Litsy Markup Postal Book Club

Litsy Markup Postal Book Club (Round 007)

How this works:

  • We will be divided into groups of four.
  • Groups A to W are for US residents and are separated under specific genres as indicated. NEW
  • Groups X is reserved for Canadian residents.
  • Group Y is reserved for UK residents.
  • Group Z is reserved for Australia residents.
  • Everyone picks a print copy (not digital) of a book they want to share. The book should be less than 400 pages because of time constraints.  Also, try to stay away from political books that might cause arguments within a group.  There is far too much of that on the Internet already. 
  • Read the book you chose. 
  • As you read, share your thoughts by highlighting, making margin notes, adding sticky notes, etc.
  • At the end of the month, mail your marked-up book to the next person in your group.
  • After four months, you will get your book back complete with everyone’s mark-ups. 


  1. Pick a different color for your notes than the person before you. That way the four different members will be easily identified.
  2. Space to write may be limited but try not to obscure the actual book text. 
  3. In the front of the book write a little blurb to introduce yourself. Likewise, you can add closing thoughts at the back of the book.
  4. You have a whole month to read the book. Please be timely in mailing it to the next person. 
  5. Get creative and have fun with this!


Round 007

November 1, 2019 Pick/Read/Markup your books

November 30, 2019 Mail to next person 

December 31, 2019 Mail to next person

January 31, 2020 Mail to next person

February 29, 2020 Mail to next person

You should get your original book back in March.

Created by:   Suellen Williams
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Available Slot

Group A - Any book you choose (4)

All slots filled
Beth Maeder
Historical fiction anyone? Not all WW2 ;)
Christina Warnier
not so sure about historical fiction, but ???
Tina Ireland
Looking forward to everyone’s picks!
Helen Kim

Group B - Biography/Journal/Memoir (4)

All slots filled
Molly Goedken
I have so many memoirs to catch up on!
Holly Barker
I’m pumped to see a NF category! I’m in Hawaii, so I’ll need my mailer to send by priority. If that’s not ok, let me know and I’ll vacate the spot.
Amy Foster
Second round for me.
Vickie Pattison
I’ve been participating since the 1st round. Memoirs are a favorite!

Group C - Classics (4)

All slots filled
Jill Koly
Sarah McCafferty
With the page constraints, I'll be interested to see what classics are chosen!
Camryn O’Connor
I’m not quite sure what I am supposed to put here.
Kaleah Thomas
I missed last round..very excited to join this time! Classics are perfect, as that can still include a variety of topics/genres.

Group D - Dystopian (4)

All slots filled
Ida Grochowska
This sounds like so much fun!
Maureen Putnam
What a great idea - I'm excited!
Hannah Stapleton
Wasn’t going to do another round, but God I’m a sucker for Dystopia. @hestapleton on Litsy
Veronyka Quarry
Super excited! Last time didn’t work out so giving it another shot! :)

Group E - Epistolary/Diary (4)

All slots filled
Christine Traner
First timer!
Denise Fokas
Think this might be fun to find books for! Been doing LMPBC since the beginning!
Danielle Fulton
I've been wanting to read more of these types of books. Can't wait!
Sylvia Ward
My 2nd round - love this style of book!

Group F - Fantasy (4)

All slots filled
Elizabeth Engle
This is my first time! - Owlizabeth
Torie McChesney
Ruth Dykstra
Carrie Coulombe

Group G - Graphic novel (4)

All slots filled
Ryan Franklin
Heck yeah, this was fun last round
Johanna Ross
I almost skipped this round, but then I saw there was a graphic novel section. All about that!
Rachel McKenny
Yessss excited! rachelm on Litsy
Javonni Christopher
Can’t wait to see what everyone picks

Group H - Historical fiction (4)

All slots filled
Mikala Charron
Laughterhp - hoping for not all WWII HF
Chrissy Keller
I also prefer non WW2
Megan Newson
Tammy Dayton
Second timer

Group I - International translation (4)

All slots filled
Rachel McKenny
Looking forward to reading from around the world!
Carolyn Chambers
I love world literature! And so happy to get in on this round!
Anna Eklund
So excited! I'm @aeeklund on Litsy.
Kaleah Thomas
Big fan of world lit and I've been wanting to read more translations!

