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ZCS Parent Club

Parent Points 2019-2020

Families with a full time student or students attending ZCS need to work a total of 10 points each year. Single parents and families in the SHC program need to work 5.

*7/1/19 is a "dummy" date that signifies no date has been determined for the fundraiser yet.

Created by:   Jennifer Schafer
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy EDT) Location Available Spot
06/15/2019 (Sat.) Herman Miller Picnic 

General Help - 5 pts (8)


All slots filled
Daryl/Brenda VanDyke (2)
Andrea Cantu
Suzanne Mynsberge
Brandi DeBoer
Megan Ipema
Geilyn Chapman (2)

General Help - 5 pts (5)


All slots filled
Jennifer Stevens
Megan Ipema
Megan Ipema
Melanie Russcher (2)
My husband and I are both working to get our 10 parents points. Also we helped clean up garbage last year we are more then willing to do that again.
07/01/2019 (Mon.) Band Uniforms - Fall 

Organize Band Uniforms - 5 pts (2)

Must be completed in August; approximately 1 full day for 1 person or a half day for 2 people

All slots filled
Cara Wickstra
Ben Wickstra

General Help - 10 points

Fit band kids for uniforms on Tuesday, September 17

Stacey DeVries

Seamstress - 10 points

Fix hems/zippers/buttons in fall and spring

Lilah Ambrosi

Organize band uniforms - 5 points (2)

Tuesday September 17, time TBD (approx 3 hours)

All slots filled
Elaine Page (2)
Elaine & Scott Page
07/01/2019 (Mon.) Ditto Cashiering - Ongoing 

Mondays from 10am-1pm: 5 or 10 points (16)

Choose your work dates at: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/508084aaba72a1-ditto5

All slots filled
Denise Bruce
Leah Geenen
Jennifer Pankey
Livie Van Appledorn
Amanda Brouwer
Katie Hoffman
Wendie Freriks
Kristin Brookens
Melanie Vallejo (3)
Jodi Piece
Terrie Morrow
Stephani Hop
Jill Emmick
Becky Haveman
07/01/2019 (Mon.) Facilities 

Landscaping - 10 pts

Weed & trim perennials twice in June

Beth Ysseldyke

Landscaping - 10 pts

Weed & trim perennials twice in August

Betsy Wiersema

Student Artwork - 10 pts

Hang artwork in school halls 1st semester - flexible dates throughout the year

Jessica Stuive

Landscaping - 10 pts

Weed & trim perennials twice in September

Elda Haak
Albert Haak

Student Artwork - 10 points

Hang artwork in school halls 2nd semester - flexible dates throughout the year

Sarah Hoogeboom
07/01/2019 (Mon.) Hospitality - Ongoing 

General Help - 10 pts (2)

Make food for teachers 2-3 times a school year

All slots filled
Brooke Oldenbroek
Allison Larsen
07/01/2019 (Mon.) Laminating 

Laminating - 10 pts

Laminate teacher material twice in December and January

Katy Bopp
07/01/2019 (Mon.) Library Shelving - Ongoing 

Shelve Library Books - 10 points (2)

8 times for 1 hour, Tuesday or Thursday at 9:30

All slots filled
Janelle Sievert
Stephanie Osborn
07/01/2019 (Mon.) Pigs/Banket - Ongoing 

General Help - 5 or 10 points (25)

Choose your work dates at: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/508084aaba72a1-baked5

All slots filled
Kristin Tubergan
Leah Petroelje
Ashley Dekker
Julie Wright
Emily Bruins
Mj Peerbolt
Jessica Burkman
Nung Luten
Ashley Mulder
Deanne Wilson
Joy Ippel
Sara Heeres
Luke & Sarah Vander Kooy
Jennifer Drost
Brandi DeBoer
Steve Von Dobschutz
Kristen De Boer
Becki Van Gelder
Beth Prince
Tiffanie Will (2)
Alison Elders
Lindsay Lieberman
Alison Major
Signed up to make Banket on Nov 6
Leslie Hallifax
09/07/2019 (Sat.) Golf Outing 

General Help - 5 pts (2)


All slots filled
Amy Scholten
Michael Devanney
11/01/2019 (Fri.) Grandparents Day 

Make sandwiches - 5 points (6)


All slots filled
Amanda Nyhof
Sarah Ashby
Amanda Schrotenboer
Kara Koster
Luke & Sarah Vander Kooy
Dawn Williams

General Help - 5 pts (5)

9:30-12:30, Make and serve lunch

All slots filled
Jennifer Pankey
Jennafer DeYoung
Dee Worley
Suzanne Mynsberge
Leslie Hallifax
03/28/2020 (Sat.) 3 on 3 Basketball Breakers - Date TBD 

Court Monitor - 10 points (2)

Referee games from 7-12:30

1 of 2 slots filled
Steve meyaard

Score Keeper - 10 pts (3)


All slots filled
Michael Schaafsma
Rebekah Bakker
Chris Zandstra

Court Monitor - 10 pts (4)

Referee games from 12-5:30

3 of 4 slots filled
Chris Adamski
Kevin Lawrence
Brandon Kaiser

Score Keeper - 10 pts (4)


All slots filled
Linda Hoekwater
Melissa Wire
Pam Knott
Lam Huynh
04/17/2020 (Fri.) Auction 

Business Caller - 10 pts (3)

Solicit donations and write thank you's in February

All slots filled
Sara DeWitt
Janae Smock
Linnae Viles

Check In Table - 5 pts

Assign people bidder numbers from 4:45-6:45

Brent Bouws

Spotter - 5 points (2)

Help auctioneer spot people bidding from 6:30-8:30

All slots filled
Stacey Sills
Becki Van Gelder

Kids Camp Helpers - 5 pts (6)


5 of 6 slots filled
Erin Genzink
Paige Banks
Erin Walcott
Scott Walcott
Nichole Simpson
Valorie Avink

Kitchen Help - 5 pts (2)

4:30-7 (exact time may shift by 15 minutes)

All slots filled
Sarah Rugg
Kaleigh VanRoekel

Kitchen Help - 5 pts (2)


All slots filled
Sarah Ashby
Stephanie Klein

Kitchen Clean up - 5 points (3)


All slots filled
Sheri Camp
Kara Koster
Jodi Tenhopen

Table Take Down - 5 points (2)

6:45-8:45 (includes heavy lifting)

All slots filled
Tiffany Stob
Dan Hansen

Data Entry - 5 points (3)

6:30-8:30, Enter bids and bidder numbers into a spreadsheet during the auction

All slots filled
Kori Podjan
Amy Schaap
Nichole Simpson
04/25/2020 (Sat.) Physicals - Date TBD 

Registration Desk - 10 pts (2)

Get kids checked in from 7:45-11:15

All slots filled
Vicki Voskuil
Niki Heil
Niki Heil RN
05/18/2020 (Mon.) Book Repair - Date flexible 

Repair Books - 5 pts or 10 pts (3)

Tape books that have been damaged

All slots filled
Lori Slenk
Rebecca Kuipers
Rebecca Kuipers
06/02/2020 (Tue.) 8th Grade Banquet - Date TBD 

Kitchen Help - 5 pts (5)


All slots filled
Jennifer Stevens
Amanda Schrotenboer
Amy Scholten
Sarah Rugg
Kaleigh VanRoekel
06/02/2020 (Tue.) Band Uniforms 

Uniforms - 5 pts (2)

Disassemble band uniforms

All slots filled
Rochelle Glerum (2)
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