Arnold Battle of Columbus Competitors Snack Tent

ABOC 2019 Competitors Snack Tent

Hi OMAC families, the excitment of ABOC 2019 is electrifying the air.  The event is always amazing and very high energy.  For our competitors the high energy is even more so, and refeuling becomes incredibly important.  So every ABOC we try to have a snack tent available for our OMAC competitors to help them keep their own energy levels up.  So we are asking for food donations for the event.  We are asking parents, adult competitors, and OMAC members to consider making a food donation for this event, noting their intention with what they intend to provide in this signup sheet.  We are asking folks bring these donations with them to the Arnold Battle of Columbus competition event on Saturday March 2nd, 2019, or if they are not going to the event bring their intended donation to the OMAC head quarters Feb 27th, Feb 28th, or March 1st.  We at OMAC appreciate our members very much, and greatly appreciate those who dontate food to help our competitors keep their strength and energy up.

Date: 03/02/2019 (Sat.)

Time: 8:30am - 6:30pm EST

Location: Ohio Expo Center
717 E 17th Ave Ohio Expo Center - Lausche Building, Columbus, OH 43211

Created by:   James Anderson

Available Slot

Water 24 to 32 count 8+ ounce bottles (2)


Gatorade 12 to 18 count 12+ ounces bottles (2)


Apples, bag (2)


Bananas, bunch (3)


Chicken Subs 12" (3)

Or Chicken Wraps (4 wraps)


Turkey Subs 12" (3)

or Turkey Wraps (4 wraps)


Popcorn (individually bagged, small) (30)

Small purchased bags or Home popped put into small Ziplock style baggies


Pretzels (individually bagged, small) (30)

small purchased bags or individually bagged into small Ziplock style baggies


Nuts (various) (20)

small purchased bags or individually bagged into small Ziplock style baggies


Granola Bars - boxes 6 count (6)


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