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LYDIA HOME Gift of Giving Donations


LYDIA Home Gift of Giving 2019

LYDIA Home Gift Cards ($25) and "Wish" Lists

Thank you for donating to LYDIA Home -- we truly appreciate your help!

For the past 11 years, the Central School Community has generously supported Chicago-based charities during the holiday season -- one of them being LYDIA Home.  Through our school's donations, this organization has been able to provide many children's gifts for the holiday season.  

LYDIA Home, founded as an orphanage in 1916, has become a successful alternative to state-run foster care and family assistance agencies. LYDIA helps troubled families and children, reaching people in diverse communities with a range of services including, residential treatment, foster care, counseling services, Safe Families for Children, Learn & Care Preschool and LYDIA Urban Academy. 

LYDIA truly needs your gift cards and donations.  They use the gift cards to buy items such as toiletries, linens, pajamas, etc. for the kids throughout the year, not just at the holidays, and teach them about budgeting and prioritizing how they spend their money. Since many of the children do not live with their families, our donations are the only gifts they will receive at the holidays.  

For LYDIA Home this year we will be doing a combination of gift cards and "wish" lists.  You can sign up to donate gift cards from Target, Walmart and Kohl's in $25 increments. In addition, the children's "wish" list items are listed below. 

Wish List price rage is $75.00-$150.00 depending on what the child needs and asks for and whatever you are comfortable doing. 

Don't worry about making sure it's even- we inventory everything for LYDIA and then they go through it again and make sure it's equal for all of the kids. 

The kids get some of these items at Christmas, but since many of them need clothes etc throughout the year since they live there ( or are in a foster home), LYDIA often saves the gift cards for their birthdays, and other holidays etc.  The people we spoke to at LYDIA said many times the kids show up to live with them with the clothes on their backs and that is it so they need to provide all necessities for them at any time.  

Where do I drop off my donations?

There are several options for you to drop off your donations (see below).

Prior to dropping off, please put your gift cards/items in an envelope and/or bag (all gifts should be unwrapped), and inside include your name and contact number as well as the name of the child the donation is for, the number next to his or her name and the child's age.  

For example:  #11 LUPE S./ Target Card $25 -- Your Name 847-XXX-XXXX


In Central School's front office by Mrs. O'Reilly's desk, there is a "Gift of Giving" bin.  Envelopes can be dropped there.  The bin will be checked twice a day. 


There are 3 houses with drop-off boxes by the front door where you can leave your donations.

Deb Bernstein -- 824 Oakwood Ave. ([email protected])

Rebecca Johnson--831 Oakwood Ave.([email protected])

Meghan MacKinnon - 1046 Greenwood Ave. ([email protected])


And if needed, committee members can pick up donations from your house.

Deadlines for Donations

We will be collecting donations from Tuesday , Nov. 5 through Sunday , Dec. 8.  Please have all items dropped off at the school or the committee members' homes by Sunday, Dec. 8th.


For questions please contact, Meghan MacKinnon ([email protected]), Rebecca Johnson ([email protected]), or Deb Bernstein([email protected]

Date: 12/08/2019 (Sun.)

Created by:   Deb Bernstein
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Available Slot

#1 Jeremiah B / Male/ Age 10

Favorite Color:Blue /Team: Golden State Needs: Hygiene items, socks, underwear, coat ( XL) shoes ( 6 1/2) Wants: Nike slider shoes, Iron Man taking helmet, Transformers, Avengers, Superhero, Nike Jogging suit (size 16 Y) , Justice League, tablet, Beats

Michelle Lorge

#2 Marley C. / Male/ Age 7

Favorite : Color: Black/ Team: Bulls. Needs: Hygiene items/ PJ Socks, Coat ( XL) Shoes ( 6 1/2) Wants: Army Legos, Magic Set, Mindcraft, Hotwheels, Transformer Bumblebee, Rocket Socket Robot, Nike Gym shoes, jogging suit

Rebecca Johnson

#3 Periyay C. / Male / Age 7

Favorite: Team: Rockets/ Character: Simba/Needs: Hygiene , PJ ( 16-18 Y) ,Robe, Slippers, Coat (XL) Shoes (8) Wants: Stuffed, Transformers, Hungry Hippos, Crayon Melt and Mold, Ultimate Craft Box, Maxx Trax Racer ,Tablet, Smart Watch

Jenna Rose

#4 Christopher J./ Male/ Age 9

Favorite Color: Red Team: Golden State Character: Green Lantern. Needs: Hygiene Items, Socks, PJ Slippers, Coat ( Med) Pants (36/30) Hat, Gloves Wishes :Walkie Talkie, Police Kit, Pokeman, joker playing cards, Bulls Jersey , Nike Sliders ( size 10)

