Litsy Markup Postal Book Club

Litsy Markup Postal Book Club (Round 013)

How this works:

  • We will be divided into groups of four.
  • Groups A to W are reserved for US residents.
  • Groups X is reserved for Canadian residents.
  • Group Y is reserved for UK residents.
  • Group Z is reserved for Australia residents.
  • Everyone picks a print copy (not digital) of a book they want to share. The book should be less than 400 pages because of time constraints.  Also, try to stay away from political books that might cause arguments within a group.  There is far too much of that on the Internet already. 
  • Read the book you chose. 
  • As you read, share your thoughts by highlighting, making margin notes, adding sticky notes, etc.
  • At the end of the month, mail your marked-up book to the next person in your group.
  • After four months, you will get your book back complete with everyone’s mark-ups. 


  1. **Please don’t sign up for more than two groups so that everyone has a chance to get in.
  2. Pick a different color for your notes than the person before you. That way the four different members will be easily identified.
  3. Space to write may be limited but try not to obscure the actual book text. 
  4. In the front of the book write a little blurb to introduce yourself. Likewise, you can add closing thoughts at the back of the book.
  5. You have a whole month to read the book. Please be timely in mailing it to the next person. 
  6. Get creative and have fun with this!

Round 013

November 1, 2021 Pick/Read/Markup your books

November 30, 2021 Mail to next person 

December 31, 2021 Mail to next person

January 31, 2022 Mail to next person

February 28, 2022 Mail to next person

You should get your original book back in March.

Created by:   Suellen Williams
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Available Slot

Group A (4)

All slots filled
Ryan Franklin
Let’s talk Middle grade Graphic novels.
Jeimy Gonzalez
Love it! I already have one in mind.
Julia Torrico
I've got my pick mentally set
Adina Mailick
Glad to be back!

Group B (4)

All slots filled
Ruth Burns
Open to anything
Christina Warnier
Open to almost anything, no thriller or horror
Melissa Juvinall
Sounds fun!
Amy Tisdale
Sounds like fun! I love variety.

Group C (4)

All slots filled
Magic and Dragons and Mages oh my! Fantasy!!!!
Christina Keller
Yes Fantasy!
Mikala Charron
Always in for fantasy!
Sarah McCafferty
Yay fantasy!!!

Group D (4)

All slots filled
Stephanie Reid
Let’s try sharing your favorite author.
Becky Hewitt
Takara Schupbach
Colleen Hoover or Fredrik Backman
Amanda Borchers
It’ll be hard to pick a favorite but I’m in!!

Group E (4)

All slots filled
Rachel Stevenson
Scifi Or Mystery?.
Suellen Williams
I have a good sci-fi thriller
Rachel Purtteman
Sounds fun!
Johanna Ross
Count me in!

Group F (4)

All slots filled
Beth Maeder
Winter themed romance
Shelly Baldwin
I’m breaking out of my comfort zone on this, but love this idea.
Rachel Purtteman
Sounds fun!
Crystal Pilcher
I’m in

Group G (4)

All slots filled
Jill Koly
Anyone up for some backlist bestsellers you never got around to reading?
Christine Buckner
Not sure what that is really, but I’m game.
Diane Standish
Would love to join, need ideas!
Sarah Ockrim
I love this idea! I’m in!!

Group H (4)

All slots filled
Jenni Langford
Anyone want to read some horror with me?
Karen Hanson
I would love to read some horror with you
Erin Stutts
Horror! I’m a bit of a chicken, but I’m in.
Reggie Lara
Always up for horror!

Group I (4)

All slots filled
Christine Buckner
Anyone for YA?
Zoe Hall
I’d love to go again!
Amber Frazier
I’m down for YA!
Katherine Spencer-Molloy
YA sounds like fun

Group J (4)

All slots filled
Kelly Gingras
Anyone for historical fiction? any historical fiction (not limited to WW2)
Mikala Charron
I’m down for historical fiction!
Jessica Fox
I’m always down for some historical fiction
Lindsey Harness
I love historical fiction!

