Manatee MQA plus Drop Ins

MAM picnic potluck, Sat 7/24, 11:00-3:00

Hi Manatees, please sign up to RSVP and help with our picnic social, from 11:00-3:00 (open water swim leaves at ~2:30).

* Crolls Garden Picnic Area (At Crown Beach in Alameda, close to the Crab Cove Vistor Center)

* Partners and kids are welcome! Dogs are allowed but must be on leash.

* There will be picnic tables, but bring your own camping/folding chairs and/or picnic blankets if you want more comfy seating.

* There are 2 extra-large BBQs available.

* For those interested, there will be open water swimming!

* Driving directions ($5 cash for parking lot): Take Webster until dead end at Central. Right onto Central and left on McKay St for the Crab Cove entrance. OR left on Central, right on 8th St and right into Washington park.

See you there!

Date: 07/24/2021 (Sat.)

Time: 11:00am - 3:00am PDT

Created by:   Myra Chachkin and Jen Brakeman
Will you be attending the event?
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10:30 a.m. claim reservation & setup (4) - Be at the picnic site by 10:30 a.m. to secure our reservation & set up
  All slots filled
ruth shaps
Myra Chachkin
Kate Johnson
Judy Seri
3:00 pm - cleanup (8) - We need to leave the picnic site in good condition so we'll get back our security deposit.
  1 of 8 slots filled
Rocio Haskell
Main dish / food to grill (20) - Indicate if vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, etc.
  6 of 20 slots filled
Myra Chachkin
salmon for the grill
Carol Galante
chicken thighs in lime sauce
Juliet Cox
We will bring about four peoples' worth of sausages.
heidi stettner
spinach quiche
Riccardo Notini
marinated chicken for grilling, enough for 8 people
Jen Brakeman
Hot dogs, buns, mustard
Supplies: grilling supplies (2) - Charcoal, tongs, etc
  All slots filled
Mark Jen
Charcoal + wine
Suzanne Morris
Tongs, large spatula, and charcoal
Side dish (30) - Indicate if vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, etc.
  21 of 30 slots filled
Jen Brakeman
Veggie of some sort
ruth shaps
Meryl Udell
Fruit Salad
Diana Whipple
Vegan potato salad
Kate Johnson
Kalei Achiu
Susan Fuentes
Some veggie dip
Claire Donaldson
Cole slaw
Rocky Schnaath
Joanna Berg
Peg Mcpartland
Some sort of salad
Beccah Rothschild
veggie side dish/salad
Leo Lozano
Caroline Sorenson
fruit salad?
Bart Hess
Some salad or orher
Susie Caso
Deviled eggs
Dan Sweet
Mike Ginsberg
Dan Marks
Salad of some kind
Donna Straff
Chickpea salad (or something else)
Nancy Kempf
Drinks - non-alcoholic (12) - Non-alcoholic (bubbly water, juice, coffee, tea, etc)
  9 of 12 slots filled
ruth shaps (2)
bottles of wine
Myra Chachkin
5-10 gallons of water (fizzy I hope)
Mike Voorhies
Bubbly Water
Susan Kester
Rocio Haskell
Peg Mcpartland
Case of bottled water
Susan Stanton
Shauna Revelli
Drinks - alcoholic (12) - Alcoholic (beer or wine)
  6 of 12 slots filled
John Keady
Case of beer
Evelio Vila
Kathleen Kline
Riccardo Notini
2 bottles of white wine
Tom Alderson
Elizabeth Wistrom
Dessert (15) - Indicate if vegan or gluten free
  4 of 15 slots filled
Robin Hart
Kalei Achiu
Ronni Parker-West
not sure what I will make
Leah Bensching
Supplies: Stickers and sharpies (2) - Need ~200 stickers for name tags and food tags (vegan, etc). Need ~10 sharpies
  1 of 2 slots filled
Myra Chachkin
Supplies - paper bowls - Total quantity needed: ~50-100
Tom Alderson
Supplies - disposable cutlery (3) - Total quantity needed: ~150 (forks, knives, spoons)
  All slots filled
ruth shaps
maybe a couple of trash bags also
Meryl Udell
Tom Alderson
Supplies - paper napkins (2) - Total quantity needed: ~200
  All slots filled
Carol Galante
Barbara Sutherland
Supplies - paper plates (2) - Total quantity needed: ~200
  All slots filled
Carol Galante
50ish plates
Barbara Sutherland
Supplies - MAM easy-up tent
Gary Fitschen
Supplies - tablecloths - Quantity: 4 (10-foot picnic tables)
Jen Brakeman
Supplies: paper cups (2) - Quantity needed: ~150
  1 of 2 slots filled
Carol Bauer
Supplies - yard games (10) - bocce ball, frisbee, croquet, etc.
OPEN-WATER SWIM at 2:30 (30) - Sign up if you're interested in joining a casual group for an open water swimat Crown Beach during the picnic!
  8 of 30 slots filled
Myra Chachkin
Leah Bensching
Rocio Haskell
Kathleen Kline
Juliet Cox
Joannecke Verschuur
Barbara Phillips
Elizabeth Wistrom
Other (10) - Please indicate what you'll contribute
  2 of 10 slots filled
Evelio Vila
Kelly McGrath
If I make it, I'll bring something yummy to share
Responses:     Yes: 48     No: 22     Maybe: 3     No Response: 104

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 76     Maybe: 3

YES (48) -  

Elizabeth Wistrom (1 guest)

Shauna Revelli (1 guest)

Nancy Kempf (1 guest)

Tom Alderson (2 guests)

Donna Straff (1 guest)

Dan Marks (1 guest)

Susan Stanton (1 guest)

Mike Ginsberg (2 guests)

Riccardo Notini (2 guests)

Dan Sweet (1 guest)

Dove Scherr (1 guest)

Carol Bauer (1 guest)

Barbara Phillips (1 guest)

Susie Caso (1 guest)

Suzanne Morris (5 guests)

Mark Jen (1 guest)

Bart Hess (1 guest)
No swim for me as I will have a large unruly poodle along

Joannecke Verschuur (1 guest)

Kathleen Kline (2 guests)

Rocio Haskell (1 guest)

Gary Fitschen (2 guests)

Caroline Sorenson (2 guests)
Margaret's coming, too!

Barbara Sutherland (1 guest)

heidi stettner (1 guest)

Peg Mcpartland (2 guests)

Leah Bensching (1 guest)

Susan Kester (1 guest)

Joanna Berg (4 guests)

Rocky Schnaath (1 guest)

Mike Voorhies (2 guests)

Juliet Cox (2 guests)

Claire Donaldson (2 guests)

Carol Galante (2 guests)

Ronni Parker-West (2 guests)

Judy Seri (1 guest)

Evelio Vila (2 guests)

Susan Fuentes (1 guest)

Sid Levy (2 guests)

Kalei Achiu (4 guests)

John Keady (1 guest)

Kate Johnson (1 guest)

Myra Chachkin (2 guests)

Diana Whipple (2 guests)

Robin Hart (1 guest)

Susanne Rublein (2 guests)

Meryl Udell (1 guest)

ruth shaps (2 guests)

Jen Brakeman (1 guest)

NO (22) +  

MAYBE (3) +