Orchard Park Elementary PTO

Boosterthon Decorations

Let's make a Mind Spark Mystery Lab! Whether you are a seasoned artist, Nail it/Failed It Pinterest parent, or you often glue your fingers together and prefer to slay the aisles at Target/Michael's instead, we need you!

We want to bring the magic to the main entrance and down the hallway to the cafeteria and library. We have the ideas, jobs (big and small) and the supplies all laid out in the sign-up. The plan is to assemble as many of the ELEMENTS ahead of time so that the install on Sept 30th will be fairly smooth and painless. Adopt some STEAM DREAM to pump our kiddos up to participate in the Fun Run!

Please note:  

  • Assisting ahead of time from the comfort of your home does not obligate you to attend on the 30th!
  • Ideally we'd like to keep the theme a surprise, however, we welcome any help from the older students who are able to contribute to the effort.
  • You may want to choose your "build" and your "supply" from the list for ease. (We broke it all down to share the love and load)
  • We have pictures and ideas, however when you accept the "build", you have artistic license to be as creative and create as you want!   
  • Feel free to reach out with any questions, concerns, or irrational fears of volunteering for the PTO to decorate a hallway. 
Date: 09/30/2018 (Sun.)

Time: 12:00pm - 4:00pm EDT

Location: OPES

Created by:   OPES PTO
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Available Slot

Supply - Cardstock/posterboard (6)


Build - giant paint brushes

pool noodles, pipe cleaners, duct tape

Nichol Druckemiller
hi, I can build this this week, but can i drop it off on Friday? I'm out of town on Sunday.

Build- paper plate cogs

4 colors, 2 sizes


Build - test tubes, beakers

cardboard construct and color


Supply - paper plates (7)

9" plates or larger, ROYGBIV colors (can also be painted)

6 of 7 slots filled
Lisa Payne
(7) Red Plates
Lisa Payne
(7) Orange Plates
Lisa Payne
(7) Yellow Plates
Jennifer McAliley
Jennifer McAliley
Jennifer McAliley

Build- giant paint palette

9" paper plates painted ROYGBIV

Valerie White

Supply - plastic table cloths (4)

the color of slime

All slots filled
Liza Mills
Shana Sigsbee (3)

Build - slime drip around doorway

using plastic table cloths/paper cutouts

Shana Sigsbee

Supply - plastic table cloths (7)

various colors to make a rainbow

All slots filled
Jules Lewis (7)

Build - Rainbow

Rainbow of paint pouring out of paint can using plastic table cloths

Rachael Fussell

Supply - Paint cans (4)

empty and clean or fake one used for decor


Supply- paper plates (6)

4 colors, 2 sizes

4 of 6 slots filled
Adair Yatko (4)

Supply - pipe cleaners (3)

large packages, color black

All slots filled
Lisa Church
Lisa Church (2)

Supply - duct tape

Liza Mills

Build- DNA model

pool noodles


Supply - pool noodles (20)


Build - paint splotches/spills

giant cut outs to be on floor/walls

Valerie White

Supply - clear contact paper

heavy duty


Build - giant magnifying glass

as a prop, not functioning


Supply - dry ice or fog machine

to create fog at entrance on Monday a.m.


Supply- bubble machine

to create fog at entrance on Monday a.m.


Open idea

Your idea, your build within theme!


Open idea

Your idea, your build within theme!


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