Mary Martin

#5 Jeriah W./ Male/ Age 8

Favorite Color: Red & Blue Team: Bears Character: Bugs Bunny Needs: Hygiene items, socks, T shirts ( 10-12 Y) coat( Med) , hat , gloves, Wishes: Nike Sliders ( 2 1/2) , Pokeman, soccer, basketball cards, Legos, Remote car, Trains, Action figures, Beats

Ann Borders

#6 Zaden M/ Male / 11

Favorite Color: Red Team: Golden State Character: Spiderman Needs: Hygiene items, socks, t shirts (10/12) , coat( XL Youth) , gloves , hat Wishes: Nike Sliders ( 6) , Nike Socks, sleeves, Golden State shirts, Nike Jogging Suit, Skateboard , action figure

Cindy Anderson

#7 Logan M / Male / 10

Favorite: Yellow Team: White Sox Character: Black Panther Needs: Hygiene items, socks, t-shirts ( Sm mens) Coat ( Sm men) Pants ( 32/30) hat, gloves Wishes:Nike Sliders (8) ,Legos, Nike Jogging Suit, puzzles, Air Hogs Airplane, Tablet , remote control car

Sarah O'Brien Boyd

#8 Zaylen S/ Male/ Age 10

Favorite:Gold Team : Golden State Character: Boss Baby Needs: Hygiene items, T- Shirts ( 12/14 Y) Coat ( LG Y) Shoes ( 4 Youth) gloves, hat Wishes: Nike Slides,Trains , Lego , Puzzles, Bears/ Bulls Shirts, FortNite , Uno Attack, Wow Wee MIP Robot , MP3

Michelle Lorge

#9 Tylan S / Male / Age 10

Favorite Color Red&Blue Team: Bears Character: John Cena Wrestling Needs: Hygiene items, PJ ,socks , slippers , t-shirts , Coat ( 14-16 Y) Hat, gloves Wants: Nike Slides ( 6) , Police Kit, WWE action figure, army men , nike jogging suit ( 14) , MP3, Jorda

Kim Buckley

#10 Kyle W/ Male / Age 7

Favorite Colors:Red, Silver, Black,Gold Needs: Hygiene items , Socks, t-shirts , pjs Coat ( 10/12 Y) Shoes ( 2 1/2) Gloves, Hat Wants: Nike Sliders , Fire Truck , Rescue , Legos, Uno, Kinect, Avengers Action Figures, Nike Jogging suit, Jordans, MP3

joan Harper

#11 Montana B/ Female / Age 15

Favorite Color: Black Team: Denver Broncos Character: Pikachu& Stitch Needs: Hygiene items PJ's ( 2XL) Wants: Bath and Body Works, Reading -Ellen Hopkins, Nail polish kit, Camera, Hair Wand , MP3, Jordans

Amanda Baird

#12 Juliana B/ Female / Age 16

Favorite Color: Blue Team: Barcelona Character: Elsa Needs: PJ's ( 10/12) Coat (Large) Wishes: Pink Gift Card, Bath and Body works, Flat Iron , Adidas clothing, NBA Hoodie, Nail Polish, Jordans , MP3, Tablet , headphones , jewelry , pink candy perfume

Julie Adrianopoli

#13 Serena B / Female/ Age 16

Favorite Color: Purple Team: Bears Character: Little Mermaid Needs: Hygiene items, Coat ( kid 16) , PJ Wishes: Soccer, Volley Ball, Children's Books, Headphones, Little Mermaid comforter, Radio, Jordans (6), Fit Bit, MP3, McDonalds gift card, Radio

Erica Sanabria

#14 Misty J/ Female/ Age 15

Favorite Color : Pink Character: Hello Kitty Needs: Coat (XL) Pants( 16 ) PJ's Wishes: DVD Movies, Bath and Body Works, Acrylic Nail kit, Escada Cherry Perfume , Jordans ( 9) , FitBit, Nintendo , MP3, Panda Express gift Card, Express Gift Card

meagan carmichael

#15 Zenada P/ Female / Age 17

Favorite Color: Purple Team : Bulls Needs: Hygiene Items, Coat ( small) Hat PJ's Wishes: Flat Iron, Hair Dryer, Fitbit, Jordans, McDonald's Gift Card, Bath and Body Works Gift Card, Escada Rockin Rio Perfume, Starbucks Gift Card

Amanda Baird

#16 Briana S / Female / Age 17

Favorite Color: Green Team: Cubs Character: Black Panther Needs: Hygiene Items PJ (2XL) Wishes: Bluetooth speaker, Madea DVD, Purse. Radio, Jordans, Fitbit, MP3, silver jewelry

