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 Please sign up only for one Mass. Each person attending must be accounted for. Scroll down to select your mass.  After you have selected your Mass, hit the large blue Submit and Sign Up button on the bottom of the screen  You may sign up your whole family at once by using the drop down menu to the right of the Comment section titled “Quantity” on the page on which you sign up your name.   

  The people of the Archdiocese of New Orleans are dispensed from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass.  If someone is vulnerable or is not feeling well, they should not celebrate Mass in church with other people. 

The number attending each Mass will be limited. For those who feel obliged to fulfill the Sunday obligation, a weekday Mass could accomplish this. 

            Social distancing must be observed – 6 feet apart – when in the church.  This includes the communion line as well.  Social distancing is to be observed both coming to and leaving from Mass.

            Parishioners attending Mass are asked and encouraged to wear a mask.  All ministers and ushers are to wear masks. 

            Pews will be cleaned with soap and water between Masses.  Do not apply sanitizing gel or wipes to the pew surface.  

Location: MHT Church

Created by:   Ellen Marino
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Time (CDT) Available Slot
05/23/2020 (Sat.) 4:00pm - 5:00pm  

Mass (150)

108 of 150 slots filled
Mary Gereighty
Tom Brady (3)
Ann Haas (2)
Steven and Ann Haas
Pat Magee
Altar Servers (2)
Altar servers
Norma Borden
per phone call to office
Carol LaGrange
stopped by office
Euleen Netherlabd (2)
Linda Hodge
Kay Love
Mary Alice & Damian Peters (2)
Tom Miller (2)
Billy & BB Stechmann (2)
It is so wonderful to be back in Church forMass!!!
Lynette Hatty (2)
Lynette and Jimmy Hatty
Maryanne Smith (2)
Michael Mire (5)
Michael, Susan, Alter servers Joey, Noah, Christian
Marilyn Jung
Sylvia Sandberg
Jim Vallee
Bob Zimmer (2)
Raynald Williams (2)
John Pasqua (2)
Cindy/Kevin Fecke (2)
Nancy/Dennis Centanni (2)
Monica Olinde (2)
Judy Montz (2)
Diane Denny
Patti Rodgers
Phyllis Culotta
Allene Keller (2)
Liz Dauterive
Carol & Ed Wallace (2)
Angela Dembrun (3)
Cathy Broussard (2)
Patricia Fouts
Sue Smith (2)
Sue & Richard Smith will be attending
Jeff Coons
Shaun Brown
Carol Parkinson
Kathy Decareaux
Rita Schneider (2)
Denise Authement (2)
Brenda Morgan
Cynthia Romo
Johnnie Hernandez
Megan Boesch
Jerry Boesch
Tom Caffery (2)
Chelsea Blaise (3)
Kevin, Chelsea, Avery Blaise
Gregory Marek (2)
Mary Jane Renton (2)
Kathleen Montgomery (2)
Michael Riecke
Tom Musser
Karen Miller
Norma Evans
Patricia & Glen Argabright (2)
carl braun
Greg And Betty Horridge (2)
Gary Duke (2)
Gary and Jean Duke
daniel netherland
Art & Shari McDowell
Don Rodosta (2)
Cindy Turnbull
Mary Hazard
05/24/2020 (Sun.) 7:00am - 8:00am  

Mass (150)

73 of 150 slots filled
Angela Savoy
Leon Tauzier (2)
Trudy Smith (2)
Trudy & Joe Smith
Kevin Rupert
Altar Servers
Kerry Pennington
Mike Pennington
Carolyn Lombardo
June Selzer
Walt Gernon
Fran & Ken Werther (2)
Mark Mavrinac (2)
Kelly Swords
William Taulli
Gerald McCann (2)
Shannon Olivier
Richard Blossman, Jr.
Clarence Gast
Lauren Gast
Sandra Nunez
Steve and Darlene Peterson
Morgan Gast
Annette Gruner
Joe/Maria Tusa (2)
christine karl
Joseph Ellis
Sterling Knight
Donnie Messenger
Darlene Guagliardo
Louis & Judy Desselle (2)
Claude HENDERSON (2)
Kevin O'Gea
Cheryl Bowen-Rauber (2)
David & Cheryl
Jeanne Miller
Lexie Thomason (3)
Gary Bossenmeyer Bossenmeyer
Jamie Bossenmeyer
Zuzana Hruska (3)
Colleen Baudoin
Glenn Baudoin
Henry Stow
Brett Stow
Clifford Bergeron (2)
Keith Fuselier
Don Mara
Robert Fullmer
Janet Shaffer
Bill Shaffer
Eleanor Fisher
Ed Beshoner
Anne Van Winkle
Albert Leonardi
Glenn Sharpless
Clint Pierson
Kevin Trahant (2)
Charlie Bloodsworth
Laurie Frederick
9:00am - 10:00am  

