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Lake Braddock Crew

End of the Year Banquet 5/30/23

Come and celebrate the 2023 rowing season! We will provide the barbecue, please sign up for all of the delicious sides.  Rowers and their families are all invited! In order for organizers to know if any additional items will be needed, we are asking families to RSVP. 

Please label all dishes so that they can be sorted (meat, cheese or veggie). (Also label your container with masking tape.) Please note-- no nuts for desserts, salads or breads.

Serving utensils are NOT required. The team will provide that. 

Thank you for all of your support! Row, Braddock, Row! 


Date: 05/30/2023 (Tue.)

Time: 6:30pm - 9:00pm EDT

Location: Lake Braddock Cafeteria

Created by:   Kristin Rever

Will you be attending the event?
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Chicken Tenders / Nuggets (8)
  6 of 8 slots filled
Madeline Huott
Debbie Piel
Eamon Winegeart
Julie Krusling (2)
Wyatt Dargue
Buffalo chicken wings (8)
  2 of 8 slots filled
Charles Boone
Jeanette Liu
Other chicken wing flavor (5)
  3 of 5 slots filled
Alfi Montilla
Tina Fu
Garlic chicken wings
Rick Koontz
Buns (10) - hamburger buns for barbecue sandwiches (24 count)
  9 of 10 slots filled
Kathryn Ferguson
Mary Beth Smith
Lindsay Murphy
Stacey Culver
April Chan
Elaine McLean
Kim McAleer (3)
3 packages of 8 buns each
Corn Bread (8)
  5 of 8 slots filled
Carrie Brown
Heather Lougheed
Jennifer Linkel
Randi Keith
Lisa Geis
Baked beans (4)
  2 of 4 slots filled
Autumn. Hinton
Bonnie Sanchez
Macaroni and cheese dish (6)
  All slots filled
Mary Beth Smith
Denise Brandenburg
Matthew Fitzpatrick
Logan Karr
Randi Keith
Kate Wallace
Cole Slaw (3) - 2 pounds
  2 of 3 slots filled
Alejandra Silva
Cameron Ward
Salad with dressing (3)
  All slots filled
Julie Krusling
Carrie Hurt
Ramen Salad
Marizabel Fernandez
Potato Salad (3) - 2 pounds
  All slots filled
Michele Richoux
Jessica Jedlicka
Nicholas Davis
Vegetable side dish (5)
  All slots filled
Paola Then
Peppers and onions
Liz Jimenez
Green beans
Allan Robertson
Peas and Carrots
Eamon Winegeart
Benjamin Visger
Hot Side Dish (3) - Please type what you are bringing in the comments
  All slots filled
Paola Then
Megan Jorgenson
Sophia & Natalie Goff
Cold Side Dishes (3) - Please type what you are bringing in the comments
  All slots filled
The Meads
Pasta Salad
Jeff Palomino
Green Salad
Rick Koontz
Fruit dish (5)
  All slots filled
Samantha Seigman
Leah Stegmaier
April Chan
Nicholas Davis
Daniel Morris
Case of Gatorade bottles (8)
  7 of 8 slots filled
Stacey Culver
Anh Nguyen (2)
Billy Jansheski
Heather Lougheed
Lucas Zamorano (2)
Case of water bottles (8)
  7 of 8 slots filled
Julie Krusling
Alfi Montilla
Jessica Jedlicka (2)
Laura Murphy
Lucas Zamorano (2)
Sodas (12) - 12 pack
  11 of 12 slots filled
Jennifer Duff (2)
Coke and Sprite
Jennifer Linkel
Anne Tahir (2)
Diet coke and Dr. Pepper
John Palm
Lucas Zamorano (2)
Zoe Luong
James Nevlud
Alejandra Silva
Responses:     Yes: 69     No: 1     Maybe: 0     No Response: 4

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 238     Maybe: 0

YES (69) -  

Wyatt Dargue (1 guest)

Jeanette Liu (4 guests)

Alex Moore (3 guests)

Charles Boone (1 guest)

Benjamin Visger (6 guests)

Suzanne Main (2 guests)

Rick Koontz (5 guests)
Frederick M Koontz Jr

James Nevlud (4 guests)

Zoe Luong (4 guests)

Nicole Ugarte (2 guests)

Zoe Green (1 guest)

Laura Livingston (3 guests)

Lucas Zamorano (4 guests)

Mei Montilla (1 guest)

Eamon Winegeart (5 guests)

Sophia & Natalie Goff (4 guests)

Debbie Piel (4 guests)

Allan Robertson (5 guests)

Daniel Morris (4 guests)

Ann Marie Rodgerson (5 guests)

James Nevlud (1 guest)

Kate Wallace (4 guests)

Tina Fu (4 guests)

John Palm (3 guests)

Jeff Palomino (3 guests)

Liz Jimenez (6 guests)

Nicholas Davis (4 guests)

Brandon Fleming (4 guests)

Anne Tahir (4 guests)

Lisa Geis (4 guests)

Kristin Rever (5 guests)

Madeline Huott (4 guests)

Randi Keith (6 guests)

Kim McAleer (3 guests)

Elaine McLean (3 guests)

April Chan (2 guests)

Jackie Li (2 guests)

Tyler Huang (1 guest)

Jennifer Linkel (4 guests)

The Meads (1 guest)

Cameron Ward (2 guests)

Heather Lougheed (4 guests)

Laura Murphy (4 guests)

Logan Karr (3 guests)

Billy Jansheski (1 guest)

Ashley Buatamante (5 guests)

Anh Nguyen (7 guests)

Megan Jorgenson (5 guests)
1 rower 4 family members

Bonnie Sanchez (4 guests)

Matthew Fitzpatrick (3 guests)

Autumn. Hinton (4 guests)

Stacey Culver (7 guests)

Jessica Jedlicka (3 guests)

Andrew Nguyen (1 guest)

Denise Brandenburg (3 guests)

Carrie Brown (3 guests)

Alejandra Silva (1 guest)

Marizabel Fernandez (2 guests)

Leah Stegmaier (3 guests)

Michele Richoux (3 guests)

Carrie Hurt (2 guests)

Lindsay Murphy (6 guests)

Paola Then (4 guests)

Mary Beth Smith (5 guests)
1 rower, 4 family members

Jennifer Duff (4 guests)
Jennifer Duff

Alfi Montilla (2 guests)

Kathryn Ferguson (6 guests)

Julie Krusling (1 guest)

Anita Bhatnagar (4 guests)
This is including 2 rowers

NO (1) +  


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