Andrea Wald

#17 Autumn S/ Female/ Age 15

Favorite Color: Blue Green Team: Bulls Needs: Hygiene Items, Pjs (size 16) Coat (16) Wishes: Pineapple Jewelry, Teddy Bear, Pineapple Clothes, Fitbit, Tablet, IPOD, Dunkin Donuts gift Card, Jordans

Meghan MacKinnon

#18 Jasmine W/ Female / Age 18

Favorite Color: Pink / Purple Character: Hello Kitty Needs: Hygiene Items,Pj ( L/XL) Coat ( XL) Wishes: Nike Shoes (9 1/2) Nail Kit, Socks, Gucci Scarf , Flat Iron and Curlers , Michael Kors, Fitbit, Nike Gift Card, Subway Gift Card,

Kim Buckley

#19 Latayveya W / Female/ Age 18

Favorite Color: Blue Team: Bulls Needs: Pj's ( Med) Coat ( Med) Wishes: Coach Purse, Fitbit, Ipod , Tablet, Bath and Body Works Gift Cards, Bluetooth Headphone , Claires Gift Card, 5 below gift card

Kim Hoffmann

#20 Crystal C/ Female / Age 11

Favorite Color: Yellow&Pink Team: Bulls Character: Micky Mouse Needs: Robe , PJ's (16-18 kids) Slippers ( 5 Youth) , Hygiene Items, Sports Bra (M) Wishes: Monopoly , American Girl Doll ( African American) , Victoria Secret Backpack, Lego, portable DVD

Megan Gemp

#21 Keyana C / Female / Age 10

Favorite Color: Pink Team: Bears Character: Princess and the Frog Needs: PJ's , Robe (16-18 youth) Slippers (5 Youth), Hygiene Supplies Wishes: Baby Alive clothes, Phonics Reading Books, Plush Dog Purse, Barbie, Lego, Candyland, When I grow up Books

Aimee Eichelberger

#22 Alcia A/ Female / Age 10

Favorite Color : Pink Character: Pink Needs: Hygiene Items, PJ'S(14 kids) Coat , Slippers, Socks, Shoes ( 4 y) Wishes: American Girl Doll , AG clothing, Bath and Body , Connect 4, Perfection , Handbag, Lip Gloss,JOJO Headphones, Secret Life of Pets DVD

Amy Roy

#23 Summer G/ Female / Age 10

Favorite Color: Red Team: Bears Needs: Hygiene Items, PJ'S ( 11 Jr's ) Coat ( Med) Robe, Socks Wishes: My Life Doll, Art Supplies, Amulet Book Set, Moana DVD, Plush Purse, Bracelets, Moana Bed Set(twin) , Tablet, MP3

Connie Moran

#24 Ella H / Female / Age14

Favorite Color: Purple Team: Bears Needs: Hygiene Items, Coat ( Med) PJ's (Med ) Robe, Socks ( 8 1/2) Wishes: Ugg Boots, Northface Coat, Bop it games, Puzzles, makeup Set, Purse, Earrings, Perfume, Play Horse, Horse books, Air Max Gym shoes

Kim Hoffmann

#25 Shanities L/ Female / Age 12

Favorite Color: Lite Blue Team: Bears Character: Sponge Bob Needs: Hygiene Items, Pj's ( XL 16 Ladies) Robe, Slippers, Socks, Shoes (8 1/2 wide) Wishes: CD's Ariana G, Destiny's Child, Ciara , Microphone, Beyonce Poster, Purse, Uno, Lip Gloss, Ugg Boots

Peggy Rogers
Peggy Rogers

#26 Nina M / Female / Age 9

Favorite Color: Purple Team: Bulls Character: Minnie Mouse Needs: Hygiene Items, Robe ( 14 Y ) Slippers, socks ( 6 youth) PJ's Wishes: Candy Land, Wreck it Ralph, Sponge Bob, Secret Life of Pets, American Girl Doll ( African American) Headphones, Games

Tracy Kasniunas

#27 Jaida N/ Female/ Age 10

Favorite Color: Red Team: Packers Needs: Hygiene Items, Coat (14 y) Robe, Slippers(6 Y) Wishes: Calvin and Hobbs , Sponge Bob, Camera, Microphone, Kids Pop Music , Purse, My Life Doll (African American) , Jewelry Kit, Guinness Book ,Tablet, Mc'D's GCard