Mass (150)

127 of 150 slots filled
Bruce Silva (2)
Bruce and Pamela Silva
Marlene Vogel
Altar Servers (2)
Geralyn Provenzano
Mary Theard (2)
Jane Ratcliff
Robert Simon
edgar des bordes
maria des bordes
Tobin Eason (2)
Stephen & Mal Phillippi
Deanne Clesi (5)
Dave Cleai, AMY, Luke, Joshua, Hailey LeBlanc
Joan Fuselier
Laura Ferrara (4)
Joe, Rebecca, and Noah
Louis Verret (2)
Michelle & Nelson Normand (2)
Buddy Dendinger (7)
Buddy, Jenny, Naomi, Joey, Noah, Elijah, and Gloria
Kaye Lomasney (5)
Brandon, Kaye (lector), Allison, will and brynne will be altar serving
Pat Jackson (2)
Ramona Weileman
Bridget Cacioppo
Peyton Cacioppo will serve either the 9 or 11 mass, please let us know which mass he will be needed. Thank you.I can not tell which mass needs alter servers!!
Beth Simon
Ed Bassler
Theresa Day (3)
Stephanie Barcelona (5)
Harold Miller (4)
Harold Miller, Kelli Miller, Frankie Tarantino Coe, Justin Coe
Celeste Ragas (2)
Toni Newfield
My family has 10 people
Toni Newfield (9)
Leslie Boyce (2)
Linnea Fudesco (2)
Jeff Coons
Irv & Jean Barousse (2)
Wayne Hilliard (2)
Jeri Ferrara
Frank Ferrara
Patricia Paz
Ricky Gruner
David Stuart
Dianne Klibert (3)
Mary Hazard
Christina Uhlich (5)
Juanita Joyce Barras
Michelle Nader (4)
Nader family
Elliott Nelson
Robbi Day (2)
Chloe Charbonnet
Bruce Mumford 2
Deborah McWilliams (3)
McWilliams Family
Anth Lang (2)
Don Hogan
Anne & Charlie LaRose (2)
Scott Naquin (2)
Armamnd Bennett (2)
Lesa Paille (3)
paul medus
Jenny Brett (3)
Suzanne Casper
Fay Payne
Nicole Roig
11:00am - 12:00pm  

Mass (150)

134 of 150 slots filled
Altar Servers (2)
Gabrielle Kernion (2)
Gabrielle Kernion And Vivianne McCarty
Rachel Waldron (3)
Debra Gordy
Joseph Guillory
Richard Blossman, Sr.
Lynn Blossman
Linda Beshoner
Don Harmon (3)
Cindy & Rube Manger (2)
Cynthia Romo
Janice Charbonnet (6)
Adam Charbonnet
Altar server
Bridget Cacioppo
I can not tell which mass needs an alter server. Peyton will serve either the 9 or 11, please let us know where he is needed. Thank you.
Jennifer Gaines (2)
Jean Charbonnet
Marilyn Schoen
Sylvia Calico
Geraldine Cook (2)
Kay Escher
Rob Breuhl (2)
Jennifer Lambert
Allison Lambert
Laurie Honold
Jeff Coons
Stacy Royer (2)
1 adult & 1 child
JoAnn Turner (2)
Patrick Turner
Annemarie Tusa (5)
Annemarie, Kristin, Alex, Kate, Lillian
Jolie Everhardt
Louise Hooper
Linda Wetzel
Helein Silva
Christine Petitpain (3)
Faye Clary
Mike Arnold (2)
Fred Blossman
Kimberly Bourg
Richard Rau
Elizabeth Dauterive
Linda Silva
Linda Rubinow (2)
Lynne Webre (4)
Denise and Cameron McKnight
Audrey Borne
Michelle Douglas
Stephen Douglas
Christopher Douglas
Michael Wilson
Tex Stevenson
Deborah McWilliams
Joe Ogden
Brenda Ogden
Glenda Brown
Marilyn Gesser
Raymond Ferro (2)
Scott Borne (2)
Dave McGuinness (2)
For 2 people
June Florane
Tom Caffery (2)
Judy Klein (2)
Kara Klein Oubre (4)
Steve Whitehurst (2)
Elizabeth Wilson
Michelle Poore (3)
Christine Caffery (2)
Rene Elvir (4)
Karen, Natalia, Sebastian, Rene Elvir
Patricia Langley
Audra & Pat Richard
david kerr
God is great
Grace Noel
Madeline Noel
Roger Heitzmann
Michael Le (4)
Gina Sternfels (5)
Thomas Luke (3)
Stephanie Saizan
Carl Saizan
Grant Saizan
Hollie Travis
Fred Blossman
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