Group J - Just any book you want (4)

All slots filled
Amanda Harris
Anyone down for another any book category?
Kelly Gingras
Would be happy with thrillers or any book chosen that someone wants to read & share!
Johanna Ross
Erika Loiacono
Can’t wait!

Group K - Kids to Young adult (4)

All slots filled
Ryan Franklin
MG let's do this.
Melissa Soult
Not sure how this really works
Amber Sternitzke
Excited for my second round of #LMPBC!
Adina Mailick
MG has been fun! I’m up for another round

Group L - Literary fiction (4)

All slots filled
Suellen Williams
Jenni Langford
Karen Hanson
Jessica Anderson
So excited!!

Group M - More Literary fiction (4)

All slots filled
Kimberly O'Hara Nunez
Yay for Round 7! I am excited to go genre specific this round.
Erica Johnson
Deborah Jaffe
Melanie Cipher
Super excited to join again and I love the genre theme!

Group N - Non-fiction (4)

All slots filled
Kaila Parmalee
Jen Byrkit
I really enjoy nonfiction books.
Sara Ali
First time! Exciting
Rachel Pollock
My first time too! Looks fun!

Group O - OMG! Horror (4)

All slots filled
Annie Yarde
Another scary round-yay!
Crystal Ellwood
Love the genre idea! Here we go again, group horror!
Jody Schonhaut
Yay! More scary stories to share!
Heather Gray
Totally geeked to be in a horror group this round!!!

Group P - Pretty much any book you want (4)

All slots filled
Michelle King
Favorite reads are fiction and thrillers
Diane Standish
Alicia Potter
Isabelle Wagner
My first time!

Group Q - Quick reads (short stories and novellas) (4)

All slots filled
Jen Benham
Courtney Bowling
Jill Koly
Lauren Metz

Group R - Romance (4)

All slots filled
Robin Brock
robinb, 2nd round - contemporary or historical, no erotica
Sarah McCafferty
Totally agree with the contemporary/historical but no erotica
Hallie Szott
^ I agree with the comments!
Jessica Abrecht
5th round. I am a sucker for a good romance. I tend to lean more to contemporary romance.

Group S - Science fiction (4)

All slots filled
Amy Nestlerode
Donna-Dee Mullings
First time! Sci-Fi is a newer genre for me.
Melissa Fetterman
Jesse Presgraves

Group T - Thriller/Mystery (4)

All slots filled
Jessica Abrecht
This will be my 5th round!
Erika Heinzelman
5th round! So much fun!
Hannah Madonna
La Toya Lewis

Group U - Urban fantasy (4)

All slots filled
Stephanie Reid
Bridgette Morton
This should be fun!
Stephanie Goodman
This could be quite interesting!!!
Megan Elgin

Group V - Verse/Poetry (4)

All slots filled
Alicia Bookishthoughts
Amanda Harris
Amanda - poetry group yay!
Julie Emanuelson
This should be fun! I haven’t read a ton of poetry, but am all for trying!
Katie Long

Group W - We’ll read anything (4)

All slots filled
Heather Westfall
My first time to sign up!
Hallie Szott
Amber Sikes
Colleen Tinch
First time!

Group X (Canada Only) - Any kind of book (4)

All slots filled
Danielle Gangur
I'm addicted, and in for another round.
Renée Mitchell
I’m still working on this round but it’s been so fun I’d love to do it again!
Jennifer Cochrane
This looks like so much fun I’m in
Michelle Lavallee
So excited!

Group Y (UK Only) - Any kind of book (4)

3 of 4 slots filled
Libby Chapman
I’ve never done this before but I’m keen!
Jennifer Williams
4th time! Love doing these. Up to most things except horror and m/f romance

Group Z (Australia Only) - Any kind of book (4)

All slots filled
Charmayne B
Allissa Nalder
Carolyn Münchenberg
Lee Harrison
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