Stacy Mytty

#28 Arianna R/ Female / Age 7

Favorite: Pink Needs: Coat ( 8) Hat, Gloves, Robe Slippers ( 1Y) Socks, Pj's , Hygiene Items Wishes: American Girl Doll ( Hispanic) Baby Alive, Puppy Purse, Baby Stroller, Barbie, Color Set, Dollhouse, Headphones, Karaoke Set , Tablet

Deb Bernstein

#29 Jayden B /Male/ Age 10

Favorite Color: Blue Team: Angels Character: Team Umi Zoomi Needs:Hygiene ( dove , axe) Pj's Coat( 14-16 ) Wishes: Nike Sliders , Art Kit, Tennis Racquet Ball, Adidas Joggers, Ipad, Remote Control car, nike gym shoes, Beats, MP3

Sherri Blazo

#30 Brylan D/ Male/ Age 13

Favorite Color: Blue Team : Bears Character: Thor Needs: Hygiene Items ( Soap Dove, Axe ) Socks ( 7 1/2 ) T Shirts ( Small) Pj's Wishes: Long Sleeve Tops ( Nike, Champion, Adidas) , Avengers, Jordans , Basketball/Football Trading Cards & Binder, Remote C

Jenny Butkus

#31 Gregory G/ Male / Age 15

Favorite Color: Blue Team:Cowboys Character: Batman Needs: Hygiene Items ( dove, Axe) Pj's ( Large) Robe , Socks( 13 1/2) Coat, gloves, hat Wishes: Drawing Book & pastels , Dallas Comforter, Nike hat, Northface , Jordan jogging pants, Jordan bookbag,

Jo Avent

#32 Malique H/ Male / Age 13

Favorite Color: Red/Black Team: Bears Character:Batman Needs: PJ's Hygiene items, T Shirts ( Large) Socks ( 10) Coat, Gloves, Hat Wishes: LS Shirts ( Nike, Adidas, Champion) Markers, Puzzles, Nike Hoodies, 50+ pc Puzzles, Remote Control Car, Pants , Beats

Kristen Kim

#33 Hayden H/ Male / Age 10

Favorite Color: Blue Team: Golden State Character: Flash Needs: Hygiene Items( Dove, Axe) Shirts ( LG men) Socks ( 10 ) Coat, Hat, Gloves Wishes: Long Sleeve Shirts ( Nike, Champion, Adidas) Football Basket Ball cards, Golden State Blanket, Nike Cap, jogg

Catherine Goel

#34 Iro M / Male / Age 11

Favorite Color: Blue Team : Golden State Character: Black Panther Needs: Hygiene items , Shirts ( Small) Socks , Slippers ( 9) , Coat, Hat, Gloves Wishes: Lego, Jordan Backpack, Superhero action figures, Fine tip double sided markers, Long Sleeve Shirts

Catherine Goel

#35 Derrick Y/ Male / Age 15

Favorite Color: Blue Team:Bulls Character: Superman Needs: Hygiene items, Coat ( Med) , Hat, Gloves, Pj's , Slippers ( 9 1/2 ) Wishes: Nike Slides, Headphones, Pants, Long sleeve shirts ( Nike, Adidas) , Designer Belt, Jordan Book Bag, Ps54, Columbia Jkt

Meghan MacKinnon

#36 Jeffery B/ Male / Age 9

Favorite Color: Red Team: Bears Character: Sponge Bob Needs:Hygiene Items, Coat ( Large) Hat, Gloves, Pj's , T- shirts, Socks, Shoes ( 6 1/2) Wishes: Bowser Jr. Plush, Nike Cap, Nike socks, Nike Jogging, Nike Boots, Beats, Jordans , Tablet

Cindy Anderson

#37 Navaris S/ Male/ Age 12

Favorite Color: White/Black Team: Lakers Character Batman Needs:Hygiene Items, Coat ( Small) Pj's, T-shirts, Socks (9/12 shoe) Wishes: Basketball, Adidas Jacket, Nike Jacket, Remote Car, Adidas Hoodie, Lakers Jacket, Tablet, Adidas Shoes , Long Sleeve T

Sara Winstanley

Target Gift Card $25

Susi Leonardson

Target Gift Card $25

Susi Leonardson

Target Gift Card $25

Cynthia Wang

Target Gift Card $25

Cynthia Wang

Target Gift Card $25

Janet Cavanaugh

Target Gift Card $25

Janet Cavanaugh

Target Gift Card $25

Letty Kale

Target Gift Card $25

Letty Kale

Target Gift Card

Letty Kale

Target Gift Card $25

Letty Kale

Target Gift Card $25

Katie Assouad
Katie Assouad

Target Gift Card $25

Katie Assouad
Katie Assouad

Target Gift Card $25

Katie Assouad
Katie Assouad
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