Running 2018

Bradford Running Club 2019

Running Club is here again - let's train for our best Hogback Hustle time!

Students come twice a week and train before school.  If they complete 26 "miles" before the Hogback Hustle, they earn a medal and certificate.

For Bradford South students: Please choose a spot for either Monday/Wednesday (March 18th - April 24) OR  Tuesday/Thursday  (March 19th - April 25th).  

For Bradford North students:  Tuesday/Thursday.  There will be no Monday/Wednesday at Bradford North.

You may only register each child for one session. Your spot will be confirmed when you send in $5 cash or check made to Bradford PTA AND the registration form (which will be sent to you via email).

Parent volunteers are also needed to make this group work.  Please consider volunteering, NO RUNNING required. Parent Volunteers needed in all time slots.

The Hogback Hustle is April 28th.  You must register for this event separately.

Location: Bradford Basketball Court

Created by:   Elizabeth Hanson
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy MDT) Available Slot
(Mon. 8:30am - 9:00am)

Bradford South Runner (50)

47 of 50 slots filled
Melinda Collier
Alaina Collier
Lauren Benton
Avery Benton
Lauren Benton
Kellan Benton
Liz Watkins
Charlotte Watkins
Courtney Baraglia
Jimmy Baraglia
Samantha Schmisek
Ellie Schmisek
Holden Fusco
Jules Fusco
Shaila Gaffney
Evan drysdale
Nadeen Mannen
Sophie Mannen
Nadeen Mannen
Amelia Mannen
Lori Stander (2)
Avery and Kade Stander
Lisa Mantel
Amara Mantel
Jennifer Gonyea
Darby Heckel
Alexis Heckel
Joslyn Sisneros
Mia Sisneros
Karen Spring
Grayson Spring
Katy Flynn
Hadley Flynn
Bryce Herman
Anna Sacks
Vivi Sacks
Jessica Freitag (2)
Uma and Fiona
Katie Bolling
Holland Bolling
Deanna Miller
Van Miller
Nathalia Alvarez
Patty Smith
Mason Smith
Patty Smith
Brendan Smit
Cindy Ninneman
Abby Ninneman
Megan Snyder (2)
Colton & Wyatt Snyder
Ari Richheimer
Nadeen Mannen
Sally Lein
Avery Lein
Shane McCormick
Calla McCormick
Kelly Fisher
Collin Fisher
Christen McKay
Corbin McKay
Asher Land
Heather Stephenson (2)
Joshua and Nicholas
Shelly Morris
Landon Morris
Nixon McFarland
Karen Todd
Finn Todd
Suzanne Meinert (2)
Cassie and Benjamin
Hope Faber
Deklynn Faber
Heather Burgbacher
Dreya Burgbacher

Bradford South Parent Volunteer (5)

2 of 5 slots filled
Chad Spring
Not available Mon April 1st
Katie Bolling
May have a few dates I can't attend due to work trips.
(Tue. 8:30am - 9:00am)

Bradford South Runner (50)

All slots filled
Sara Lee
Sam Lee
L Haas
Peyson Haas
Jeni Blood
Julie Ennis
Kadien Gillespie
Julie Ennis
Finnegan Gillespie
Danielle Loomis (2)
Behr and Asher Loomis
Julie Ennis
Elliott Adema
Stephanie Baiotto (2)
Will and Giana Baiotto
Erin Johnson
Quinn Johnson
Kelli Garner
Blake Garner
Melissa Dawson
Reece Dawson
Kim Davis-Poole (2)
Anderson & Ashton
Guy Adema
Anne Fox (2)
Emma and Madeline
denise McHenry
Vivian McHenry
Elizabeth Ward
Andrew Ward
Michelle Garcia
Michelle Garcia
Roslin Marshall
CJ Marshall
Elly Fieselman (2)
Avery and Noah Fieselman
Donnell Berg
Valerie French
Macy French
Michael Lischka
Jake Lischka
Leigh Hardin (2)
Briggs and Keller Hardin
Nathalia Alvarez
Myles Pfeifer
Karen Christensen
Will Christensen
Cherie Knudsen
Tate Knudsen
Elise Gale (2)
Greyson Gale and Eliana Gale
Jacque Tedesco
Jacob Tedesco
Jacque Tedesco
Jenna Tedesco
Zac Concannon
Danielle Ulrich
Jack Ulrich
Emeli Bowers (2)
Lily & Will Bowers
Logan Fairbanks
Noelle Fairbanks
Jen McCarthy
Grant McCarthy
Kristen Celusniak (2)
Cody & Colby Celusniak
Hayden Quinn
Lori Morgan
Maverick Morgan
Kara Schwalm
Rigby Schwalm

Bradford South Parent Volunteer (5)

4 of 5 slots filled
Danielle Loomis
I can’t be the head coach but can help out most of the days.
Julie Ennis
Julie Ennis
Anne Adema
anne fox
Happy to help with K or 2

Bradford North Runner (50)

41 of 50 slots filled
Jenny Kozlowski (2)
James and Claire Kozlowski
Molly Harker
Rudd Harker
Emily McGlashan
Erin Johnson
Adelie Johnson
Liz Watkins (2)
Catie and Sarah Watkins
Jennifer Tucker (2)
Reese and Holland Tucker
Melissa Dawson
Drew Dawson
Isabel Whittaker
Isabel Whittaker
Vonda Buhl (2)
Lucas and Ryder Buhl
Lisa Schuth (2)
Burton & Maxwell
Elizabeth Ward
William Ward
Avery McMillan
Elly Fieselman (2)
Brody and Logan Fieselman
Jessica Meegan
KC Meegan
Kirsten Lawrence (2)
Anna (6th) & Zander (4th)
Deanna Miller
Marin Miller
Michael Lischka
Nico Lischka
Marci Jensen
Kaya Musgrave
Violet Packebush
Harper Packebush
Patty Smith
Graham Smith
Sharon Gillis (2)
Danny & Lia Gillis
Lauren Benton
Reece Benton
Angie Erb
Tanner Erb
Tracey Webb
Bailey Webb (5th)
Kristen Celusniak
Camryn Celusniak
Paula Mordi
Emme Mordi
Kara Schwalm
Emry Schwalm
Heather Stephenson
Angie Erb
Caydence Erb
Karen Todd
Cooper Todd
Susan Prendergast (2)
Kirwan and James

Bradford North Parent Volunteer (5)

1 of 5 slots filled
Kara Schwalm
Kara Schwalm

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