FSP 157C

FSP 157-C Spring Flower Sale

The FSP 157C (Family School Partnership) has once again partnered with Golden Gate Nursery in Frankfort, IL for a Spring Flower Fundraiser. This is a great way to support our districts students and teachers as a portion of the proceeds from the sale will come back to the FSP. The funds are then used throughout the school year to provide fun events, curriculum enrichment activities and crafts, forgotten school lunch items, books and materials, field day shirts and so much more for the students and staff in our district.

All orders must be placed via this Signup Genius by Tuesday, April 27th.

Pick up is Wednesday, May 19th from 10:00am - 5:00pm at Golden Gate Nursery, Inc. 22200 South Lagrange Road Frankfort, IL 60423.

***Please note, we are not able to process any returns for purchased items. Any orders not picked up on May 19th will be donated.***

We thank you for your support!

If you have any questions, please reach out to our Spring Flower Fundraiser Chair: Nicole Guest at [email protected] or the FSP at [email protected]

Date: 04/27/2021 (Tue.)

Created by:   FSP 157C

PLEASE NOTE: The sign up period for this event has ended and the sign up creator has locked all sign up slots from being modified. Contact the creator for more details.

Available Slot Date (mm/dd/yyyy CDT)

Hanging Basket - $30.00

04/27/2021 (Tue.) (200)

($30.00 each)

102 of 200 slots filled
Joanna Hughes
Beth Czechanski (2)
Theresa Larkin
Leah Frantz
Nuawana Sullivan
Kari Fleck (5)
Jessica Kucala
Kathryn Ruth
Elisabeth Broderick (2)
Joy Cunningham (4)
Jackie Sandusky
Barbara McCabe (2)
Michelle Schantz (2)
Jill Rafter
Holly Hunt
Colleen Packwood (2)
Patty Haustein (2)
Laura Overton (2)
Samantha Hamm (3)
Kathryn Ruth
Amy Gess
Elizabeth Lenahan (2)
Linda Kaiser (3)
Full type of flowers that grow longwise too
Linda Kaiser
Add to order of 3 I previously have
Rebecca Haustein (2)
Kelly Richards
Katie Sweeney
Ashley Swiercz
Pam Zinsky (2)
Erin Rotroff
Gia Jemilo (2)
Jami Keener (2)
Allison Plebanek-Flagel
Nicole Underwood (2)
Jana Spencer (2)
Lisa Tansey (6)
Melanie Stacel (2)
Rachael Zdanek (2)
Jackie Kreuger (2)
Suzanne Das (2)
Laura Brannigan (2)
Nicole Queen (2)
Marjorie Campbell (3)
Claudia Stites
Mary Sawyer (2)
Randall Sawyer
Sarah Jacobi (3)
Brenda Innocenti
Amanda Reeder (2)
Niji Pabst (2)
Kara Dunphy (2)
Kristin Aguilar (4)
Nicole Guest (3)
Carrie Kramer

Medium Planter - $35.00

04/27/2021 (Tue.) (200)

($35.00 each)

118 of 200 slots filled
Lauren Gray (2)
Kathryn Thomas (2)
Amanda Johnson
Amanda Johnson
Nicole Pacini (2)
ilenne noetzel (2)
Gina Pierdzioch (2)
Jennifer Feminis (2)
Kerry Tarala (4)
Various combinations
Lauren Gibbons (2)
Kristen Schalmo
Jessica Kucala (6)
Keri Langlands (2)
Renee Botelho (2)
Pamela Piazza
Amy Venable (3)
Samantha Gorczowski (2)
Becky White (2)
Shannon Guest (2)
Samantha Mikrut
Jen Basile (2)
Jennifer Spano (4)
Ann Frawley
Amy Gess (2)
Nicole Costa (2)
Elizabeth Lenahan (2)
Linda Kaiser (4)
Tall greenery in middle
April Slattery
Katie Sweeney (3)
Jessica Gugle (2)
Kate Sperti (2)
Kathleen Thame (2)
Jennifer Travis (4)
Ashley Murphy (2)
Erin Rotroff (2)
Gia Jemilo (2)
jackie guest (2)
Diane Mestan
Jami Keener (2)
Sarah Gundlach (2)
Jackie Bingham (2)
Kelly Woods
Jana Spencer (2)
Lisa Tansey (4)
Laura Brannigan
Marjorie Campbell (2)
Claudia Stites
Mary Sawyer (2)
Randall Sawyer
Sarah Jacobi (2)
Brenda Innocenti
Victoria Lloyd (4)
Roselle Almeida (2)
Kara Dunphy
Kristin Aguilar
April Kennedy (3)
Erica Stabrawa (3)
Tayo HIll
Tayo Hill

Large Planter - $50.00

04/27/2021 (Tue.) (200)

($50.00 each)

131 of 200 slots filled
Paula Franson
Kathryn Thomas (2)
Amanda Johnson
Amanda Johnson
Desiree Lavin (2)
Desiree Lavin
ilenne noetzel (2)
Janet Lepore (2)
Sarah Spearing
Beth Czechanski
Theresa Larkin
Jennifer Feminis
Margaret Bartkus (2)
Margaret Bartkus
Kristen Schalmo (3)
Kris McGuire
Lauren Cortes (2)
Glenn Jezuit (2)
Jessica Kucala (3)
Cheryl Westlund
Andrea Partyka
Keeley Fritz (2)
Tammy Egglesfield (2)
Kate Oceguera (2)
Renee Botelho
Angela Zehner
Lauren Askren (2)
Amy Venable (3)
Andrea Barkauski
Robin Stephens
Jill Rafter
Jaime Mestan
Kathleen Wagner (2)
Similar pots please
Alison Lincoln (2)
Becky White (2)
Samantha Mikrut
Jen Basile (2)
Jennifer Spano (2)
Tracey Woods (2)
Anita Huffman (2)
Nicole Costa (2)
Amy Inka
Lesley Wilson
Kelly Richards (4)
Katie Sweeney (2)
Geoffrey Decker (2)
Elizabeth Benoit (2)
Tina Kohler (2)
Pam Zinsky (3)
Lana Jagannathan (2)
Michelle U (3)
Karmen Keane
Sophie Bielanski (2)
Pick up by Theresa Larkin
Kelly Woods (2)
Melanie Stacel
Laura Brannigan (2)
Lindsay Quigley (2)
Jennifer Edwards
Jennifer Turiello
Claudia Stites
Nonie Danna
Laura Vroom (3)
Michele Bryant
Sarah Jacobi (2)
Jennifer Edwards
Margaret McGuire (2)
Komal Gujarathi (2)
Victoria Lloyd
Karyn Hermes (2)
Kristy Britt (2)
Kristy Britt (2)
Erin Nowak (2)
Ghada Shalabi
Jennifer Pawlowicz (2)
Megan St.Pierre (2)
Cindy Howard (3)
Kara Dunphy
Nicole Guest (2)
Carrie Kramer (2)
Tayo HIll
Tayo Hill
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