Group K (4)

All slots filled
Kayla Mock
No themes, No preferences , No pressure
Michelle Foshee
Sharon Schultheis
Count me in!
Allison Anderson
I’d love to join you!

Group L (4)

All slots filled
Lazydays Alicia
Anyone up for poetry? If not blacklisted, or bestsellers or an old favorite whatever is fine
Coco Harris
Yes I’m always down for poetry!!
Jeimy Gonzalez
I love poetry! This would be my third round in a row reading poetry.
Katie Long
I’m always up for some poetry too!

Group M (4)

All slots filled
Denise Fokas
M for mystery!
Jessica Adams
Mystery sounds fun!
Melissa Juvinall
Love mysteries!
Shelly Baldwin
I love a good mystery!

Group N (4)

3 of 4 slots filled
Jessica Noel
I am on board for this
Amanda Beers
Sounds like fun! I’m in!
Heather Warren

Group O (4)

All slots filled
Andrea Trenary
More horror please or thriller mystery but prefer to do some horror
Janelle Terry-Lorenzo
I am totally ready for more horror! I have a couple of ideas...
Bianca Escalante
I am here for more horror and thrillers!
Ida Grochowska
I’ll join!

Group P (4)

All slots filled
Erica Johnson
Bringing back the P for Pride group reading LGBTQ+ books!
Jeimy Gonzalez
Always down for anything LGBTQ
Julia Torrico
Looking forward to reading more Pride Books
Adina Mailick
Excited to join this group!

Group Q (4)

All slots filled
Jeimy Gonzalez
How about Quirky Fantasy books?
Laura Ramos
Ryan Franklin
Krysta B
Sounds great!

Group R (4)

All slots filled
Sarah McCafferty
Anyone up for some romance? I try to keep it PG13-ish LOL
Robin Brock
I’m all about the love!
Dominic Dana McNaught
Definitely down for romance!
Kimberly Peterson
Romance is my fave!!

Group S (4)

All slots filled
Heather Gray
How about some Southern Literature or general fiction?
Sharon Schultheis
Count me in!
Rachel Trousdale
Put me in touch with my southern roots!
Laura Ramos
I’m a GA girl - count me in

Group T (4)

All slots filled
Becky Hewitt
How about a group for us True Crimers/Murderinos? Hope you'll join me?
Jill Koly
Sounds fun!
Jessica Adams
Yay true crime!
Annie Mascioli
Love true crime! I’m in

Group U (4)

All slots filled
Cynthia Russell-Williams
I’d like to start up another group for poetry! Anyone interested? I love poetry of all eras and genres!
Ida Grochowska
I’d love to read some poetry
Melanie Cipher
I was on the fence about signing up but poetry? ALL IN!!
Tammy Dayton
I appreciate the challenge.

Group V (4)

All slots filled
Amber Frazier
Anyone down for some thrillers?
Crystal Pilcher
Thrillers sound great
Karisa Bibayoff
I could go for a good thriller or four :D
Cynthia Russell-Williams
Thrillers sound perfect for the long cold winter months ahead!

Group W (4)

All slots filled
Chelle Rydzanich
How about a thriller, horror, or mystery set in the winter for Group W?
Katie Long
Ooh sounds great to me!
Aletheia Allen
Imma try it this round… (avanders)
Takara Schupbach
Love mystery/thriller

Group X (Canada Only) (4)

All slots filled
Patricia Lesku
Glad to be back for lucky 13!
Danielle Gangur
Sabina Caliciuri
Shelley Wood

Group Y (UK Only) (4)

2 of 4 slots filled
Jenny Williams
Any genre except horror. Romance might be interesting for me, especially if it's lgbtq-related
Michael McGlinchey
Hi there!!

Group Z (Australia Only) (4)

2 of 4 slots filled
Allissa Nalder
Rachel Grenadier
I love anything
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