children's Obstacle Course (1pm - 2pm) (2)

All slots filled
Mark Tuttle (2)
Mark & Kathy Tuttle

Children's Obstacle Course (2pm - 3pm) (2)

All slots filled
Janine Lithgow
Lisa Zajac

Children's Obstacle Course (3pm - 4pm) (2)