Visitor Evening Winter 2018

Bayou Village School Visitor Evening Winter 2018

Join us Thursday, December 13th from 4:30-5:30 pm for an open house event! This is a great opportunity for families interested in learning more about Waldorf Early Childhood and Grades education and families looking to enroll in our Toddler, Preschool, or Kindergarten classes in the 2019-2020 school year! Parents and children will enjoy Waldorf inspired activities, tour the facility, meet teachers, and receive educational material about the Waldorf curriculum. Currently enrolled and prospective families welcome to attend!

Date: 12/13/2018 (Thu.)

Time: 4:30pm - 5:30pm CST

Location: Bayou Village School

Created by:   Maryoceane Guy

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BVS Visitor Evening December 13th (80)
  All slots filled
Jessy Day
Hazel Day, 3 years
Anna Faulk (2)
Baby faulk 1
Michelle Zhang
Matthew J Zhang
Amanda Strong
N, 14 months
Thomas Heard (3)
Sebastian Heard
Brittany Minix (4)
Noel Evison 3; Elijah Evison 1
Nancy Perez (2)
Catalina 6 and Giuliana 4
Summer Heard (3)
Sebastian 20 months
Marie Matter
Wren- 18 months
Jessi Mays (4)
Alice - 9 months
Michelle Balch-Muller
Emily 3 yr old and Arden 2 yr old
Sedef Smith
Silas Smith Age 4
Obiangelis Garcia (4)
Amina (5) and Remy (2)
Amanda Enger
Jason 17 months
Caroline Truong
Hendrix - 12 months
Bharti Patil
Prachiti Agrawal (22 Months)
Danielle Lyle (4)
Marion Lyle 2.5
Lauren Sims (4)
Reagan & Nathan, 5 months
Yvonne Hernandez
Kathleen Hernandez
Wendy Castle
Leif - 19 months old in December
Anita J
Donna Shepherd Umechuruba (2)
McKenna 21months Koko 4 months
Anita Junaid
SJ - 7 months
Paulina Gamino (3)
Diana Prince - 14 months
Cameron 5
Alix Burrell
Mila Burrell 4
Alix Burrell
Haven Burrell 2
Lizbeth Hernandez (4)
Maximilian Kim
Lauren Nugent (2)
Georgia, 12 months
Samantha Schaub
miles 3.5yr
Elena Trapp (2)
Sloane 3.5, Ari 1
Marlene Wolf
Baby Wolf-due mid Feb19
Krystal Greene
Kayden Greene 4
Kristin Megan
Connor 3
Angela Thorson
Rex 2 months old
Alice Bailey
Isla 5 months
Tina Roberts
Michaela 2
Molli George (2)
Minoru Silveira 5
Rachel Scally
Margaret 16 months
Xavier Jeudy
Xavier Jeudy 4
Julie Garrett
Luke 10 years old
Julia Kay
Hattie kay (15months)
Marylynn Gomez
Grant (6); Rielynn (2)
Katie Tai
Elliott Tai - 23 months
Adriana Rodriguez Foy
Eleanor 2.5
Maria Hernandez-urquilla
Aurora 2
Maria Casas (2)
Alejandra 2 yo